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What everyone has in mind – the Bible sums it up.

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If you watch children's programmes on television, you can literally shudder at the One-World-Work that is woven into them. Children are professionally psychologically infiltrated. Many of the songs by which the respective series are to be recognized sound very similar to the old socialist anthems of the GDR, although not so moral and hard. The contents conveyed permanently consist of the suggestive call to get help from those who are completely different, for example to reach the common great goal. The supranationalism is the great ideal, which is already thrown into the children's broadcasts of television for the smallest. This happens surprisingly openly and quite similarly to the Watchtower suggestive practices.

Take a look at some children's shows. Let the TV run on these children's programmes alongside your daily work. You will be amazed and astonished at the suggestion techniques used to shape a new generation there. The One World Government is prepared subtly and decidedly. The concentration of power of the Antichrist is in consequent preparation.


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