Sascha is sued for his educational work

Are there still bribeable judges in Germany?

My letter to the district court Fuerth

Ruediger Hentschel
Eichtersheimer Strasse 12a
69242 Muehlhausen

Local court Fuerth
Baeumenstr. 32
90762 Fuerth

Muehlhausen, 30.09.2018

Subject: Legal measures taken by the Watchtower Society against Sascha

My name is Ruediger Hentschel and I've been watching the Satire-Youtube channel, in which Sascha with changing names like "Lead Corporation of Apostates" or "One Year in Jail for Witness Shit" for about two years now.

As a non-Jehovah's Witness, I hold the view that this channel is helpful in clearing up the Watchtower Society's lies, but I have great sympathy if Jehovah's Witnesses do not watch these videos because they are forbidden to do so. Downloading these videos should be seen as an even worse violation by Jehovah's Witness of the Watchtower Society's policies than simply acknowledging them. Therefore, I cannot imagine a Jehovah's Witness storing these videos on his hard drive. Because that would be tantamount to child pornography on the hard drive of an SPD politician (or worse).

When a Jehovah's Witness watches or downloads such a video, his loyalty to the wise servant (Watchtower Society) is not far off. On the contrary! These videos only confirm the facts that Jehovah's Witnesses should have thought about long ago.

The Watchtower religion is such a twisted fraud religion that it drags an average of 9,000 people worldwide by bleeding to death every year. If the videos from the above channels were harmful to these poor people, the popes of the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body would first have to be locked away because they spread lies, while Sascha in his videos only gives facts. Nothing but facts.

The portrayal on Sascha's channels is apt and, of course, partly satirically exaggerated, since he himself lost 30 years of his life to this anti-Christian religion. Nevertheless, his facts are very accurate and intuitively catchy for the viewer. Those who watch these videos as Jehovah's Witnesses must expect to see through the lies of their religion. The fact that his blindness is stolen from him in the process cannot be taken as a culpable offence by anybody. On the contrary. Sascha's videos, which are so relaxed and intuitive, have opened up a vein of gold that has helped many people to recognize and see through the lies of the Watchtower Society.

Can educational work – in whatever form – be punished as a criminal offence? Yes, but only in a dictatorship.

The reaction from the Kingdom Hall Gladiolenweg 45, 90768 Fuerth, which comes along as criminal complaint(s), describes the intention of Jehovah's Witnesses to take over world domination one day. These poor people are actually working to eliminate or silence the enlighteners of their lies by all means.

Yours sincerely,
Ruediger Hentschel

The letter to the local court Fuerth

Today sent as fax to the local court Fuerth


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