Open letter to the faithful and understanding slave

Dear faithful and understanding slave

1) Where do you get the right to claim that the name Jehovah is in the original scriptures? How can you tell such a lie when this name was invented by Catholic monks in the 13th century? What right do you have to spread this basic lie about the name Jehovah in the Bible's original scriptures through the Internet and millions of tons of printed matter?

I hereby call upon you to take a stand on this matter! Explain publicly how you came to this false claim and why you claim the name Jehovah is in the Bible's original scriptures!

2) A month or two ago, my friend asked an elder of her congregation, who is also the chairman of the congregation and works at Bethel, what Russell's grave is all about. She asked if there were any Masonic symbols on this tomb. Her Bethel collaborator has promised an answer, but he still does not answer.

Therefore, I repeat this question here publicly and address it directly to you, faithful and understanding slave. Are there Masonic symbols on Russell's grave? Was your founder of religion Charles Taze Russell a Mason? What is his pyramid doctrine? Is it true that he wished to die like a Roman?

Please take this open letter seriously! Do not trust that the matter will fall asleep again. Answer my questions. All humanity has a right to examine your theses. Everyone has the right to ask how a newspaper publisher who publishes false reports stands by its actions.

Answer my questions. I won't be the last one to nail you to obvious lies from your mouth.

Ruediger Hentschel, 29.07.2008

This letter was sent by fax on 30.07.2008 at about 0:30 a.m. to W. Rudtke (Executive Board), Gruenauer Strasse 104, 12557 Berlin, Germany, telephone 030 65481054, fax 030 65481028 and to the Watchtower Bibel- und Traktat-Gesellschaft der Zeugen Jehovas, e.V., Germany, postal address: 65617 Selters, Germany: Am Steinfels, 65618 Selters, OT Niederselters, Phone 06483 41-0, Exclusively for Media and Research: Phone 06483 413110, Fax 06483 413100.

Ruediger Hentschel, 30.07.2008


Less reproach and more design of a good idea for the implementation of all good qualities would be beneficial to all.

Dieter [April 18, 2021]

That sounds very wise at first. But a draft is also always a reproach. Whoever makes drafts without taking into account the previous failures does not achieve much except perhaps gender science and similar nonsense. So every reproach is a way to the draft, if the reproach has the truth as a goal. However, the lies of the Watchtower Society are so extensive that the accusations cannot end. Especially since the Bible is left quite deliberately by these liars. My draft is therefore to persuade the Jehovah's Witnesses to repent. [RH]

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