Watchtower Propaganda
How to Protect Jehovah's Witnesses from the Truth

The is meticulously analyzed by the Watchtower Society in order to "feed" the Jehovah's Witnesses as promptly as possible at congresses and on the Internet with a twisted version of it. The faithful and understanding slave steals the contents of and uses them twisted to blindfold Jehovah's Witnesses. Clear and irrefutable facts are robbed of their core in typical WTS manner (Jesus said it, but meant something else) and fed to Jehovah's Witnesses.

This is comparable to a cook who removes all important vital substances from the food and then serves the overcooked porridge to his guests.

The statistics show that two Internet addresses (Switzerland and deepest Russia) regularly retrieve inappropriately large amounts of data. It is very obvious that the entire site is always updated on their computers so that it can be forwarded to the Watchtower Society so that WTS propagandists can react there.

In fact, on particularly controversial issues, "new light" is almost immediately disseminated at congresses and on the Internet, the sole purpose of which is to make Jehovah's Witnesses immune to the truth of Jesus Christ. This "new light-food" against the truth wins this antichristliche newspaper publisher watchtower society by the spreading of the distorted and twisted contents of the

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Password protection

By the way, the statistics were password protected by me, so that nobody has to reckon with being discovered by the Watchtower Society after reading the page. I consider this protective measure to be extremely important in order not to give the Watchtower Society even more room for manoeuvre. It also helps to clarify the fronts. WTS agents who professionally defame people on the Internet who express themselves positively towards are part of the struggle that WTS has launched to take away the courage of as many people as possible to think about the Bible and view its contents under the light of Jesus Christ.

The battle continues

Even if the Watchtower Society takes legal action against me or my side, I would rather die than leave the field to them without a fight. No matter how many people point their fingers at me and claim that I need a straitjacket and I would only condemn them, I will continue to fight for the truth of Jesus Christ.

There's only one truth. This truth is God Himself. Apart from God, there is no truth. Jesus says crystal clear: I am the truth.


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