A chronology of attacks on the Antichrist Watchtower

Since the Antichrist Watchtower has become relevant on the Internet and has become one of the very rare websites that resolutely deal with the theological pitfalls of the Watchtower Society (there still seem to be a few of this quality in America), it is under permanent observation of the Watchtower Society, as one can easily see from the statistics. The thoughts published here have even led to Jehovah's Witness congresses taking up individual points. The faithful and understanding slave turned the meaning around exactly. Thus at the congresses the Witnesses were vaccinated that Jesus could say of himself that he was the truth, but that he was not really the truth. As usual, the leadership caste of these biblical stonemasons exercised their audacious arbitrariness of interpretation, coupled with the great group experience of the Jehovah's Witness Congresses.

Agents, informers and theocratic liars

And not only the consistent pursuit of the contents of the Antichrist Watchtower is on the program of the Watchtower Society, in order to be able to meet these contents always as promptly as possible with counter vaccinations for the Jehovah's Witnesses, but they also send out individual perpetrators, who are supposed to try to water down the contents of the Antichrist Watchtower by means of personal influence or to surrender the side of the legal arbitrariness of the faithful and intelligent slave.

Watchtower Spies – Example

Under the column Watchtower demons I had published some partly shocking watchtower scans, which show the hidden way of the faithful and intelligent slave. However, concerns grew about the German copyright, which does not respect the truth but only protects property. So it was with a heavy heart that I decided to remove the Watchtower photographs from the site in order not to hand the website over to the legal arbitrariness of the Watchtower Society and its lawyers.

In order to document the consequences of the lost German copyright and to prove the shame of the Watchtower Society, I publish here alternatively only one Demon. For the truth about the machinations of the Watchtower Society must I take the risk in favor of many readers who will leave the Watchtower Society:

This demon image is published by the Watchtower on the subject "Relationship".

Sex Demon on the Watchtower Theme Relationship between Man and Woman

Demon from the trousers of a Jehovah's Witness

sex demon

Watchtower for 15 April 2006, p. 4

14 days after I had removed all Watchtower scans so that the worldly arbitrariness of the faithful and discreet slave could not come over me, some Jockel called me from Hamburg or Berlin and urged me, but please please publish his documentations of Watchtower demons on the Antichrist Watchtower. He told me a huge bunch of bullshit about copyright and stressed that he had been advised by a criminal. This guy called me regularly until I finally just hung up.

My conclusion is that the Watchtower Society has a great interest in using German copyright law to arbitrarily eliminate hostile websites as needed. As a call to the German judiciary, I therefore publish the Trouser-Slash-Demon to point out the consequences of the Watchtower Society's expected abuse of copyright. Copyright serves the Watchtower Society only to combat people who expose the lies of the Watchtower Society. Copyright in the original sense is of no importance to the Watchtower Society because it distributes its products like cars do their exhaust fumes. Both Watchtower publications and car exhaust fumes are highly toxic.


Good man, what comes to light here above all is your obvious penis fixation. Women's buttocks, fly demons and erections here probably really only recognizes someone who should urgently go to the doctor. And no, I am not a ZJ and find their teachings just as wrong in content. But what you pull off here is so dripping with hate and the obvious need to throw mud that it does a disservice to the truth. One might think that this muckraking site was created by the Watchtower Society itself to demonstrate how simple-minded and wacky opponents are.

Claire Grube [May 31, 2021]

The sexualized and perverted allusions are demonstrable in Watchtower literature. I prove all these discoveries with the corresponding illustrations. That a pseudo-religion does not work openly with pornography is comprehensible for everyone. But your personal insults speak a clear language. You hate! Not me. [RH]


So folks, this message goes out to all of you: stop believing all this crap. Climate change is real and man-made.

The coronavirus is real and has nothing to do with Bill Gates and 5G.

Merkel is not an alien, nor is she Hitler's daughter.

The USA was on the moon.

9/11 was real.

For this, there are real FACTS everywhere, inform yourself on independent, real media, such as the Spiegel, the faz, the Frankfurter Allgemeine...

And just a tip on the side: Do what you want, but I think the Jehovah's Witnesses let you waste your life. Enjoy your life, do what you want, and don't believe in all the crap that is spread on Telegram and Co.

Thank you for reading my text,

Greetings from the north of Germany,

Hans from Flensburg. [July 22, 2021]

May Merkel's sphincter strangle you. :-) RH

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