The Pope speaks to the FEG Bruchsal

The mission prohibition, which went out on 18 January from the pulpit of the FEG Bruchsal, was only a private opinion, as was communicated to me today by the pastor of the FEG in Bruchsal. More than that could not be clarified and the conversation was quickly ended at the request of the FEG pastor. He also said that the mission was very important to them. One thinks about how one can tell the gospel to the people.

FEG Bruchsal's service today was not about the Gospel, but about marriage, sports, health through kissing and similar things as you can read in the AWAKEN! of Jehovah's Witnesses all Nas' long. As an introduction, there were some testimonies in which Jesus was not mentioned with a syllable. However, these reports were later explicitly referred to as testimonies. One testimony was about the gift of being able to switch from highest excitement in seconds to greatest balance. Again, it was not about Jesus.

But the Pope was quoted for it. If you want to get to know the Pope as a good friend, the FEG Bruchsal is the right place for you. The Pope is a good friend there, although he is the leader of the directly disobedient. Every Catholic priest hits Jesus with his professionally anchored disobedience right in the face. Jesus strictly forbids anyone from us to be called a father. All Catholic priests are called father by profession, and the supreme of them is called "Holy Father," which is the highest God's title a Jew has to forgive.

This Lord of lies and false doctrines may speak by quoting the FEG Bruchsal. His announcement was analogous: "Reading the Bible is better than watching television! Wow! What a knowledge! Wouldn't it be nice if the Pope first showed Jesus the slightest obedience before he was allowed to speak to a Christian congregation?

In keeping with the scenario of the distance from Jesus and the proximity of the Pope, the texts of the songs of praise were adorned with a dying Jesus nailed to the cross. The crucifix Jesus of the Catholic Church was the object of worship in the FEG Bruchsal.

We do not know how exactly the FEG Bruchsal is intertwined with the Evangelical Alliance and ecumenism, and the short and impatient answers of the pastor of the FEG Bruchsal after the divine service were not suitable to lighten these intertwinings. The fact is that in the FEG congregations Catholicism is to be made bearable again in a habitual way.

There is no other way to explain these worship services far removed from Jesus.


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