An impossible thought

When I was 17 years old I said an ignorant yes to Jesus, because it had become clear to me that only he could give me information about himself. And when I understood the offer of faith in Jesus, I took the opportunity and told Jesus to take the lead in my life if he was the one he pretended to be in the Bible.

A remarkable point on the way that resulted from this Yes to Jesus was the realization that if I could ever know anything about God, it was only through him and only from his hand. The continuation of this knowledge was consequently the thought that I could only receive the information he wanted to give me. This in turn resulted in: If he loves me, then he gives me according to my need.

Often I have forgotten these insights and have put my own insights into God, believing in doing His will and going forward on the way. But I was on the wrong track because of my own attempts to figure everything out somehow. In this self-oriented thinking the Lord could not do anything with me and he let me go my way. There were many events whose meaning was not clear in the long run. These were the consequences of my belief-based self-deception.

I believe that this whole machinery of validity, this thinking, one must somehow come to be valid before the people, is one of the factors which lead us away from Jesus on the wrong way. Also this attitude, one must be instructed by God and then follow his will, leads inevitably into a dead end. Because Jesus redeems and liberates. Under this liberation we also serve him without a concrete message what we have to do or not to do.

The impossible Thought

Despite my wrong decisions and my self-constructed beliefs, it became clear to me at some point that there was an idea that a person could not have imagined. And even if there had ever been a human being who had thought up this idea, this thought would be so superior to all ideas and philosophies of the entire history of mankind that it would be worth accepting this construction as true and clinging to it.

It is the thought that God Himself became man in Jesus and let Himself be punished for our injustice. Who can think of such a thing?! Even the imaginative Jehovah's Witnesses, who suck the strangest thoughts out of their fingers, are not capable of such a thought. On the contrary! They fight against this thought that God showed Himself in this Jesus, with all their strength and with an enormous investment of money and energy.

When my own conclusions about faith had led me into a kind of spiritual rigidity of the corpse, this was the thought I could not reject. If anyone had ever had a good idea, it was this idea of a God repenting for all of us. And not as a powerful God who can easily endure anything, but as a weak man like you and me. All religions of this world, including Judaism, had not been able to develop such a fantastic thought. All the religions of this world were out to have man prove himself to God in this or some other way. No religion came up with the idea that God alone would solve the conflict and that no human achievement would be tied to this solution, only faith.

And this Jesus just lives it!

What is absolutely fascinating from this point of view is that Jesus did not walk around like a lunatic with the big cardboard poster and propagated his idea! This is another sign that he really was God Incarnate. For every human being could not have handled this idea at all. None of us meatballs could ever have mustered the self-control to keep this greatest idea ever seen by mankind a secret! What a hint. This Jesus must be God, because he simply kept this unique idea secret, which neither before him nor after him anyone had thought up. He was human and followed the will of the Father. He was God and was completely absorbed in his human life and made use of his godliness only for our best possible teaching. He did miracles, not to profile himself, but to make his love known to us evil creatures.

In spite of all the mistakes we Christians make (we are only human beings after our conversion to Jesus), there remains in us an inexplicable power that tells us what we need to stay with Him. We are with a simple yes to him in his hand and can no longer be torn out of it.

The simple yes to Jesus stands against all religions of this world.

Because God himself is the initiator of human salvation, because only he holds the activity of love, we humans cannot come to him from our power and intelligence. But nothing other than this false doctrine that one can work ones way up to God or think ones way up, is represented by all the religions of this world. In it, Jehovah's Witnesses are world champions in pretending to themselves and others that one only has to read the Bible forwards and backwards in order to secure one's own survival in the Battle of Armageddon, the Battle of the Extermination of Humanity. But God alone is the Beginner and Perfector of faith and can contact us. Anyone who does not accept Jesus' invitation and prefers to rely on his own strength has built on sand and is already washed away by a half-empty glass of water.

Jesus Christ has influenced the world in a way that cannot be imitated and has affected the whole of humanity. Whether they are proponents or enemies of his being, all are confronted with Jesus and must make a decision in whatever way.

Who says no to a good deal?

All religions are always so reasonable and plausible. But they also fascinate through conflicts and contradictions and paradoxical thoughts. But all this is only a tired attempt by Satan to imitate Jesus as one of many. But Jesus is the offer of God that beats everything else by miles. Nothing is a better business than to say yes to Jesus and to give him your trust.

The funny thing is that all those who throw the offer of Jesus into the wind come along as the great intelligentsia. They are super-tolerant, have studied all sorts of things, smoke pipes to impress others, are on the road in the name of all and every saving love and do a little heroic deed with every word they speak. They are all expressions of the person who thinks it is nonsense that God could decide something over our heads. Where do we go if we ask Jesus something concretely? No! Much more important are our own great thoughts.

And this even though we go to bed with our own thoughts in the evening and get up again in the morning! What a nonsense of the human being that he wants to rely exclusively on his own thoughts. There is so much to discover if we trust God to exist and if we ask Jesus personally what is really going on.


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