The Watchtower sees everything and explains it

He always has "to distribute new spiritual food"

Even as children we learn that the easy and quick way to cover up an atrocity is a lie. But soon the situation arises, which we all know, that the once expressed lie leads to a rat's tail of questions and pressure to explain.

When you corner a Jehovah's Witness with clear facts, the saying comes: "There is an explanation for that as well." The House of Cards of the Watchtower Lies is a strong castle for Jehovah's Witnesses. There you can see what a firm conviction can do.

But the fact that the perfectly normal life that everyone knows clearly argues against the Watchtower itself is not up for debate. That each child recognizes this rat's tail of abstruse, detached explanations as a sure sign for a liar, remains outside. NO!! NO!!! NO!!! That must not be allowed to happen. The Watchtower is always right.

The self-perpetuating lie The self-perpetuating lie

When people rely on people who merely assert that they have leased the truth, then no net and no double bottom is of any use any more. Any safety device is pointless and any cross-checking is forbidden. The wrong decision lies at the very beginning, at the beginning of the entry into a man-made concept. After all these years of convinced transition from one declaration to the next, it is not acceptable to let oneself down to ask Jesus directly. No! That is not possible.

So it is that the endless story of the Watchtower's lies is seen by Jehovah's Witnesses as a meaningful chain of explanation. There is an explanation for everything and everyone. And if, in the end, the explanations again produce meaningless constellations among themselves, leading themselves ad absurdum, there are new explanations for the Jehovah's Witnesses as well.

When once two sly businessmen sold fine yarn to a king, so fine that it could supposedly only be seen by the intelligent among men, the king went naked through the streets in the shame of his "faith" (but it was only faith in the words of men) and let himself be worshipped in his full nakedness by men. – At last a child cried out: "The king is naked!" Then the spell of self-exaltation and conceit came to an end, and it suddenly became clear to all that they were all deceived.

Satan does not want to do less with you, male Jehovah's Witness, female Jehovah's Witness. He has sold you clothes that make you believe that you are dressed in splendour and adornment. But I call out to you in all childlike openness: You are naked!

When Satan first met people with his special arguments, he made them aware of nudity through his art of seduction. Satan's next step is to rob people of the possibility of being clothed by God in eternal clothing. For this Satan sells people a Jesus substitute doctrine, which is perceived as a lie by every open-hearted child. The Watchtower's bandwurm-like frenzy of explanation alone is a clear and simple recognition feature.

Take the risk and ask Jesus for the truth! He who goes to him will not be cast out. And he will guide us into the truth. Trust him. He is there for you and is waiting for you to present you with clothes pleasing to God.


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