The Sex Demon from Jehovah's Witness Pants

How decent and exemplary the Jehovah's Witness puts his hand on the shoulder of his Jehovah's Witness! Isn't it wonderfully decent? How beautiful it is to look at a couple doing Jehovah's will. But that they don't know who Jehovah is can be seen in the young man's trousers. For there is a shining demon of sex, the voluptuous nature of all of us, represented by the Watchtower as a sign that the Watchtower Society and with it the Jehovah's Witnesses are Satan's disciples.

Sex Demon on the Watchtower Theme Relationship between Man and Woman

How cleverly the Watchtower Society keeps this "small phenomenon" out of the viewer's attention can be seen from the fact that it took more than 20 minutes to discover this little trouser spirit. – And there are indeed former or still active Jehovah's Witnesses to whom this little pubic man had to be awkwardly shown before they could admit the presence of the sex demon.

The symbolism is significant. The faithful and understanding slave enjoys nothing more than leading people into a false piety to reveal his true intention in small details. So the scammers from Brooklyn have something to laugh about every day. This is better for the "anointed" from America than any good thick-and-doof movie! They gloat over how they can keep Jesus out of the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses by offering them a fictitious piety.

Sex Demon from Jehovah's Witness Pants

The impertinence of the Watchtower organization cannot be surpassed. She comes in the most pious form and lets us see in the worst way that she is serving Satan. She makes herself recognizable through optical impressions. But only for the subconscious. You have to research very meticulously to see these Luciferian symbols.

Sex Demon from Jehovah's Witness Pants

Incredible! The sex demon even shines through the woman's skirt!

The Watchtower Society is very sophisticated in its approach. This clear proof of the infamy of the faithful and intelligent slave was only noticed after a very long observation of this picture. It is astonishing how the Watchtower Society manages to seduce, lie and finish its Jehovah's Witnesses. It is one of the meanest ways a person can ever get to know. It is worse than being wrongly declared crazy. It is shame and helplessness in its purest form.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are turned on demon-infested notebooks that they distribute throughout the world and thus believe they are tinkering with their salvation in Armageddon. In reality they spread the influence of Satan more openly than the Catholic Church. They advertise – without knowing it – directly for the discipleship of evil. They are Lucifer's errand boys and henchmen. The reward for them is destruction and eternal forlornness.

The figure above is on page 4 of the Watchtower for 15 April 2006, where communication problems in marriage are discussed. The stupid phrases of the Watchtower are already a small diabolical miracle that arrives at the Jehovah's Witnesses as a good spiritual food. They say nothing or only the wrong thing. But that the whole thing is still peppered with blasphemous demons strikes God and man in the face.

The Watchtower Society is on Satan's side using his dirty power. It seduces the Jehovah's Witnesses by addressing all lower human impulses. She destroys the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witness, have you brought demons to the people today? How did that make you feel? Didn't you feel better again and had compassion for the poor lost in their homes? Yes, Jehovah's Witness, all these houses will one day belong to you. Says the Watchtower Society.

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