Does German copyright law support the lie?

Who does still believe that the German judiciary exists for the people and not for the big money and the professionally arranged lie?

The German judiciary is mainly focused on protecting property. It is not alone in this. In the course of globalization, all modern jurisprudence in the world is increasingly specializing in this one goal: protect the rich and powerful.

Under this objective of world justice, all other values lose massively in importance. Fraudulent candidates are elevated to the office of president by court order, wars are legitimized, genocides are committed under the eyes of the UN, corporations gain power over people and, above all, they gain power against humanity. Truth loses importance, the rights of the individual are lost and are subordinated with all power to the claims of the great.

Example Watchtower Society

The Watchtower Society likes to publish subliminal (subliminal) positions of demons in its books and booklets. The newspaper publisher from Brooklyn thus characterizes itself as an anti-Christian organization and proves, intentionally or unintentionally, that the God of the Watchtower Society (Jehovah) must be Satan. For from God we cannot expect a deceitful manipulation of the readers through hidden, hardly recognizable images of demons.

A publication of these subliminal positions of demons in the Watchtower literature is prohibited by copyright law. While one can still dare to make this half-open confession of the Watchtower Society to Jehovah Satan accessible to humans, the publication of these treacherous Satan products exposes one to the arbitrariness of the author. Depending on the mood and mood, the Watchtower Society could then close the publishing website with the help of German jurisdiction and punish it by court order with financial burdens that lastingly destroy all activities in the direction of truth-finding.

Justice as the shoehorn of lies

Thus the German judiciary, which fails to classify truth concerns higher than property rights, becomes a supporter of the lie. The German judiciary (hopefully) unintentionally and imprudently supports the activities of global organizations that purposefully pump people with lies and derive even greater benefit from them. With every legally protected lie issued by these organizations, their power and property increases, so they must be protected even more by the misguided judiciary.

German justice thwarts enlightenment

The existing law and the trend of this right, which is increasingly moving towards the protection of the powerful and rich, very directly and sustainably prevents educational opportunities via the Internet. On the Antichrist Watchtower page there are a number of pages that could show a lot of embarrassing images from Watchtower publications. But these documents of guilt and evil will of the Watchtower Society must be withheld so that the Antichrist Watchtower page as a whole can continue to exist safely. The risk of being destroyed by a one-sided, one-eyed judiciary is too high.

[11.11.2009] The illustrations are now shown openly in the sense of journalism. The information content is simply too important to take copyright into account.

German justice

No hope of justice

The trend towards lying as a means of property protection and profit-making is growing worldwide. There is less and less hope that man himself or values such as truth will find their secure place in the legal systems of the world. Judges love the world as it is. On this basis, we can all assume that justice will increasingly become the instrument of the already powerful and rich.


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