Open letter to Kathi – hours in front of computer and TV

Hello Kathi,

How does it work that you as a Jehovah's Witness can fly 2 to 3 times a year on vacation? Shouldn't you be worried about those threatened in Armageddon? Shouldn't you expect to be brought to justice one day by your God Jehovah? Won't your god Jehovah demand from your hand the blood of those who went away empty-handed because you were on vacation?

How is it that you can spend so many hours in front of the computer and the television while so many ignorant people are waiting outside for the saving message on how to protect yourself from the downfall of Armageddon? Won't every unsaved soul that you could have helped save one day stand between you and Jehovah?

How is it that Jehovah's organization fits so wonderfully into your life and you still spend so much free time? How will you ever explain to Jehovah your generous life arrangement when he asks you about the thousands of useless hours spent?

How is it that you have so sunily and happily integrated the Watchtower Society into your life, and that you are so relaxed and serene in the full consciousness of the ignorance of those outside, as if Jehovah God and the Watchtower Society were a minor matter?

How is it that some people bleed themselves to death for their god Jehovah, and you think on the sofa at home about what else you could eat or drink?

If the words of the faithful and intelligent slave would be even a little true, then you should actually be as stung by the tarantula on the hunt for people and make it clear to them how to save yourself from annihilation in Armageddon. But you spend a lot of time (as well as your fellow believers) in relaxation and wellness and enjoy life as if it were important to look as good and rested as possible in Armageddon.

How is it that so many Jehovah's Witnesses are in psychotherapy at the expense of the general public even though they have no soul at all? How can it be that the Watchtower Society's comforting message that all evil will soon be destroyed in Armageddon keeps you so cool on the one hand, but at the same time drives you into psychotherapy? If you want to stay away from the world as Jehovah's Witnesses, why do so many of you go to the Doctor of Souls and let these worldly people treat you on health insurance?

Why do so many of you not have a life partner and when they do, they are often unhappy? Why are so many articles on how to work in a marriage brought up in "Awake" with the highest penetrance?

Why is there such a high suicide rate among Jehovah's Witnesses? Why are Jehovah's Witnesses recommended to commit suicide even on the Internet? How can you live your life so quietly and tidily while Armageddon can come at any moment? Why do you eat well at least once a week when millions of people should hear the comforting message that all evil will soon be destroyed?

Have you and the other Jehovah's Witnesses no conscience? How will you ever explain to Jehovah God why you did not go to the people when you would have had plenty of opportunities if you had watched less RTL?

How can it be that you are actually the only organization in the world that knows the way out of destruction in Armageddon and yet spends most of your free time in front of the television or on vacation? Even if Jehovah God didn't blame you, wouldn't you have to blame yourself? With what arrogance can you manage to leave ignorant people ignorant and at the same time pursue daily pleasure?

Will Jehovah God then say: Oh yes, they just didn't have so much time, they had to go on holiday, go to the restaurant and to the cinema and the theatre. You can't be that exact! Then you just have to be destroyed, Fritz Meier. Jehovah's Witness had no time for you. They were all on the road. In the sauna, while bowling, at the congress and in their meeting. So Fritz! Die!

How can it be that you are all so eager to earn a good standing before Jehovah God, but at the same time spend a lot of life in full egoism and in perfect adaptation to civil society? Is Jehovah God just a hobby for you to be special?

When your mother asked me which denomination I belonged to, she turned around after my answer that I was a normal Christian and muttered some denominations to herself. I could still see the high nose she had with her for a moment. Today I would give 1 Euro 50 for being allowed to look into her face from that time, which she hid from me.

I could not spend my life as serenely and relaxed as you and many Jehovah's Witnesses do, knowing that some of my brethren in faith are sacrificing themselves by bleeding to death for Jehovah God! For me, the awareness that I am doing too little for Jehovah God would be so bad that after some time I would honestly have to give up and ask myself how my salvation in Armageddon can work at all. For me, every hour of television, sauna, or cinema would be associated with the threat of being destroyed in Armageddon. How can you indulge so serenely and relaxed in your special being in your meetings? How can you so happily say to me on my hint that the Watchtower Society in Germany had zero growth in 2009: "Oh, that has happened before!"? – And fly on holiday a few days later?!

If you want to know how all these questions are answered, if you believe in Jesus and accept him as God, just ask me. Here with the comment function.

Your Ruediger


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