How Masons work – Symbol of the Russell religion

The ancient symbol of the Russell religion tells us how Masons think, act and feel. The hostility to the Cross of Christ is cultivated by Masons right up to the superficial worship of this very symbol. Freemasons have a favourite tactic with which they think they can destroy every enemy. And they also have much success with it. Freemasons (Jesuits too) like to stand up for their enemies, in order to ridicule their enemies with completely exaggerated and wicked hymns of praise. With this tactic it is important to remain credible as long as possible and to commit exaggerations that make every human hair stand on end.

So we find in a watchtower image three ancient Romans who are totally amazed at a Bible they contemplate. This picture revolves around the theme: "What does it mean to be a Christian?" The three ancient Romans look at a Bible that could only be printed in the 15th century and draw stupid faces accordingly. What does it mean to be a Christian? The Watchtower Masons' answer is: "You have to be so stupid that you don't see the mega char in this picture. Then you are also capable of being a Christian."

And Jehovah's Witnesses are actually so stupid not to recognize the mega lie of this picture! Well! Then they are certainly Christians, aren't they? Jehovah's Witnesses study these pictures and don't understand that they are being lied to the grain. The Freimauervereinigung Watchtower-Gesellschaft publishes writings that make Jehovah's Witnesses idiots in public and claims that this is the prerequisite for being Christian.

This small example illustrates the way Freemasons work. They are very intensively committed to the Christian and ridicule everything that is Christian through tricks and tricks, through brutally exaggerated assertions. Admirable is the self-control, which belongs to not breaking out into loud laughter before the victims of mockery. Freemasons can do that. They are very seriously involved and are exemplary and honourable. With tie and collar and with solemn words.

And so Charles Taze Russell decorated his magazines with a symbol that means nothing other than: We knock over the cross! And the falling cross is held only by the grace of Freemasonry, by the power of Freemasonry represented by the crown. And as soon as Freemasonry gives the signal, the cross is dropped and the world is finally rid of this Jesus Christ. How then will the Masonic-invented world of humanism celebrate and cheer! Finally, finally we are reasonable and nobody believes in this Jesus anymore.

But Freemasonry not only undermines such wacky sects as Jehovah's Witnesses, it also infiltrates Christian circles with ingenious caution. If you have mice, all you have to do is infect a mouse with a deadly virus and the scourge will be eliminated. So it happens that you actually meet serious believing Christians, who make Jesus Christ totally ridiculous with their faith theses. The earth is a disc! This is what the Bible says. Yes! That's what the Bible says! The Bible says that the earth is a disc! So we have to believe that and missionize for it! And that the earth is a disc is so important that Jesus is completely forgotten about it.

I assume that these Christians do not even know who infected them and for what purpose they were sent back to the Christian plague with this virus. There are Christians who believe that in the Catholic Church, Oblates are transformed into the body of Christ without anyone noticing. And wine into the true blood of Christ! You just don't notice it! There are Christians who think that salvation comes from faith in the earth's discs. There are Christians who say to Jesus in prayer you and you and yourselves! There are Christians who quarrel down to the blood about the losability and captivity of the believing disciple of Jesus! And there are Christians who advocate Universal Reconciliation, cultivate prayer to the Blessed Mother and to the dead who were Catholic before her death. There are Christian gurus who place themselves before the congregation and give away the innermost core of Freemasonry: "We are the rough stones that must be cut."

Freemasonry's efforts to infiltrate Christians and fill them with lies are very successful and not only Jehovah's Witnesses denigrate Jesus Christ by their bondage to people of charisma.

I invite all Earth Disk Christians to submit their evidence as a comment here. Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses have learned on these pages that their lies are quite easy to expose. Let us now look at the earth disk Christians and those who address Jesus in their prayer with the german "Sie"!

Meeting with Discs Earth Christians on February 12, 2017

Scheiben-Erde-Christ 1 sees no reason to check my warnings and clues. I had informed him by e-mail that many atheists, many Adventists, and many Muslims are advocating the Earth Disk Theory. That doesn't bother the Disc-Earth-Christian. Rather, he claims that the knowledge about the earth disk came suddenly and was an effect of the Holy Spirit. That the Disc-Earth Theory discourages masses of thinking people from even considering taking Jesus seriously does not matter to the Disc-Earth-Christian. He doesn't mind that Jehovah's Witnesses use very similar techniques to our Disc-Earth-Christ when interpreting the Bible. He doesn't care about Jehovah's Witnesses at all.

Had he ever been involved in the deliberate misinterpretation of the Jehovah's Witnesses, he might feel the dark influence that moves him and the Jehovah's Witnesses. The lies are also the worst liars, because they really believe those lies! And instead of arguments, Bible passages from the Disc-Earth-Christian 2 are listed, which are only to express: He who does not believe that the earth is a disc does not have the Holy Spirit. The parallels between Disc Earth Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses are amazing. You tune in to people, believe them and think the Holy Spirit is behind them, because that's what people say you have to believe. A vicious circle in the truest sense of the word.

The disc-earth faith is prepared by a biblical fetish, which can only be found as a Koran fetish in Islam. Instead of the Word of God the printed book, the Bible as cardboard and paper becomes holy and stories are told that a Bible cannot be burned or that it prevents accidents lying on the dashboard. The auxiliary vehicle to these magical attitudes is the assertion that only the unrevised Luther Bible of 1545 is the Word of God. Through this exaggeration, the truth that all other Bible translations contain the wishes of the respective translators is poured out with the bath. By making the Luter Bible of 1545 their fetish, they lower the authenticity of the Luther Bible of 1545 to the level of the Disc-Earth Theory. Hardly anyone can take the belief in the Word of God ad absurdum more perfectly.

The most beautiful hobby of these Bible fetishists, who treat the Bible like Muslims treat the Koran, is to deny the Holy Spirit to other Christians who cannot participate in Bible fetishism. They do this in a very loving way by having only a few Bible passages read out to them, as in a Jehovah's Witnesses legal committee. That's all they need to do. In this way, they have also removed themselves from any need to provide arguments.

Here one can observe the formation of a sect beautifully. Objections are thrown down according to tried and tested watchtower methods and people feel totally innocent, because the watchtower methods are completely unknown to them. These people don't recognize their error and have to hold on to their fetish, because otherwise they would have to admit that they didn't obey the Holy Spirit. This way the error is reinforced from a certain stage on. This is comparable to someone who sinks into the swamp. At a certain depth, the extraction of the feet becomes very difficult and then impossible. And in the end the immobility in the swamp is interpreted as the hand of God which preserves and gives support.

Anyone who trusts in Jesus will never experience a clouding of his mind, but rather a knowledge that has a sharpening and clarifying effect. The one who trusts in people must say goodbye to his logical thinking from the point at which he directs his trust away from Jesus to people. Who relies on people because he does not want to lose friends or because he needs recognition or because he seeks security in the group, can no longer rely on Jesus. The guidance of the Holy Spirit can never be replaced by religious groups, however pious. Those who do not remain skeptical of human teachings take a great risk.

How unbelievably valid the words of Jesus are (remains in me) can be judged by the pious people who get involved in human teachings. A Christian's trust can never be at home in groups or in spectacular special teachings, but always only in Jesus Christ himself.

Or are those alleged Christians with whom I met just very good Jehovah's actors who wanted to play the old Masonic game of exaggeration and stultification with me?


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