Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 472November 21, 2019

Violence becomes normal in Germany

The Watchtower Society certainly has nothing to do with this!

For some time now I have a cat to look after. This cat has decided not to go with its mistress, a confessing witch, who lived here for a while in the flat-sharing community. Since then, my whole purpose in life has been to prepare and distribute the food for this cat. It acknowledges my efforts in a strange way. It walks with me like a dog. Recently it waited for me under a hedge for three hours in pouring rain, although it could have gone home without me.

The other day I thought it had torn a rabbit. But on closer inspection, the rabbit's head was not her prey, but must have been put outside my door as a death threat. Or did someone want to take part in feeding the cat? The cat didn't want to know anything about the found food.

I just wanted to go for a walk

But the Jehovah's Witnesses made me stop with them after all. They greeted me with derision and mockery and one of them postet an SMS. The text "Jehovah God must be a cannibal god – he forbids human blood" they probably could not understand. They are convinced that by refusing human blood they are doing a great job. I don't know any pub where you can order a proper cup of human blood.

Good citizen knocks the signs out of my hand from behind

A man with a manly hat beat the signs out of my left hand from behind with his stick. The two Jehovah's Witnesses flinched for minutes in extatic joy and the man even came back once more to get the recognition he deserved from them.

And then die Watchtower Antifa came

Even the Jehovah's Witnesses now have their own Antifa. But still without knives and squared lumber.

A few minutes later an overweight man came out of the department store, which unfortunately makes this part of Wiesloch look like an industrial area. He packed himself tighter and tighter with every step so that I became aware of him early. But my suspicion was not enough to get me to safety early. Only with a distance of about 5 meters it became clear to me that this man did not want to do anything good. He attacked me brutally and tore away the signs. I noticed some points after the violence he committed:

What pain do Jehovah's Witnesses feel when they attack and threaten and rob critical people on the open street? These poor people have to suffer heavy losses because of the criticism of their obvious lies. The suffering pressure of this religion must fulfil a certain minimum standard until the use of violence is considered as an argument. The mere fact that Jehovah's Witnesses summon a brutal human being to rid themselves of criticism should make everyone look at this religion with suspicious eyes!

My current criticism is that a God who forbids his subjects and slaves from drinking human blood cannot be anything other than a sovereign over cannibals. He is a cannibal god. The two Jehovah's Witnesses will not have grasped this criticism in the first place and the passers-by quickly pass by. After all, they are only good people who treat every little animal to its pleasures. But the fact that every single indifferent person supports the child abuse and the bleeding to death of people with Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be explained to them. They do not want to know, and so they put themselves on the level of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Germany's dilemma is indifference. The Germans are world champions in pulling the self-paid polishing paste out of their pockets on the battlefield to clean the dried blood from the tank. If you all vote green-left, you will see your own blood coming out of your skin. The CDU and all incorporated parties will lead you into the maximum of the German dilemma. We will all still swing our rags under the gravestone and strive for our beloved German high gloss.

The Pious Liars

Whether left, whether green, whether Jehovah's Witness, every critic is an evil Nazi. They have to strike right away or at least to rage. That is the indignation of the good man when he is confronted with the truth.


Good morning, Mr Hentschel.

If you want someone to kick you in the face really badly, then simply contact us! We'll take care of it no questions asked.

Radical greetings,

Antifa [11.12.2019]

Do you work together with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution? Or do you just work with the Watchtower Society? [RH]


Dear Antifa,

You love all people! You love everybody!

Rüdiger [12.12.2019]

PS: Is that you?

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