Is the Focus Online Admin Jehovah's Witness?

I'm scared and anxious. The analysis of the visibility of the site makes me sweat. Who works together with whom? Have I broken any unwritten laws? Or does the situation already look as if Jehovah's Witnesses are sitting at many important posts and intervening in the processes according to their scheme of Theocratic War List?

And indeed!

At least at Focus-Online one of the good guys seems to be in "the right place". My comment (The truth about the Watchtower Society – if you want to vividly show people what the real background of Jehovah's Witnesses is, then look at the following page: sex-sells-watchtower.html) must have really enraged someone there, because the rejection of the comment took 4 minutes! In total 31 rejection mails were sent back to me.

Focus online declines comment on Jehovah's Witnesses 33 times

Justification: "Please note: If you want to reply to a comment, please use the "reply function" below a comment. For comprehensive discussions and topics that go far beyond the article sitemap, please use the comprehensive forums on FOCUS Online."

...which go far beyond the article ... I have merely attempted to contribute further important illuminating information to uncover the dirty practices of the Watchtower Society in connection with the granting of corporate rights.

It is tragic, satirical and scandalous that Jehovah's Witnesses, who – as this example shows – infiltrate society, are to be put on an equal footing with the churches. The helplessness of the Watchtower foot people is reflected in the disgusted consent of the state to the granting of corporate rights to the Watchtower Society. The power of the faithful and intelligent slave obtained by lies is frightening.

Let's hope that the public's attention is drawn to things like censorship by Jehovah's Witnesses. If that doesn't happen, we'll have a lot of fun. – Armageddon fun.


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