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In 2005 or 2006 I returned from my personal lethargy to Jesus or "was returned". After a 10-year life phase of conscious distance from Christianity (which seems impossible to me today) I sat in the FEG Mingolsheim/Bad Schoenborn in church service and howled with happiness like a castle dog. For several months I was able to experience how the faith in Jesus, the being at home with Jesus, manifests itself so overwhelmingly in my feelings. So it is not for nothing that it is said that he who believes in Jesus is blessed. However, this was a big exception. The normal state of the Christian is not the experience of overwhelming emotions.

A year later I started with webmick.de because I couldn't really talk to a Jehovah's Witness close to me. All the arguments she had heard but rejected without a reason, I collected bit by bit on this website and so one of the best information sites about the Watchtower Society – especially from the Christian point of view – was formed. The direct juxtaposition of the simple faith in Jesus Christ with the thoroughly banal heresies of the Watchtower Society formed an unprecedented website, the existence of which I am very happy about and which I know I did not create with my strength. Its creation felt and feels to me like a highly interesting hobby and I don't need any incentive of my own, because there is always a motivation that I believe comes from Jesus.

The FEG behind the facade

It is not dangerous for a Christian to also move in churches where this or that from the Bible is not taken so seriously. This experience has been with me all my life. One of the highlights of this experience was intensive conversations with Satanists in Mettmann during my time as a taxi driver. A Christian never has to be afraid of bad company if he lets Jesus tell him something about it and let him guide him. That is why I have no inhibitions about going to Christian churches, even without first checking how Bible-true or free every mainstream they are.

As time went by, my gaze sharpened in my preoccupation with the Watchtower doctrine and suddenly the egg-shaped bulges of the FEG forced their way into my mind. As an unhealthy ulcer stretches my skin, so I saw the following things with FEGs, which are affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and thus to ecumenism:

Experience 1

  • Participation in the Lord's Supper was not free. There was a regulation which was probably a kind of examination of convictions and which had to be endured first in order to be allowed to take part in the Lord's Supper as "recognized Christian" on special dates, i.e. never in the Sunday service.

What a limitation! The biblically prescribed self-examination is taken out of my hand and I get an imaginary Christian Technical Supervisory Association badge stuck on it. This is nothing other than a transition from being a free Christian to being a Catholic-religious organisation-religious-participant, which is incapacitated by Catholicism and which has to comply with the regulations of the upper clergy. The Catholic Church dictates to Catholics how and whether they may participate in the Lord's Supper at all. The Catholic Church consciously withdraws the self-examination from the Christian and underlines this spiritual amputation even with the non-richness of wine. The Catholic Lord's Supper is a cripple who limps on an inflamed splayfoot and flat foot and moves as a disfiguring religious illness into free Protestant congregations.

Experience 2

  • The arch-Catholic false doctrine of the different kinds of sins is brought back on a trial basis. In my youthful naivety, I botched the elder Matthias F. during the Bible study into his craft by raising my index finger and laughingly saying: "But we have to talk about this again later whether there are two kinds of sin!" That I corrupted his whole plan, I didn't know at that moment.

Later, when I put on my shoes down the hall, this elder of the FEG Mingolsheim/Bad Schoenborn stared at me with dark eyes. I didn't see such dark eyes before or after. Two weeks later a blonde woman was sitting in this elder's Bible study session. She cut off the word every time I wanted to say something. I knew.

With the teaching of the different kinds of sins Catholicism in Protestant circles is to be made secretly hopeful again.

One sees that Jesus in the name of religion is also fought massively in Protestant congregations. Fortunately, here the organizationally forced false doctrine does not yet take place as in the Watchtower Society, but it is progressing rapidly in the sense of the ecumenism determined by Catholicism. If a Jehovah's Witness realizes that he has been conned by the Watchtower Society, and if he wants to seek a genuine Christian congregation, he should not go by outward appearance. Rather a small church in a rented old building and few brothers and sisters than a shining FEG of the rich and beautiful.

Experience 3

  • The Christians in the FEGs around Heidelberg are mostly rich, beautiful, young, patterned Christians peeled out of the egg. Meanwhile, I can even understand the snobbishly dismissive look of my Jehovah's Witness who was once in the FEG.

I can only really assess this stylish facade Christianity with hindsight, since I am in Sinsheim in a church that is not in the Evangelical Alliance. Here, too, there are irritations, but the sincere word is always spoken and no one stays outside by simply not being answered.

Experience 4

  • After turning away from the ecumenical madness in Bad Schoenborn, on which also the anorexic woman of that eldest worked diligently, I turned to a house circle in Mauer. This house group also turned out to be the scalpel tip of the Catholic Church. When I once mentioned that I criticized the Eucharist on the Internet, the leader of the house group, who always came from Bad Vilbel, looked up at the sky and said: "And I tell you, you are wrong! My tears often come at the Lord's Supper for forgiveness!"

The false doctrine of the Catholic Church is the forgiveness of sins, limited to a few weeks, which allegedly takes place in the rite of the Eucharist. This doctrine is one hundred percent unbiblical and sucked out of the fingers of some pope who wanted to install with the Eucharist the sacrificial death of Christ, which must always be repeated. With this unbiblical dismemberment of the forgiveness of sins, the Catholic Church has achieved that its money-equipped sheep had to and must regularly come to the church to collect a portion of the forgiveness of sins.

From this example we can see that under the guise of the Evangelical Alliance and ecumenism the false doctrines are not immediately recognizable. It may well happen that a Christian goes into communities in order to find out only after months that a spiritual funnel is installed there, which is to suck him – the Christian – into Catholicism. But the slow habituation tactic has no chance of success with genuine Christians. Just as a Christian can never become Jehovah's Witness, so he cannot take over the Catholic heresies.

Experience 5

  • After this episode I discovered the church in Sinsheim through my neighbour Hans and his friend Hans. Hans, who is Hans's friend, used to be a Jehovah's Witness and feels quite comfortable in the ecumenical house group. Hans told me that one of my neighbours would go to a very strict church. After the Eucharistic glorification act of the house group leader from Bad Vilbel I had no choice but to ask Hans, whom Hans recommended to take me to his "very strict" church.

The first thing I experienced in this church independent of the Evangelical Alliance and ecumenism was clear words. I could immediately discuss and realize Fraktur: There are no people running around here who are only keeping good appearances. To this day I recognize and feel this clear sibling feeling, which tells me very clearly: Despite all my mistakes, these people are in Jesus.

In this Sinsheim Christian community there are the strangest people: Those who have been disfellowshipped, those excluded from FEGs, those who have been trampled on, those who are weak in their faith, converted leaders of sectarian religious communities and a non-watertight community order. The latter I have only recognized in these days. And yet this congregation is the first congregation for me about which I can say a Hallelujah: I am in the midst of my brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses. No one may penetrate your conscience except Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a Christian church, keep searching until you find a church that is recognizable in Jesus. This does not mean that you should not visit other Christian churches. After all, you need fellowship. But keep searching and the Lord will give you fellowship with true Christians.

Experience 6

  • The Antichrist in the FEG Wiesloch/Walldorf! In autumn 2014 I was a guest in the FEG community Wiwa, which organized a big cinema in the cinema Walldorf. With a lot of theatre and philosophical art the service was held there. A publicly confessed depressive singer sang a song to his guitar at the end of the service, the sitemap of which was as follows: "I have no boyfriend. Who really dies for me is probably me." Although the lyrics of the song were read in German beforehand, none of the churchgoers recognized the abysmally Jesus-denying sitemap of the song.

It was applauded strongly and I became a disruption of the process and said loudly: "This is absolutely antichristian, the song! Ugh, devil, the church leadership didn't respond to an email request. Just like the Watchtower Society.

Experience 7

  • FEG Bruchsal prohibits mission in the pedestrian zone! A week ago today I visited the Bruchsal FEG. An appointment with a woman had caused me to stop by. This woman must have talked to the pastor of this church about me, because a part of his sermon was aimed at me.

The nice man on the pulpit, who preached so beautifully polished, said pretty much without reference to the rest of his speech: "Mission in the pedestrian zone is undesirable! I don't wish to get anything pressed into my hand in the pedestrian zone, and I don't wish to see young men walking around in T-shirts, which says: I'm not religious, I believe in Jesus!

Juergen and I had held up the sign several times in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone: "Religion does not save. Jesus saves." A few minutes after the mission ban the nice man in the pulpit made a donation for a missionary couple near Madrid. What is going on – in these churches – in these brains?

The Evangelical Alliance and Ecumenism are striving for the same construct as has long been practiced by the Watchtower Society and the Catholic Church. It is the religion controlled from above. Independent Christians who listen to Jesus alone do not fit into this politically and freemasonically desired pattern and must somehow be brought to raison d'être. Representatives of the moderate Jesus policy sit, without knowing it, with Catholicism and the Watchtower Society already in the same boat and row stupidly. They have lost the ground under their feet because they put the earthly organization possibilities above Jesus. They do not expect that a Christian could still really be active in contact with Jesus. They soon think that Jesus is a kind of cultural asset with which one can earn money, as the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries.

The Sugar Festival doesn't have to be called nonsense. Why be derogatory! There is no point in that. The message of Jesus should be delivered without disparagement to others.

Christians are subject to prosecution if they adhere to the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses who have been killing people in Jehovah's name for decades by bleeding them to death remain unchallenged. One can only congratulate the public prosecutors. You will recognize them by their works!


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