Because the internet goddess google always offers something different

Anyone who wants to learn about the Bible on the Internet is not only exposed to an incredible number of liars, but also to a search engine that we can now call the Internet Goddess. Google is the internet goddess and she is adored by all people who want to find something on the internet. But the Internet goddess Google is more just than the little Internet Satan, who consistently rejects and censors the until today. This is not worthy of a search engine and makes itself a lie search engine. It must be under the massive influence of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Our internet goddess Google (here in the form of youtube) offers videos in autoplay mode, which are somehow remotely themed, but deviate exactly from what is actually announced. If I want to see one video after the other from a certain person, I have to switch back again and again and click by myself what Youtube offers in the right column. No thought that the otherwise so intelligent algorithm recognizes that I want to watch videos of this topic and this person. Not even after 100 manual selection clicks.

One can almost get the impression that Google allows two or three videos of the person in question, but then quietly distracts from the topic. That's the reason for this page. This page is supposed to offer the videos "in one piece" to offer the scope and sitemap of knowledge without distraction. It is about a series of videos that expose the heresies of Jesus in a very consistent and clear way. The man who creates these videos has in my eyes a professorial knowledge about how the usual human intelligence acts against God.

See for yourself the videos of "Brother Matthias"

Christian and Nature

Goethe or God

Pope Franziskus (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

Gospel of prosperity?


Christianian and Soviet

Tolerance fascist

Top-on-the-Bag-Goer Kalkofe at Tele5

Colourful cooperation with Tele5

Don't read the bible

Emma and feminist theology

Discrimination in Tele5

Tolerist and Tolerance

Drewermann and the Bible


Emma and the men

Glorified violence

What Christians believe


Jesus or Che – Ernesto Cardenal

Mother Teresa and abortion

Manfred Luetz: God and Bluff

It's evangelical

Albert Schweitzer and Jesus

Jesus for atheists?

Christmas – a children's party?

Ernesto Cardenal

Science false prophet

Robert Misik: God forbid!

Security Classified Jesus


Better only in the Lord!

Child Murder in Bethlehem

Heinz Zahrnt

Kant and God

Consensus Evolution

Conversations with angels

What is fundamentalism?

Guilt and Christians

The football idol

Good girls – bad girls

Why Bertrand Russell was not a Christian

In doubt it remains as it was

White Magic

Christian anti-Semitism


Robert Charroux

Erich von Daeniken

The Manna Machine

Feminism and Theology

Teilhard de Chardin


Christmas in the Catechism

Homo christians

Psychology and Homosexuality

Rudolf Bultmann: Jesus

National Socialism and Christianity

Christians without a Church

Christmas: no Christian festival

Jehovah's Witnesses and 1975

Dalai Lama

Esoteric stylistic bloom

Mahatma Gandhi

π & Bible (π = 3 ?)

Christmas – a Christian festival?

Christmas kitsch

The Star of Bethlehem

Merry Christmas

Christmas tale

Bertrand Russell: Are rabbits ruminants?

Simone de Beauvoir and Gender

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Church and the Crusades

π = 3?

Karlheinz Deschner

NO and Amen

Conversations with GOTT

Bible, Homo, Heinemann

Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven

Like God

What gender really wants

Uta Ranke-Heinemann

Joerg Zink

Angel guidebook

Christians and the Final Victory

The Bible and the Beast Man

Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI: Jesus of Nazareth

Pope Johannes XXIII/Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

The more I hear about this man, the more burning the question arises why he is not standing on the pulpit. Or on many pulpits. This man is so well-read and correct that I pale with envy.

Pope Benedikt XVI/Joseph Ratzinger

And I don't think there's a Bible school that could take this man. He deserves to receive an honorary doctorate and more from such authorities. But the Bible schools themselves have gone astray.

Pope Johannes Paul I/Albino Luciani

Catholic Church and Homosexuality

Why does God allow evil to happen? John Paul II

Children's Bibles and the Bible

Neale Donald Walsch quickly refuted

When Jesus returns, he warns with the breath of his mouth. This means that through simple words he will make people understand very quickly what it is all about. This "brother Matthias" anticipates much of it in a clear and yet friendly way. This is a chance to get to know much of what Jesus will do with mental power against any resistance. Every person will then not only have to understand, but have to understand! Whoever rejects Christ Jesus and prefers to follow the mainstream will experience that the truth can kill. Namely, when one has renounced to get to know it all one's life.

Pedophile propaganda

Ratzinger and Evolution

Anselm Gruen

Worship books

Who determines Christianity?

Bhagwan and Osho

Pastor, Bishop, Pope

Catholics' Catechism

Martin Luther and the "laymen"

Martin Luther and the Turks

Adam and Eva

Martin Luther false prophet

Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker and the Bible

Hans Kueng

Orders to the Universe

Think and get rich

Peale and Ponder

Erhard F. Freitag

Joseph Murphy and the Bible

Nuhr without any notion

Dale Carnegie: Don't worry – live!

The LOL²A – principle

Byron Katie about self-realization

Apocrypha, Gnosis and Novels

Jesus, God and Mockery

Reincarnation and the Bible

Jesus and Krischna

How times change!

What would Jesus say today?

The "C" in "CDU"

Commitment to evolution

Homosexuality is natural


Werner Keller perverted

Lauster, Love, Art of living

What's really in the Bible?

Jesus, nuns, idolatry

Jesus, Scrooge and Co – A second chance?

With Peter Hahne is end with funny

Martin Gardner and Evolution

Vince Ebert Antichrist


Khorchide, Context and Koran

Teen sex

The Murx Bible

And daily greets the devotional book

Deeper Insight into the Holy Scriptures?


Nostradamus false prophet

Hoimar von Ditfurth and Evolution

Christianity and human rights

Kerkeling on the Way of St James

Charles Berlitz false prophet

Enlightened Humanism


Jesus, Yoga and the Bible

Angels, fairies and the Bible

Franz Alt: Jesus, the first new man?

Children's bibles

Margot Kaessmann – More than Yes and Amen?

Margot Kaessmann in the midst of life

Logic, Bible and Sociobiology

Barbara Woods female prophet Sabina

Nostradamus, Channeling and Co

The Catholics' guilt

Rape and Evolution (Sociobiology)

In Darwin's name: Social Darwinism

Sexually liberated?

Gender painstreaming

Darwins Pitbull (Richard Dawkins)

Luther and the Jews

Was Hitler a Christian?

The art of loving (Erich Fromm)

Feminist Theology

A man's widow's sister

Alice Schwarzer and God

Rudolf Steiner and the Gnosis (Anthroposophy)


Pedo, Homo, Gender and the Bible

Despising Christianity? Practiced Darwinism

Richard Dawkins and the Love

Richard Dawkins and egoism

the Bible-Code

Michael Moore and chemistry

Sexy Christmas

Dan Brown quickly refuted

Christians and morals

Religion and Evolution

Dan Brown embarrassing

A human named Jesus

Maria Magdalena

Richard Dawkins and paedophilia

Dawkins and Scientology

And the Bible is right, isn't it?

Why does God allow evil to happen? Adventist Answer

Jehovah's Witnesses have adopted the heresy of a necessary justification of God from the Adventists. What audacious people who construct a story that God drags before the human judge!

Why does God allow evil to happen? Mormons Answer

Mormons false prophets!

The Bible in a nutshell?

The bible retelled?

Hot air around the cold fusion

Bible versus Koran

Quotes on the Trinity

The Bible forces the Trinity. The commandment "You shall have no other gods beside me" comes from the same who says: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God." Since Jesus is forbidden as another God by the first commandment, Jesus must be the same God. With that we already have a duality. That the Holy Spirit is God is not really controversial. Thus the Trinity is forced by the Bible.

Catholicism chooses the term Dreifaltigkeit. This is what Catholicism does quite purposefully, because this word intuitively reminds of the term Vielfalt. Here the door to polytheism is deliberately opened.

Original text and Trinity (John 1/1)

Catholic idolatry


Witnesses without intermediaries

Why does God allow evil to happen? Bible Answer

God allows evil because we are evil.

Why does God allow evil to happen? Watchtower Answer

Brighter light?

False prophets!

Inspired prophets?


Armageddon 2000

Armageddon 1994 (Generation 2)

Armageddon 1991 (End of the Cold War)

Armageddon 1980 (Generation 1)

Armageddon 1975

Armageddon 1972

Armageddon 1945 (End of World War 2)

Armageddon 1938

Armageddon 1925

Armageddon 1918 (End of World War 1)

Armageddon 1915

Armageddon 1914

Jehovah's Witnesses Introduction

Volker Pispers and Islam


All Pictures

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