The Bible – A Book from God

What does the Bible really teach? page 26

The Bible is inspired by God and therefore accurate and reliable (2 Timothy 3:16).

God's Word is applicable in daily life (Isaiah 48:17).

God's promises in the Bible will certainly be fulfilled (Exodus 23:19).

Quotation from the Watchtower Religion: "The Bible is inspired by God and therefore accurate and reliable." This statement divides spirits into those who think the Bible is a fairy tale book and those who believe that the Bible is God's Word. With the shift of the conflict between Watchtower religion and Christianity to the conflict over the common question of whether the Bible is God's Word or not, the Watchtower religion moves into the favorable light of taking sides for the Bible. In this way it once again puts on the Christian mantle, although like Islam it propagates a God who has no son, but only creatures. In the Watchtower religion Jesus is only a creature, not really the Son of God.

The statement that the Bible is accurate and reliable helps the Watchtower religion to distribute its own forged Bible to Jehovah's Witnesses with much weight and meaning. The effort and meaning of this chapter seem quite idiosyncratic, because Satanists, Darwinists and atheists do not follow the argumentation of the Bible as the Word of God. The chapter "The Bible – A Book from God" is pure filler and offers no starting point for the Bible student to doubt the presented contents. The child is carefully sung to sleep before being ready to receive the Watchtower lies in trance and with half-closed spiritual eyes.

The Watchtower religion thus fulfils an important prerequisite for leading the Bible and the Christian faith ad absurdum in the best possible way as a counter-religion. It takes a certain amount of boredom and mental deep sleep to be perceived as a religion at all.

Citation Watchtower Religion: "God's Word is Applicable in Daily Life." An Important Watchtower Teaching Aid is the Emphasis on the Bible as a Recipe Book for All Life Cases. Jehovah's Witnesses are assigned certain rules of behavior that allow the Governing Body to arbitrarily determine the respective mainstream. Biblical studies on one's own are not desired until forbidden. The Watchtower religion likes to talk about "biblical principles", "a "biblically trained conscience", and similar things, all of which only aim to make the interpretation and application of the Bible so complicated and contradictory that hardly any Jehovah's Witness can see through the nested false statements. The gospel of the sacrificial death of Jesus, which is valid for all, should take a back seat and rather banal questions should come to the fore. The decision as to what kind of training one will receive becomes more important than the question as to how I stand by Jesus. With each individual nonsense handling of the Bible as a recipe book, new and diverse possibilities open up for the Watchtower strategists to falsify the Bible and misinterpret it. The most violent example is probably the blood question, the root of which is the misinterpretation of the corresponding regulations. They simply omit the factor that the forbidden consumption of blood must always be connected with the taking away of a life. They superficially transfer certain statements to other situations that have nothing to do with the biblical passages. This is the result of treating the Bible like a recipe book.

Quotation: Watchtower Religion: "God's promises in the Bible will definitely be fulfilled." This "definitely" is a typical Muslim phrase that can also sound like this: definite, certain, certain, certain, and so on. These phrases are always used in the Koran when it comes to God's reactions and qualities. Allah does not have mercy, but he does have mercy. That is, he may have mercy. The Koran is not sure of his God, and so he must use these phrases again and again, which result in an uncertain "perhaps". The Watchtower Society does the same. It speaks only of the possibility of salvation, never of the fact of salvation.

The Bible is knitted quite differently in it. Here facts and tough promises are proclaimed that are so firm that we are amazed. God has bound himself to his promise, and the facts (e.g., he who has the Son has the Father) are fixed anchor points that get by completely without a "perhaps". In the Bible there is this weakening "certainly, definitely, quite certainly" not.

The Muslimizing "Whole-Defined-Attack" of the Watchtower Religion on the Bible has a clear thrust by heeding these differences between Koran and Bible directly. The Bible, which points with captivating clarity to Jesus and his dying, which is valid for all people, is to be turned into a confusing telephone book-like unknown being. For this reason, the Bibles produced by the Watchtower Society are also very confusingly designed and do not invite you to read several pages at a time. The contrast is of course the colorfully illustrated Watchtower and all the other writings of the Watchtower-Verlag. This literature is rather inviting. It, the Watchtower literature, is ultimately the Bible of Jehovah's Witnesses and determines what they believe.

Those who understand the Bible as a Christian Koran will no longer be able to see the clear connection that culminates in Jesus, but will assume that the biblical chaos must actually be understood by a figure capable of doing so, by this faithful and intelligent slave, who then distributes his knowledge as right food at the right time to his accomplices. Here the Jehovah's Witness hands over responsibility to the Jehovah's Canal and washes his hands in innocence. These people will really stand before God one day and say, I can't help it! They have misinformed me!

... will definitely come true – All the predictions of the Watchtower religion have turned out to be hot air and so it is advisable for these people to focus on the Bible and this "will definitely come true" to tie to it. This distracts from the fact that the Watchtower religion was and is not only unreliable, but consciously lies, as is proven many times on these pages. In the old Watchtower manner one pushes the Black Peter God into the shoes.

The fact is that several thousand predictions of the Bible have already been fulfilled. It is also a fact that not a single prediction of the Watchtower Society has been fulfilled.


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