Sex sells Watchtower

No, you didn't end up on a sex page. You should also not be seduced with a voluptuous look to whatever as far as this website is concerned. You see here the ways and means that the faithful and wise slave considers right to give right food at the right time.

Sex sells Watchtower

What can the woman do for being so beautiful, what can she do for looking into the camera with such a desire? After all, she gets paid for it. – The article, in which the faithful and intelligent slave uses this lust-oriented image, deals with the meaning of life and bears the title:

"What are we living for?"

This article appears in the Awake of December 2008. On page 5, below the picture with this very good-looking woman with this look, which says so much, we read:

In a survey of believers, two-thirds felt that most Christian or Jewish faith communities did not really help people find meaning in life.

In the following the article fantasizes things together, which can be characterized with the statement: Some people think that religion is genetic. The writers of the faithful and circumspect slave, who advertises with a lust for wool, scrape together for their theme "sense of life" everything that can only somehow be stuffed into the article. Whoever writes in this way has no real statement, but is rather only a kind of text broker, a kind of page filler, who can make something out of any topic, no matter how shallow.

This is the writing job of the faithful and intelligent slave, only to fill the pages of the Watchtower magazines somehow and with all means. From the great theme "Meaning of Life", which really concerns every person in the world, the Awakened One creates a collection of words which is at best suitable to satisfy the text production needs of the Watchtower Society. For the answer to the question of the meaning of life has long been predetermined according to the premises of the Watchtower Society: For the Jehovah-led newspaper publisher, the meaning of life can only be to serve the faithful and intelligent slave unconditionally and to give him everything that one is and has.

Sex sells Watchtower Paradise

A few pages further in this Awake 12/2008, on page 9, the Sex Sells sales strategy of the Faithful and Intelligent Slave continues. Does the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses have too few men in their ranks? It is known that many Jehovah's Witnesses have difficulty finding a suitable man within the Brotherhood. Many remain single and let their lives be ruined by faithful and intelligent slaves.

Happily married under Jehovah

For this reason, the writings of the Watchtower Society also contain many reports of how happy so many couples have been all their lives in preaching to the Jehovah God, and that they would certainly not have been so happy without the faithful and intelligent slave. The Governing Body has two sides to cover: A shortage of men and frustrated women who, with each year of drying up, become more aware that they have been subjected to an abysmal life lie.

The fact that a religion is advertised with sexual means is already revealing enough. But it is an open secret that within the WTS Brotherhood (Brotherhood is a Masonic term) it is not unwillingly seen when the attractive daughters of Jehovah's Witnesses fish men from around the world. These women can't help themselves, because they simply can't find the one they could love within the Watchtower clique of believers. One witness answered the question why she wouldn't take one of Jehovah's Witnesses, literally: They're all so boring.

From the depraved life through the providence of dry virginity – to the bleeding to death (by refusing blood transfusion in an emergency) during the birth of a child – the women in the WTS Brotherhood suffer quite a lot. They are also the ones who spend by far the most hours in the sermon service for the faithful and circumspect slave. Against this background, it seems questionable if the Watchtower Society has nothing better to do than to drag journalists to court (Hans-Peter Tjaden) who copy the claim from a medical journal on the Internet that Jehovah's Witnesses would destroy families.

Sex sells

This is a common vehicle of the Watchtower Society to collect and ensnare people who like to be seduced. The high goal of the One World Government under the Governing Body justifies everything. And anyone who thinks that according to the WTS doctrine this Jesus leads such a world government is mistaken. For already today the Watchtower Society teaches that Jesus lives with his father in the granny flat on the Pleiades and from there directs the channel of God, that is, the elite of Jehovah's Witnesses in their world Regency. According to the WTS doctrine, Jesus does not get to see anyone on earth. So the way is paved to justify a rule which will be led with an iron club – and which no one can control or criticize because it only fulfills the will of Jehovah.

Child Jesus as Phallus

True to the concept "Sex sells", in this Awakening on page 10 the Child Jesus appears like a phallus symbol and next to him a wide open vagina depicted in the cloth. The means of subtle manipulation are inexhaustible. And as the icing on the cake, an erect male sexual organ appears in the cape of the mother of the Phallus-Jesus child.

Mary with erect male sexual organ

But all this is not enough for the faithful and intelligent slave. The fun of the Jehovah's Witness manipulation is perfect only when a demon is involved who is currently in orgasm.

Orgasm Demon

All this the man whose dwelling is full of these "works" does not see. What and whom he really supports by going into the ministry of preaching and wasting his lifetime, he does not suspect. The Watchtower and the Awake are often scattered among Jehovah's Witnesses on tables and sofas. Every look that touches these works absorbs the subtle news of this "church". Man falls into a Watchtower coma, from which he awakens with difficulty. The manipulation is so perfect that even federal states and nations grant these seducers the status of a church.

You can also see here that the Watchtower Society likes to embed the theme of sex in its images in a humiliating way.

Quote from Steven Hassan in "Theocratic stratagem of war" by Jerry Bergman, Ph. D. and Mehmet Aslan, Seite 24:

"Since all totalitarian sects believe that the end justifies the means, they believe to be above the law. As long as they are convinced that what they are doing is »right« and »just«, many of them have no qualms about achieving their goals through lies, theft, deception, and unethical practices of spiritual manipulation. They trample on the freedom rights of the people they recruit. They turn innocent people into slaves ... A totalitarian, personality-destroying sect differs from a normal social or religious group by, among other things, persuading its members with pressure or subjecting them to other harmful influences in order to keep them in the group ... If deception, hypnosis and other manipulative mechanisms are used to recruit and control followers, then this is a violation of human rights."

One more info to think about: The highest decision-making body of the Jesuits is called just like that of the Jehovah's Witnesses: It is the "Governing Body". Both organizations are known for using all, but also really all, means to promote their cause.

Freedom of religion is not freedom for lies!

Look at the child molester demon, too!

More about sexual abstrusities in Watchtower scriptures


Hello Rüdiger,

have now looked through this more closely. There are horrible abysses, what the WTG depicts for nasty stuff in their writings. Now I have looked in at JW.ORG times. Well, and there it was about pornography. I had to copy that and put it here, I mean, it can't get any clearer, although I had to smile at first, if it wasn't so horrible and sad.

Quote: .... Talking openly and honestly with your partner. A man named Kevin says: "I talk openly with my wife every day. If I happen to see something provocative, I tell her how I reacted. Did I risk a glance or immediately look away? This regular communication avoids any secrecy." ... Principle from the Bible: Let us "conduct ourselves honestly in everything" (Hebrews 13:18).

To behave honestly means: You only pretend to be honest. How clever is that, to transmit the Bible so ambiguously? The signal is: Never mind! The main thing is to play an honest person. [RH]

Quote: Remain vigilant. Relapse can still occur years later. Kevin, mentioned earlier, reports: "I hadn't been involved with pornography for 10 years and was convinced I had my problem under control. But danger lurks, just waiting for the right moment." ... Principle from the Bible: "So let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall" (1 Corinthians 10:12).

The stupid Jehovah's Witnesses interpret it differently.

Regards Anita [March 25, 2023]

Sexual stimuli are unavoidable. By showing the Pharisees that they cannot advance by their own efforts, Jesus makes the demand to make use of His grace. Alternatively, only the amputation of the pituitary gland would avail. Obedience to God is expressed in faith in Jesus alone. This does not include castrating oneself spiritually or physically. At this point lies the difference between being a Christian and being a Mason. Christians live by the grace of Christ. Freemasons drag themselves and others and think they can climb the ladder of heaven in this way. [RH]

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