Half-naked girls
in Jehovah's Earthly Paradise

In its seductive scripture "WORKING THE ONLY True God," the Watchtower Society brings a picture on page 4 that communicates to the reader: Little girls in Jehovah's earthly paradise like to wear transparent blouses. From this one can see what wickedness is contained in the worldwide preaching ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses. The presentation of half-naked girls in Jehovah's earthly eternal paradise is frightening, especially with regard to the issue of child abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses.

"WORKING the only true God", page 4
Transparent Blouses in Jehovah's Earthly Paradise

Arguments against the false theology of the Watchtower Society are of little help because their assertions are often out of the air theses fanatically followed by Jehovah's Witnesses. It is similar with sexual allusions. In fact, Jehovah's Witnesses should recognize on their own that they are being lied to bitterly. But they are silent about the abuse of their children and swallow paradise pictures in which girls with transparent blouses are shown!

And the demons watch and open their mouths

Paradise of Jehovah's Witnesses

Rock Demon of Jehovah's Witnesses

Will there be sex in Jehovah's earthly paradise?

The bra of the estimated 12-year-old girl in the Paradise of Jehovah's Witnesses, visible through the blouse, is partially covered by the lion's head. What a disgrace it is! When the lion rises and walks away, the half-naked girl is the center of male attention! The Watchtower Society is one of the most shameful seductresses on earth. The eternal sensuality of old men is part of their promise of paradise.

Half-naked girls in Jehovah's earthly paradise

If there were no sex in Jehovah's paradise, this paradise of half-naked sexy girls for men would be pure hell. But if there is sex in Jehovah's earthly paradise, which one must assume, for witnesses sometimes cast out their "miscarried" children on earth and hope for better children in paradise, then the eldest's job in Jehovah's paradise should indeed be a paradisiacal job! No longer a world that stirred up dust on the Internet, and no more secular courts that can put you in jail. Then the prospects for an elder of Jehovah's Witnesses are wonderful. Will the paradisiacal perfection finally make too small male genitals bigger?

The Watchtower Society actually manages to propagate a sexual paradise!

Demonic pregnancy

But it is not only in the future earthly paradise of Jehovah that girls and women will "do better". Already now and here on earth, the growth society is looking at the belly of women doing their sermon service.

Jehovah's Witnesses Yearbook 2002, page 11
With a demon pregnant

The prospect of eternal sexual pleasure is also part of Islamic ideas of paradise. If in such paradises half-naked virgins are available to men for sexual intercourse or even only for viewing, which God must then inevitably be the author of such Paradise promises? Jesus certainly does not. He makes it clear that man and woman will no longer be man and woman in Paradise. The fellowship with God in Paradise must be so great that sexuality, on the other hand, appears to be nothing and is by no means desirable. All near-death experiences speak for themselves a clear language. There are no earthly, carnal ideas in it. Not in the Bible either.

When you meet Jehovah's Witnesses

Confront Jehovah's Witnesses with the following Scripture: John 5:23: ... so that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him. Tell the Jehovah's Witnesses that the Father is worshipped and therefore the Son must be worshipped! These are the words of Jesus and it is in these words that the Witnesses must decide whether they want to believe Jesus or whether they would rather remain with the contrary statements of the WTS.

More about sexual abstrusities in Watchtower scriptures


There are several things that bother me about Jehovah's Witnesses! The name YHWH was supplemented by the vowels of Adonaj and thus made an artificial word. Anyone who has heard the Aramaic language should know that Jehovah is wrong. YAHWHEH or YAHWE are more realistic, just from the sound image!

The letter salad Jehovah has mortised of all a catholic monk. He has inserted the vowels also still in reverse order. Where do we know something like that? [RH]

Secondly: The inverted approach to Bible texts is wrong! Hereby the context is diluted. It must – always – first a chapter be read completely, then the interpretation can take place. Also it is important then to hear the thought processes of several persons to it. With interpretations, interpretations of the past prophecy should, the sources must be listed to the historical historians, in order to ensure a check for credibility (see proof in mathematics). I myself had dreams like Joseph had. Always and really only after prior free reading in Scripture. One does not put the cart before the horse.

Third, the Lord's Supper is a memorial meal! Woe to those who let the cup pass them by. Wasn't that the traitor who acted like that? Who gets what position and tasks later on is not up to our discretion!

Fourth: Fascism and the old covenant are a problem! It is defined exactly what you have to think and do! From the clothes to the number of hours in the preaching service. The pressure of the (made) majority opinion counts! Besides, the old laws were nevertheless replaced by the NEW COVENANT. With it also the put on joy and partly unkindness is to be explained. Also the words, "the law gives power to sin" should be brought in memory!

It's like always: Where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow!

These words should serve the self-criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses, because all Christians should be brothers, even if the opinions diverge in the implementation. That is to say: to abolish divisions, to remain one's own congregation and to seek the truth!

Rafael [February 28, 2021]

Jehovah's Witnesses are unfortunately not Christians. They do not diverge, they are anti. They have nothing to do with Jesus, as they aptly show in their anti-dinner by solemnly rejecting bread and wine. Here there is no reconcilable possibility among equals, but only the radical conversion of Jehovah's Witnesses. They must accept Jesus Christ as their only Lord. [RH]

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