Never believe a Jehovah's Witness!

Jehovah's Witnesses, especially when fighting on the front line of the existing system of things, see lying as a legitimate means of influencing people. This lie is for them the means of choice, because apart from it, they should hardly have a chance to bring their misinterpretations of the Bible to the people. Thus, over the years, a habituation process takes place that causes the normalization of lies for them. The legal lie recommended by the faithful and circumspect slave for the benefit of their counter god Jehovah becomes a good custom and a habitual tool in the hands of Jehovah's followers.

As a result of the Christus substitute "sanctified" lie in the form of the theocratic stratagem, many Jehovah's Witnesses appear on the Internet who report,

  • that they had long since left this sect
  • that they are practicing Catholics
  • that they are against the doctrine of the Watchtower Society, although they are still Jehovah's Witnesses
  • that they would not believe in anything and would only demand tolerance
  • that in the name of love they wanted the sacrificial will of Jehovah's Witnesses to be honored
  • that they would also find the Jehovah religion harmless as non-witnesses
  • that they would act covertly against the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses
Are you still in the truth?

The accumulation of the Watchtower Society's public relations work by Jehovah's Witnesses, who publicly live the life of the lie under a synonym (nickname), is currently growing noticeably. Anyone searching today for videos on relevant Internet sites that demonstrate the unspeakability of the Watchtower doctrine is exposed to manipulation through videos whose instruments of psychological warfare resemble those of Islamist manipulators.

The easily recognizable match of "handwriting" the producers of videos against the Watchtower doctrine and the producers of videos with open manipulation in the name of Jehovah is not surprising and does not surprise! Video propagandists of the Watchtower doctrine once pretend to be fighters against the false doctrine and then present their products, which, like the Muslim agitation films, promote Allah, in this case the Jehovah.

The identification marks are extremely funny!

The distinguishing marks that these agitators involuntarily provide to the Watchtower doctrine are funny because they are both embarrassing and reliable. The makers of the video strips pro and contra Watchtowerlehre are plagued by a notorious spelling weakness. They can't tell the "that" from the "that". For them, punctuation depends on chance and is rather oriented towards their intended vocal pitch; the cheapest minimal rules of German spelling are ignored. Thus one misses again and again the necessary blank space after punctuation marks and stumbles again and again over the disregard of the upper and lower case.

All these mistakes also happen to other people. But when these mistakes in accumulation, quality, and meaning are made by video makers against and for the Watchtower Society in a recognizably consistent way, one has to ask oneself what value a testimony of a non-Christian believer against the Jehovah teachings still has! Because the suspicion suggests itself that people like a "+" (synonym of an allegedly secret Bethel employee) try to serve both sides of the audience. Why should real Christians also be left to fight against the Watchtower doctrine? It makes much more sense to supply material against the Watchtower society under the guise of the courageous fighter, who in himself, empty and without reason, only satisfies people's greed for sensation.

In this way, the makers of Jehovah's heresy have the situation under the best control and enjoy the certainty that they can manipulate people on their own. – The anti-Christian doctrine of the Watchtower Society, which is only a newspaper publisher, has long been far too established. It originated on the foundation walls of Freemasonry of Charles Taze Russel, who was rushed by error, and on the success of the lawyer Joseph F. Rutherford. Over the decades far too many people have become accustomed to their theses and can no longer perceive the Bible without their influence. All these are at the mercy of the Watchtower Bethel video message manipulations.

In any case, it is hardly understandable that a person works in the highest German agitation committee of the Watchtower Society (in Bethel Germany) and publicly claims under a pseudonym that he is against it. Whoever lives in such a false doctrine cannot for the sake of good money or because all his nieces and aunts are also with the association, keep his old good position and be internally detached from it. Such a person either lies to himself or to the whole world. As a final consequence of his thinking and acting the lie against the world and the lie against himself comes out much more likely and becomes at the latest then a lie against God.

The symptoms that emerge from the machinations of the agitators for and against the Watchtower Society call for a decision:

Never believe a Jehovah's Witness!


One of my friends is a Jehovah's Witness. We respect each other the way we are. I am a non-believer and accept that mutually. We talked about all this and also about homosexuality. I then asked her: "Would you be friends with me if I were a lesbian?"

She said nothing for a moment and then: "You as a human being..." Then I interrupted her and said: "That was already enough for me. Your 'answer' confirmed it to me that you would NOT have a friendship with me. This short silence has already said everything!"

I am the only friend she would have if she left. She is, you could say, really fanatical when it comes to her faith.

She once injured her leg and always wanted to go to the meetings. I still advised her to stay at home to spare her leg. She said that I wanted to keep her from the meetings. I didn't want that at all. I just wanted her to take it easy for the sake of her health. I care about her. I made that clear to her, too.

She also keeps saying that I am insulting Jehovah's Witnesses. But that is not true either. I just asked a few questions about how Jehovah's Witnesses would act or deal with it. I don't remember everything we talked about.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion (in my opinion, it is also not meant to be discrimination or name-calling!!!): Jehovah's Witnesses lack the vision. They are not allowed to have fun. Also the 2 witness rule makes my hair stand on end (especially with abuse to children)!!!!

And that is supposed to be religious? It sounds sectarian to me!!

Egal wer [December 10, 2022]

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