Youth with a mission – Piety Show must go on

When organizations recruit people

When organizations recruit people for something, the certainty that it comes from Jesus begins to waver. Whether Jehovah's Witnesses are described as soldiers, whether Christians call themselves soldiers and go all over the world and missionize aggressively, people always have to ask themselves whether Jesus really put them there. How far can the arm of Christ reach in your life when organizations interfere?

Advertise with praying people?

In my church (I am there from time to time as a guest) there was a beamer in spring 2009 which threw a series of pictures on the wall in the foyer in order to bring the church closer to the people. Among them were pictures that reminded me very much of Jehovah's Witness techniques, and I was quite worried and upset. Good that I was allowed to grab our preacher by the shoulders, shake him (amicably) and tell him: "You are also here to keep the teaching. You must be the one who pays attention.";

Piety Show must go on?

Jesus tells us that we should pray in a quiet room, and that means nothing more than that: Our piety cannot and must not be our figurehead! This is celebrated by the ZeugenJehovas who really have nothing to do with Jesus. Already this situation forbids true Christians to show their piety. Fortunately this beamer show was stopped and a possible danger of the organized persuasion technique gave way.

Where Jesus puts you

When an organization entrusts you with a task, Jesus has nothing to do with it. Normally. Surely there is a case where Jesus leads it in such a way that human intervention in your life must be good for you. But this does not happen because of a religious legitimation of an organization, but because Jesus turns us all for the good.

But in all things that we do by faith, we must not switch off our critical thinking. And when organizations make calls, our critical thinking should be wide awake immediately. Not to do everything with a casual gesture. But everything must be checked carefully and often patiently. It often happens that we seem to ask the Lord for nothing what he wants for us and where he wants to put us. But I can promise you: His answer is coming! But it is pointless without a clear answer from Jesus Christ "to go into the field"!

Organized mission is not from Jesus. Where the early church made use of certain arrangements to spread the gospel, only the already existing activities were coordinated. The candidates who went abroad for Jesus were not driven by the organization, but only by the Holy Spirit.

Every person who lives with Jesus gets his mission. This can be the friendly and open honesty of conversation in the company, the cooperation in an initiative of any kind, this can certainly also be the way to India to tell people about Jesus. But Jesus himself must always be behind it. As long as I have no commission from him, I can do nothing.

The mission of Jesus can never be replaced by the mission of an organization. And any organization that takes up the cause of something and gets crowds to make certain life decisions by inspiring them or telling them it is God's mission, abuses the Bible and places itself between Jesus and the believers.

I've been criticized all my life for being too evangelical. I have always done only what came directly from my heart and I always only noticed afterwards what horrible things happened. Maybe I wouldn't argue so one-sidedly against religious organizations if Jesus had put me in one of them. But despite all considerations in this direction, I say: Ask your conscience. Jesus does not let himself be lumpen. He sometimes makes us wait for his answer for various reasons. But he answers and whom he sends, he sends even without the mission through an organization. Using an organization when the decision is clear is something else. But to be sent by an organization ... that is very worthy to be tested.

Community spirit

Community spirit is very well suited to displace the Holy Spirit. But if one leads, then it has to be Jesus and not an organization! Whoever is completely absorbed into a community no longer follows Jesus Christ, who always works personally. Jesus wants to be your personal Saviour and you are accountable to Him first and last and to no one else.

The Bible never tells of an organization to be founded for the spread of the gospel. The Bible consistently reports that we hear, know and follow the voice of Jesus. Nothing and nobody in this world can replace this trusting relationship between us and God. Rather, everything that seeks to replace this relationship must be very critically scrutinized.

Every person who has to suffer for the task that Jesus gives him, Jesus tells him this beforehand! This was the case with Paul several times. It is an act of violence against Jesus, his mission to make disciples, to press them into organizations that use people in droves like soldiers. Jesus is not a military man and not an army commander. But He wants to guide and guide you and He will certainly give you the mission that you can and should fulfill for Him. Do not let yourself be led by organizations. Even if they want to spread the gospel unadulterated. Those who use people as watering cans can no longer have much to do with Jesus, because he makes the personal guidance of our Lord ineffective and replaces it.


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