Why Jehovah's Witnesses Can Never Be A Church

In Europe, the Jehovah's Witnesses want to send a signal of institutionalism and legality by making use of the corporate rights of public law. In doing so, they spread public awareness and give their organisation a Christian touch. But Jehovah's Witnesses can never be a church and certainly not a Christian church. For they represent half-openly all the values that Satan loves when it comes to leading the Gospel of Christ ad absurdum.

Like Satan, Jehovah's Witnesses hate redemption through faith in Jesus. Ever since Jesus made it possible for us to worship God when we worship Him, ever since Jesus gave us the gift of being able to communicate with God when we communicate with Jesus, the devil has been horrified to allow this gospel to be unadulterated among people. He appears as an angel of light and establishes religions that offer everything but trample Jesus underfoot. One of these Jesus-hater religions are Jehovah's Witnesses.

Now the question arises how the Jehovah's Witnesses trample Jesus underfoot. They claim that he is not God, but only a creature. This conscious lie has been refuted in many ways on these pages. But they also trample Jesus underfoot quite independently of theological assertions and doctrines. This is to be proven once clearly, so that the political and legal decision-makers consider once again whether such an organization of Jesus' hatred can be granted the appearance of a church.

Proof that Jehovah's Witnesses hate Jesus

Mother of Jesus with male sex organ

In the writings of Jehovah's Witnesses (Awake 12/2008, page 10) a picture is printed showing Mary with the Child Jesus. On her left shoulder there is a large male sexual organ visible, which makes it possible to recognize in a hidden way that the Watchtower Society is a servant of Satan and hates Jesus. In the same picture below there is a demon who seems to be masturbating and having an orgasm.

Demon with orgasm in Awake 12/2008

Whoever decorates the biblical story with such figures cannot be in connection with God, but must have a satanic motivation. Here once again the whole picture, which like many representations of the Watchtower Society is a search picture: Who finds the signs of hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?

The Holy Family seen through the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses

What better way to combat the Christian faith than a religion that gives itself an even more Christian and pious colour? Satan himself is the author of the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses. The clear evidence contained in numerous writings of the Watchtower Society shows the attentive observer the devilish truth about this anti-Christian religion.

The blind granting of corporate rights provides these seducers with a social platform whose effects do not serve to protect people from the manipulation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The deliberately incorporated devilish signs serve the purpose of manipulation and are supposed to mark in a hidden way the true origin of this organized religion. They can be found in most or even all publications of the Watchtower Society. Whoever turns a blind eye to these clear signs is complicit in the rise of this organization and frivolously exposes many people to a life corrupted by manipulation.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses who have been in Watchtower captivity for some time admit openly and openly in conversation on the street that the Watchtower scriptures are full of demons.

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