More Demons in Watchtower Scriptures

It is quite different how the Watchtower Society realizes the appearance of demons in its writings. In publications that hang on the wall for longer periods of time, such as calendars, the demonic allusions are more inconspicuous and far less threatening than in notebooks and books, which most likely lie around somewhere on a table anyway. An example from the "Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 2006", January/February:

Mockery of Jehovah's Witnesses

There's nothing here that catches the eye. There is only one allusion here that refers directly to the Mockery of Jehovah's Witnesses. Because the Watchtower Society is one of the most professional tools in Satan's hand to mislead people and laugh at them thoroughly while they're still standing by!

Imitated enthusiasm

In the right half of the picture a "face" appears which mimics the enthusiasm of the first Israelites depicted here. What should actually be a woman's left arm is a demonic grimace that directly makes fun of Jehovah's Witnesses (as second Israelites). The victims of the Watchtower Society's art of seduction are once again taken up here and a demon makes fun of them.

Imitated enthusiasm

On the basis of such phenomena, which show the mockery of Satan, every person can judge what the Watchtower Society is really up to with its "Second Israelites". Jehovah's Witnesses are exploited, psychologically harassed, and – while they are still standing by – shamed before the world. Because they do not trust in Jesus, the adversary takes the right to immediately take them under his demonic influence.

In this context, the teaching of the Watchtower Society that man has no soul seems very plausible. In fact, people who are in the clutches of this monster do not even have the chance to undergo psychotherapy. ψυχοθεραπεία, psycho soul and therapya – healing) without becoming disloyal to the Watchtower Society. For psychological treatment presupposes the presence of a soul. The impossibility of psychotherapy in a Jehovah's Witness is deliberately concealed by "Mother Watchtower Society" because the absurdity of psychotherapy resulting from her teaching, in addition to the rejection of Blood Transfusions, would stir up too much dust. The Watchtower Society must always carry out the adoption of all written and unwritten laws along a certain line of peace with the state and the rest of the world. – More on the orientation of the WTS

Mockery of the Bible and Mockery of Jehovah's Witnesses

The evidence of WTS, the ruler of Jehovah's Witnesses and their money, is small but fine. They must also be hidden very carefully in the publications, so that only initiates can notice and identify them, but in the worst case also particularly attentive people. Attentive viewers of the WTS writings will stay away from the Watchtower Society, but do nothing against it. This has been the previous strategy of the faithful and circumspect slave from Brooklyn. It was not planned that someone would actually uncover the mockery techniques of the Watchtower Society and make them public. That's why there were various actions, from influencing a big search engine to hypocrisy of friendship for months and related lies to Christian recommendations to refrain from pointing out the Watchtower demons.

Naked woman in Jehovah's Witness Calendar

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1993, Januar/Februar:

Naked woman in Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses

In the picture at the bottom right that is supposed to represent Joshua and a few Israelites, we find cloud formations that say something to the attentive observer. (Clouds, trees and hairstyles seem to be the most misused elements for demon embeddings. But there are hardly any limits to the ingenuity of the demon engineers at WTS.)

Naked woman in Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses

In this "biblical" representation mockery and stupidity unite. Both, however, are not noticed by the Jehovah's Witnesses and certainly not by other people, for they will not even take a closer look at these works of the Watchtower Society. The following facts mock the Bible, God and men:

  • The Israelites around Joshua are depicted as Muslims with turban. But a turban was only reserved for one priest and certainly did not have the Muslim form as it is constantly seen in the watchtower pictures. The Watchtower doctrine seems to have an inherent desire to make Muslims out of all Israelites.
  • Behind Joshua there is a cloud-like structure in the sky which has pronounced female forms and gives the impression that it is a naked woman with oversized secondary sexual characteristics.
  • At the top right is a column of smoke. It looks like a big head that seems to open its mouth to bite off the head of a (strangely Celtic looking) warrior.
  • The stone on which Joshua has placed his left foot is decorated with a hollow-eyed animal, which on closer inspection consists of several animal heads.

To underline the insidiousness of the Watchtower Society, here once again the detail of the picture with the naked woman, made more recognizable by increasing the contrast.

Naked woman in Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses

The naked woman has a thick pig nose and huge plump naked breasts. Here even the last layman realizes that the Watchtower Society has only one goal. It would like to fulfill the most important wishes of Satan: the mockery of God, the mockery of the Bible and the mockery of people, especially Jehovah's Witnesses. According to 1 Timothy 4:10, one must say about the Watchtower Society: For they work and fight for it because they have put their hope in the consecrated Satan, who is the destroyer of many people, especially Jehovah's Witnesses.

More about sexual abstrusities in Watchtower scriptures


Hello to all, my name is Anita, I am from Austria and I became seriously ill 12 years ago. I live in a small town in Styria, so there is a lot of talking here because people also know each other. Well, I actually want to make it as short as possible, because my story is not without.

My family and I, father, mother and my younger brother, were raised Catholic. Father was more of an evangelist, because he used the Luther Bible. After a serious heart condition, my father died in February 1971, thus my mother was a widow and alone with me, then 11 years old and my brother, then 8 years old. I am now 63 years, my mother 84 years, just by the way. Then in 1972, she shouted, shut the doors! The Jehovahs are coming. We still lived in the country at that time, you can see who is coming down the street and you knew the Jehovahs.

But then she left, I forgot to lock the door. When the doorbell rang, I opened it. Two friendly young women were standing outside with the Bible in their hands. They were talking to me, they wanted to talk about Jesus, I don't remember if they used the name Jehovah. We made up a day when Mother would be home again. I told her everything and she said, well you can listen to them. So it happened that the two women came with their smiling faces and talked to Mother.

A Bible study was arranged, Mother accepted. But it was not the two friendly women who carried it out, but a man we had never seen before. Mr. K. arrived, mother offered him a chair, then it started. First I was there, it was a red book, title I don't remember. I immediately understood that he was doing something to her that was not okay. He didn't allow any questions, she was immediately talked down. Of course she started to go to the meeting, there she was received with a lot of love, as she says. The sympathy ploy worked, because she was touched by how they all cared, she looked bad ... etc.

Mother wallows in the pity of others. This "love bombing" came to her without criticism. I then did not want to be there when this K. came. I ran into our small bedroom and lay on the floor under the bed waiting for this gentleman to leave. What K: did to my mother I still feel today, and not too badly. K. had so dominated my mother that such a negative change took place in her until her personality was no longer her own.

Then it started ... I was in the devil's claws, the devil laughed when I did something that didn't fit, I was a rebel, an opponent of the truth and I would betray it when things got dicey. I was young then, I didn't give a damn. This person had the gall to point his finger at me and say, you won't live to be 30. Just because I was a little cheeky in my criticism. Well, in the meantime he is long dead, his wife too, who vehemently believed this prophecy that in 1975 Jehovah would destroy everything and drummed into my mother: She doesn't need to learn anything anymore, no profession, put her somewhere where she has no free time. I was not afraid, I rather laughed about it. So that's how it started. I learned nothing, worked for over 30 years in various jobs all over Austria, because mother didn't want me to live at home when I was 15. She kicked me out. Even packed my bag and put it outside the door.

My brother was baptized at 14 ... then married a woman who was also a witness, mother married again, an elder with son. So my whole clan was in the truth, not only that, the clan of the clan as well, parents of sister-in-law, sister with husband and children, etc.... I was not much at home, thank God, because that was just tolerated. But it did not stop, these accusations became more and more vicious, mother exposed me in front of people, she said I was not normal, which she does to this day. She used to laugh at me, she said I was a liar, I was demonized, when she tried to confront me it sounded like an interrogation. Stiefvater was one hundred percent convinced that he would survive Armageddon and go to eternal life. He died in 2003. The false prophets ... we know.

When it got really horrible again and mother was beating me down again so badly that I didn't know what to do, I started looking on the Internet to find out why she was so cruel. There must be something behind it. So some people who know her also say she is cruel like no other mother is. That leaves her completely cold.

I came across the demons of Jehovah's Witnesses, I googled and found out what this satanic WTG really does to the members. Saw these subliminals, also on this site. But what is even worse is that DVD "from darkness" published by the WTG let me slip so into a bad disease, which I had to fight for years. There are pictures there that only come from Satan, because in one apostle picture it was clearly visible that the devil himself is looking out there in the fold of the smock. My acquaintance, who also knows this association and is a Christian, also said that one could clearly see that. She got goose bumps. But that's not all: this picture was taken in the sixties, towards the end, and I know the movie "Rosemary's Baby" by Roman Polanski, my uncle gave me the VHS. And this same picture was in the movie, towards the end, when the devil face appeared briefly.

I showed it to my acquaintance, she agreed with me. Well, in 1969 Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, was bestially stabbed to death by the Mason sect. Connection? For sure! Unfortunately, I got so involved that I started having panic attacks, and it got so bad that I had a thousand more fears. Also got the wrong doctor who prescribed me Xanon which made me calmer but didn't tell me it was addictive. Had to change doctors which I didn't dare do at first. I was at home on my sofa for over a week going through withdrawal cold turkey. My heart was threatening to fail, I was still chain smoking and drinking alcohol at the time. Sweating like crazy.

I told mother, but she was not allowed to call me for half a year, because I immediately had a panic attack. Her words: Hey, you are not there anyway (JW). No consolation, no good words .... nothing. Then finally I came to my doctor who prescribed me the right medication, am still in treatment with him to this day. I could not do anything at that time, just going out of the house caused a fear in me that was unprecedented.

I could not get a cat, because I believed that when the animal looks at me, it realizes that I am possessed. I saw on normal pictures and in the Tv always demons, monkey frats, skulls etc. That is over now. I did not dare to look at any picture anymore. With the right medication this is now long gone. I have always had Jesus Christ in my heart, just like when I was a child. And now I have come across sites run by Christians, quoting Bible passages in normal Bibles, I look everything up in the Elberfelder Bible, of course, and so on.

I am rid of this demon shit, after 12 years I can say that Jesus did not abandon me. I watch videos that expose the org. of the JW, speak the truth. I got so comfortable when I found Tobi's Christian channel. He does it the gentle way, Pastor Pilsl who runs an online church does it more resolute. Here, Rüdiger does it rather radically, but exposes the truth about this reprehensible association.

Mother charged me to leave the witnesses alone on the street, because I had the audacity to clarify John 1 v. 1 to refer to the 2 gods doctrine. Of course, today she called me from the retirement home, saying I was just spouting nonsense to these Bible-believing Witnesses, well, that daughter .... well, I'll take it to heart. ok, got long ...

I am happy, I have Jesus, I have a hangover, I have a great apartment, I have my pension. Thanks for reading.

😄 lg Anita [February 05, 2023]

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