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Hello Karin, this page is about you and is intended to give readers an impression of the means by which you act.

This website is regularly updated with comments from Jehovah's Witnesses. It's a good thing, it's made for that. It has the purpose to make the conversation between Jehovah's Witnesses and Christians publicly possible. This website is not intended to be another exclusive club in the Internet landscape, but is designed so that everyone can participate in the discussion and reflection.

In the beginning it worked relatively well. Biblical passages and Christian phrases were thrown around, curses were cast out, blessings were pronounced, and, and, and. The discussion was always close to the Bible, to which the Jehovah's Witnesses still refer today. Over time, however, commentators appeared who – mindful of the fact that they could not refute the biblical arguments – used the theocratic lie to dilute, trivialize and/or purposefully distract this website from the subject.

These theocratic forces of lies sometimes acted as (former) Catholics, sometimes as help seekers, sometimes as wise saying-mixers, sometimes as primitive hooligans. A specialist, who calls himself Karin, appeared so well disguised that I also published some comments of this person. The technique how these people try to sneak in as discussants can be characterized as follows:

  • Step 1: Give the impression that you are interested in Jesus.
  • Step 2: Then add more and more multi-religious gibberish to your comments later.
  • Step 3: Use the opportunity when you encounter resistance to portray yourself as hurt, discouraged, contrite.
  • Step 4: Connect with the hypocritical frustration that you are once again misunderstood and therefore rejected, with the accusation that Ruediger Hentschel's Christianity is really completely unchristian.
  • Step 5: Try to make your exit look as snap and hurt as possible.

The variability of these machinations is not from bad parents, but these people are relatively easy to recognize. Beginning with such small things as the clearly recognizable repetition of certain spelling mistakes, the regular drift into multi-religious gibberish from the third or fourth commentary, and the core statement that Jesus is not God and that the Jehovah's Witnesses are a superlative religion, the knitting pattern can easily be exposed sooner or later.

But the friends who stand by my side do not see these inner characteristics or only with great difficulty and accuse me of frightening away so many nice people seeking help. With that an important goal has been reached. It is about division and discouragement. Destroy as many friendly bonds as possible and isolate the affected person, then you can destroy him completely in the end. Jehovah's Witnesses have plenty of practice with this technique. For this scheme of action they do not have to change or practice anything new. They know this strategy through and through from their everyday community life and use this technique of discouragement as standard in their own ranks.

With the "Task force Karin", which was used by whoever, I started not to publish all comments anymore. The penetrance of this person to text me with enormous amounts of text (which were always almost without any real statement) led me to the decision to take a viable way out by simply omitting these pompous mega stories. The following private attack of this person, a long farewell reproach commentary, was a temporary end. But from this corner of emptying the mind comes the attempt to fill this page with as Jehovah-friendly confusion as possible.

The creator of these works is either an individual or a small "expert group" sitting near Sigmaringen with the goal of permanently filling the Antichrist Watchtower with nonsense. The following example shows that this individual or "group of experts" is clearly interested in trivializing the uniqueness of the nauseating machinations of the Watchtower Society and drawing it to the level of all other religions and making it appear as a not particularly remarkable hill of idolatry.

I read the book. If you omit from Martina's story that she is Z.J. and only look at the situation, she simply did not pass the Job test. 1. the beautiful feeling of being seduced! 2. getting a great husband or faithfulness to the faith. 3. to be abandoned by friends. Always the classic test of the devil. In every other religion she would have failed.
Sent on 06.02.2009

The man who calls himself Karin refers to the book by Martina Schmidt "I was a Jehovah's Witness". What is there to do with such a sweeping statement? Since when has anyone had to pass a Job test? Who knows anything about such a Job test and can anyone confirm that such a devil test exists in all religions?

The purpose of such a commentary is to judge someone as sweepingly and undifferentiatedly as possible, as is part of everyday community life for Jehovah's Witnesses. With this technique of sweeping judgement, the religious performance orientation of Jehovah's Witnesses is once again emphasized through the back door and at the same time pointed with the finger at all people who deal with the conflict Theocracy Watchtower Society. With the final sentence this commentator, who so far called himself "Karin", draws attention to the fact that all religions exert performance pressure on their believers.

But apart from all religions, there is faith that is not a religion and does not exert any pressure on people to perform. It is faith in Jesus Christ as it is made known to us in the Bible. It seems to me that these people, who appear here as Karin or often as people in need of help, know and abhor this faith very well, because they would have to confess in it that it is not human achievement that saves, but God alone. These are people who have the vocation in themselves to slaughter everything that is connected with Jesus. They have only one goal: to make the grace that people receive directly from the hand of Jesus absurd and backwoods. They would like to suggest to the world that it is necessary to find a religious community that, by means of its authority given by God, will take care of people's salvation instead of Jesus.

It's pure Catholicism!

From the religious corner of the Catholic Church, which successfully banished Jesus from its life by making salvation dependent on the performance of various magical priestly activities, comes this Jesus substitute technique of human salvation through achievement and knowledge and commitment. "exercise faith" is the great motto of these people who no longer look to Jesus Christ. They reduce the Christianity to a busy diligence, which according to the thinking of all carnally minded people see the way to God as a kind of career ladder and want to sell these chances of advancement to God in their religious organizations to the people.

Faith is not performance

The Bible tells us decisively that faith cannot function performance-related. That is why Jesus points out again and again that all salvation emanates from Himself and is only realized through the childlike faith in Him. Jesus is the Beginner and Perfector of faith, so that no one who ever relies on Jesus can have a reason to shine with his performance before God. The only one who shines before God is Jesus Christ. And those who trustingly place themselves in the hand of Jesus have a hundred percent share in this shine before God. The world cannot comprehend this miracle of salvation through faith. The apostles of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot do anything with this divine promise, because they are completely stuck in the swamp of this world and are desperately busy working their way "closer to God through exercise faith. Jehovah's Witnesses are the theologians who seek the way to God through their own knowledge, under their own direction and on the basis of a self-made set of rules.

However, the Bible shows us how man repeatedly fails and must fail in his attempt to recognize God through his own efforts. All knowledge of God and all finding of grace before God's eyes does not come from the efforts of human beings, but exclusively through the devotion of God, which he himself gives to human beings.

This devotion of God has a name. God's devotion is called Jesus and is an abomination to the more powerful believers.

Therefore, there can be no religion according to the Bible that builds on performance (fulfillment of rules and laws). With two levers the devotion of God, which is Jesus Christ, is to be made harmless. The first lever is the ideology that orients people towards a certain direction of thought, the second lever is the righteousness of works, which wants to make God's devotion absurd. People who get involved with these antichristian ways of thinking and make themselves dependent on them cannot get to know Jesus and have no personal relationship with Him. Only when they meet Jesus like a child and entrust their life to Him does life begin in them that is not of this world. And they will be amazed to find that they do not have to accomplish anything themselves, but that Jesus then does something in and at them and through them that is reflected in works of faith. Here what Jesus promised to each one of his followers is fulfilled:

Come here to me, all you troublesome and loaded! And I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me! For I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls, for my yoke is gentle and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:28 and 29

Beschreibung der Zeugen-Jehovas-Ideologie

For from their smallest to their greatest, they all make unjust gains. And from the prophet to the priest all practice falsehood, and they heal the break of the daughter of my people superficially (e.g. by the publishing house's own watchtower writings) and say: Peace, peace! – and there is no peace. They will be disgraced because they have perpetrated abominations (e.g. child abuse, which are swept under the carpet according to Watchtower rules). But they are not ashamed at all, yes, they do not know shame. That is why they will fall when everything falls. In the time that I visit them, they will fall, saith the LORD. Thus says the LORD, "Step into the ways, see and ask for the paths of ancient times, where then is the way for good, and walk it (This path is Jesus Christ)! In this way you will find rest for your souls. But they say: We will not go it. And I have appointed watchmen over you who call: Pay attention to the sound of the horn! But they say: We will not pay attention to it. Therefore, you nations, hear and know, you church, what is happening to them! Hear it, earth! Behold, I bring mischief upon this people, the fruit of their thoughts. For they have not heeded my words, and they have rejected my law (faith in Jesus Christ). Why then should incense come to me from Saba and the good wort from afar land? Your burnt offerings (preaching, Bible study) are not pleasing to me, and your sacrifices (bleeding people to death) are not pleasing to me.
Jeremiah 6:13-20

Of course, this biblical passage has only been chosen by me as a description of Jehovah's Witnesses, only as a clarification. For God speaks with these sentences, as always, to the people of Israel, who can never be replaced by any other group of people than the people of God. But to the satanic parody of the people of God in the form of Catholicism and the Watchtower Society these verses fit just as perfectly.

They are all the most rebellious of the rebellious. They are slanderers, they are bronze and iron. They are all destroyers. The bellows are scorched by the fire, the lead is finished. In vain they have melted and melted: the wicked have not been excreted. They are called rejected silver; for the LORD has rejected them.
Jeremia 6, 28-30


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