Open letter to Heinz-Peter Tjaden and the German judiciary

Hello Mr. Tjaden,

You are to be forced by German jurisdiction not to claim that Jehovah's Witnesses destroy families, destroy marriages, end marriages out of the will of the faithful and reasonable slave.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on this event. For those who make the faithful and intelligent slave, who normally only exerts power through psychological mechanisms, apply power to worldly people with the help of worldly instruments, are blessed by God in my eyes. Presumably you are not Christian. But I tell you, you are blessed. The hand of God rests on you, even if you do not know. However, if you believe in Jesus, I envy you for your attitude, from which you may be fortunate to be sued by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Is your claim true that the Watchtower Society shatters marriages, separates marriages, and recommends divorce?

The Watchtower Strategy is one – if not the – best hidden psycho-warfare and the best concealed enslavement of people worldwide. All leadership given by the Watchtower Society to Jehovah's Witnesses is wrapped in supposedly Christian texts and based on distorted biblical passages. All of the statements with which the faithful and understanding slave oppresses the Jehovah's Witnesses are structured in such a way that they can later be taken back, portrayed differently, embellished and reversed without great losses.

Whoever manages to drive thousands (with can milk as food) to the top of a mountain to expect the end of the world, whoever manages to admit to parents that they let their children die because of a commandment of Jehovah, whoever manages to suggest to people that God is a liar (theocratic trickery of war) is not only not far away from the planned disruption of marriages and the recommended divorce in the case of rubbish, but stands knee-deep in the bones of his victims.

Those who manage to order children not to report sexual abuse, those who manage to enable sex offenders to repeat their deeds wade knee-deep in the tears and blood of their subjects.

Anyone who has ever experienced the mental state of an excluded Jehovah's Witness knows that this global equalization organization is not only willing to let people die from flimsy blood rules, but also that all the mental concerns of Jehovah's Witnesses are subordinated to the programmatic dictates of the Watchtower Society.

Considering the overall situation within this newspaper publishing house allegedly blessed by the Holy Spirit, the assertion that Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the regularly recommended divorce in the case of waste cannot be upheld. The very appearance that divorce is a heroic and highly praiseworthy act when one has to choose between the renegade spouse and Jehovah is the act itself that you, Mr. Tyaden, claim of the Watchtower Society.

You may be surprised at my harsh words. But I would like to remind you that the name Jehovah was only invented in the Middle Ages by Catholic sorcerer's apprentices out of nothing and lacks any biblical foundation. Therefore, it seems reasonable that this name Jehovah might indeed be an alias for the devil who is trying to realize his direct dominion over as many people as possible. Sure! For an unbeliever, this is an abstruse fantasy of a madman. But for the one who experienced Jesus, the situation is like this.

In any case, it is a fact that from a purely human point of view the request of Mr. Pikl means a fundamental attack on justice. And from the point of view of a Jehovah's Witness connoisseur, Mr. Pikl's conduct is a beautifully observable outgrowth of the thinking of the faithful and intelligent slave from America. Nothing about it is bound to law, let alone justice. Here only the aim is pursued, to make a small example in order to drive away the boredom as non-C.d.R.. One bathes already times in advance in the new consciousness. The status alignment of the Bibelverdrehungsanstalt with the churches is anticipated here with pleasure. Insensitive and exaggerated, but enjoyable.

But every effort of this construct of lies results in Witnesses of Jesus Christ rising from unexpected sources against the Watchtower Society. Even if the judiciary is too busy to realistically translate these interrelationships into finding justice, even if it is too in love with the strict pursuit of legal development through ever new individual judgments, people will appear again and again who are prepared to show clear basic principles, even if they have to give up their existence to do so.

Dear Justice!

The Watchtower Society is an association that positively sanctions the lie in order to achieve its goals with it. Jehovah's Witnesses, in the sense of the theocratic warlist, are required to pursue Jehovah's advantage with deceit and lies. As a result, people who profess to this Jehovah tend to experience a "slightly altered truth. The fact that public rights could be granted to the Watchtower Society or a part of it is due to the fact that the emptying of the meaning of the word and its idiosyncratic reinterpretation have been practiced in Watchtower circles for a long time.

For example, this group of people really hopes for the imminent annihilation of all people and sells this hope of annihilation as a substitute gospel for the gospel of Jesus, who, as is well known, has the absolutely opposite goal and wants to bring every human being to life. However, the lie of the Watchtower Society is so cunning that Jehovah's Witnesses themselves do not realize that they too must be destroyed. For there is no distinguishing feature that distinguishes them from the rest of the world in this substitute gospel.

Originaltext Watchtower: "He [the Watchtower] offers comfort to all peoples by the good news that God's kingdom will soon destroy those who oppress their fellow men, ..."

But since there is no one among Jehovah's Witnesses who does not oppress anyone, they too must be destroyed according to their own teaching. This is the doctrine of the Watchtower Society, which is to be interpreted as the doctrine of hope for the ultimate annihilation of mankind, if all facts are taken into account.

Ruediger Hentschel


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