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The Internet is full of religiously motivated sites. Many fall into open spiritualism, many go for private religion, some honestly strive for Jesus Christ. Recently I read some articles, among which one stood out because he humorously remarked: We should start a new church or community. This idea also flashes up in our circles as a joke, albeit seldom, yet again and again. That is why I would like to comment on this idea here.

For the attachment of a person to my thoughts expressed on the Antichrist Watchtower I assume every responsibility. Because I have always and at every second written in responsibility to Jesus Christ. The Antichrist Watchtower, in my estimation, is actually a small cannonball into the bowels of the Watchtower doctrine and against the horror that comes from private religions and spiritualism.

But there can never and must never be a situation where this website initiates something that is more than the original intention. We do not spread new teachings, new insights, new ideas or new ways! We refer to Jesus Christ, who is glorified in many churches and churches. There is space and time to make experiences in the fellowship with other Christians, which were touched on the Antichrist watch tower.

Since Martin Luther, the knowledge of Jesus Christ has taken place in the existing actual Christian communities. Any newcomer who joins or participates in these communities and contributes impartially and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is not only on the right track, but can be an important enrichment for these communities. With God there is no hierarchy by human standards. According to the Gospel of Jesus, it is always possible for the smallest to rebuke the supreme under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was always against the mainstream in his time on earth. Christians are always against the zeitgeist in their time. Church and Christian community is always against the world of fast decisions and against fashion-centered thoughts and impulses. Christians who adhere to Jesus (to be added to distinguish themselves from "Christians" who worship a Jehovah) know about their shepherd and know his voice. They always find the right fellowship and do not need to found new churches because there are enough good and genuine communities that give themselves to Jesus.

The worldwide Internet networking of those who are truly looking for Jesus offers the opportunity to feel so at home sharing ideas with like-minded people that they build a virtual community beyond the existing communities of Christians. That is right and good. But the local Christians, those with the strange hairstyles and the horn-rimmed glasses and the pimples, those with the bad teeth and these sometimes totally stupid suits and dresses, those with the disgustingly exaggerated lipstick and those who always look so strangely to the side when you sit down somewhere, those with the permanent life building, those are the ones, who are as normal and dependent as you are on love and recognition, these local Christians, surely mistaken in many things, constantly exposed to temptations and making wrong decisions, people who make mistakes, often oppressed, worried and not always equipped with keep smiling, these local Christians – are your true brothers and sisters!

They are ready on behalf of Jesus to fill in what you lack on the Internet. It is the burden of human normality. It is the disillusionment of the intoxication of theoretical exchange with people on the virtual path. They bring you back on the carpet of pure faith in Jesus Christ. They are the mirror of the will of God, who brutally decided that we should not be saved by knowledge, but by faith in the name of Jesus.

Praise Lord Jesus Christ that He has furnished everything in the way He has furnished it. I follow his call and his love and inevitably meet my brothers and sisters. The Internet is good as a newspaper, as an advertisement, as an education, as a platform for good scientific work. But anyone who wants to follow Jesus will someday and somehow not be able to avoid his brothers and sisters in real life.

This is the will of God that the Omma Ute from Dingsdorf with her sauerkraut on roast pork makes clear to you that Christian community is also possible and necessary without the Internet and in practical life. Life is not a pompous wisdom. Life is the life saved by Jesus.

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ.


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