If I was a Jehovah's Witness ...

  • never pray to Jesus or you will die
  • what Jesus says is not true in reality
  • only what the slave says is true
  • You must also not come to Jesus under any circumstances
  • you must go to the Watchtower Society
  • or you will be destroyed
  • she convinced me that I had to worship Jehovah
  • and that the contact with Jesus is forbidden
  • now I have to rewrite the antichrist watch tower
  • I got to know the only true Muslim God
  • tomorrow I'll buy myself some demons
  • and a few sexual blasphemies
  • I then distribute them in the neighborhood
  • then I'm something special
  • and then I pretend to be Christ
  • that's the best way to throw Jesus out
  • then I only need three more years of brainwashing
  • and to make a vow to the Company
  • then I'm finally rid of Jesus
  • I'll have a much better
  • the slave
  • to trust in God, when there are so many nice people!
  • the contact with Jesus is deadly
  • he's not even God
  • is executed because people think he behaves like God
  • but isn't God
  • What a liar!
  • Kathi is quite right: You should never talk to him
  • he is a liar, the type who forgives sins on earth, and then it turns out through the slave that he is only an angel
  • a creature like you and me
  • good that there are people like Kathi
  • they know more than the Bible and Jesus together
  • I now buy me an original rewritten Jehova Bible
  • new light from America!
  • wonderful!
  • yes, the slave is closer to me than Jesus
  • life without Jesus is wonderful
  • you don't have to believe
  • only follow regulations
  • and you're a Jehovah's Witness
  • exactly as in the Catholic Church and in Islam
  • superclass!
  • not have to trust anymore, just be convinced
  • like the Nazis
  • Jehovah, a God you only have to get used to, not decide
  • he has a naturalized name
  • where everyone got used to it
  • well then he must be the true God

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