Blood Transfusion

BY Karin L.

We Christians are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – literally according to the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses criticize us for this. They let their children answer the following question at baptism: "Are you aware that through your devotion and baptism you are revealing yourself as a Jehovah's Witness associated with the Spirit-led organization of God?

Jehovah's Witnesses must take an oath at baptism to the Watchtower Society, which is associated with the Holy Spirit and not the individual Jehovah's Witness. They just forgot Jesus, that can happen.

Our children have religious freedom, i.e. they can decide to become atheists later, and baptism did not harm them. The 26 children depicted on the "Awake" of 22 May 1994, for example, had no religious freedom. Two thirds of the children born into the truth of the WTS leave this sect. However, these 26 children died because of the Blood Transfusion Prohibition and the belief that Jehovah's LOVE is LAW that was instilled in them from an early age.

Misha Anouk writes in his book: "In the thirties and forties, Jehovah's Witnesses were banned from vaccinations. This ban was lifted in the fifties. In 1967, the Watchtower Society published a ban on organ transplants as a life-saving measure because transplantation was an act of cannibalism. The ban was lifted in the Watchtower on 15 March 1980. It is not known how many members died unnecessarily as a result of this arbitrary faith experiment. Marvin Shilmer estimates that there have been at least 50,000 deaths since 1961 – simply by refusing a blood transfusion.

In my opinion, there is no difference between Hitler and the Watchtower Society. For me, Jehovah's Witnesses are the cruellest people in the world. Hitler condemned people to death just because they were Jews, and the Watchtower Society condemns people to death – including innocent children who would never believe in this Jehovah! And that only because they depend on a blood transformation. And they still boast that they are sacrificing these children to their Jehovah.

Perhaps one should not leave the translation of the Holy Scriptures to a clothes dealer and Freemason like Russell. Russell pretended to be a pastor and swore perjury that he was proficient in biblical languages, and could not even read the Greek alphabet in court.


How many people have died in 60 years of lung cancer, because of smoking, liver cancer because of alcohol, HIV because of blood transfusion or omosexuality or cheating, etc. What else how many drive drunk and cause accidents? Jehovah's Witnesses do not do all this.🤔🤔🤔

Marco mangione [16.04.2022]

For this Jehovah's Witnesses let children die and are proud of it. They have human blood banned and are proud of it. Are they cannibals then, the Jehovah's Witnesses? Apparently yes, because they let themselves forbid human blood. [RH]


Dear Marco,

what you are describing is pure do-gooderism. It is precisely this kind of do-gooderism that Mrs Merkel has made the guiding principle of today's politics, and the German Nazi is happy. Finally, the German Nazi can redeem himself without having to change himself and his behaviour. The main thing is to run along and shout hurrah. The main thing is to hate when called upon to do so. This is so hard on the Watchtower system that it hurts.

The quality of German politics corresponds exactly to the dogmas of the Watchtower Society. Being good by supplying weapons! Being good through lies. Being good without God.

If you are wondering how this can apply, I will only give you to think that the Watchtower Society tramples on the death of Christ by celebrating the rejection of bread and wine in an organised way all over the world.

Just as the German as a good Nazi supplies weapons, the good Jehovah's Witness rejects Jesus. Organised worldwide. Smiling mildly.

Rüdiger [April 17, 2022]


And again the fools passed the bread and wine at the Lord's Supper - except for the 144,000, who accepted the sacrifice...

Unknown [April 17, 2022]

Whereby one must know that these 144,000 were once the actual Watchtower Society and were considered the actual Governing Body that carried the simple Jehovah's Witnesses through. The 144,000 and the Christ were the great Christ. So Jehovah's Witnesses have 144,001 mediators. The 144,000 and Christ. But since the Governing Body now consists only of the small number of old men in Warwick, there is a new mystery: why do the 144,000 take of the bread and wine at all? [RH]


Hello together,

here is a partly correct reflection of what we Jehovah's Witnesses believe in.

False. All the lies of the Watchtower Society that can be found are correctly shown here. [RH]

To complete, bread and wine have no meaning, they are only symbols and we of the great flock express our gratitude only by being present.

Thank you for pointing out more lies to me with your comment. Bread and wine are indeed symbols, but they have an important meaning for a Christian. Meaningless symbolism exists in Watchtower teaching. However, there are no meaningless symbols in being a Christian.

What kind of gratitude do you express by being there? You only thank the 144,000 plus one angel, the great Christ. The mediation of the 144,000 special witnesses of Jehovah is one of the most evil inventions that have ever been lied about. You ungratefully reject Jesus Christ, as can be seen from your rejection of bread and wine. [RH]

We would be pleased to welcome you, Mr Hentschel, to our assembly again. You have not been here for a long time.

Fortunately, I have never been to your meeting. Only once, years ago, did I venture a glimpse into your Kingdom Hall and was disgusted by the dry-as-dust atmosphere and from the two control witnesses who wanted to listen in on every word I said to my friend. [RH]

Only symbolically - not literally

The unleavened bread and red wine at the Lord's Supper are only symbols of Jesus' body and blood. Contrary to the opinion of some, neither the bread is changed into his literal body nor the wine into his blood, nor are the bread and wine associated with anything of Jesus. Here are some arguments from the Bible.

If Jesus had told his disciples to drink his blood, he would have been asking them to transgress a commandment of God (Genesis 9:4; Acts 15:28, 29). But that would be unthinkable. Jesus would never ask anyone to act against God's law and violate the sanctity of the blood (John 8:28, 29).

John 6,48 ff I am the bread of life ... If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. But the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. ... Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.

The Bible - Jesus himself - refutes the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses. On the one hand, they swerve to symbolism in order to be able to reject Jesus, on the other hand, they swerve to actual substances when Jesus speaks in symbols. Jehovah's Witnesses always find a way to solemnly reject Jesus. They save themselves with the help of the 144,000 plus an angel.

McMillian was, I think, the inventor of many lies of this kind. This man also invented the ban on human blood for Jehovah's Witnesses. McMillian conceals the fact that God has never given human flesh, let alone human blood, for food. The man must have been laughing his head off. [RH]

If the apostles had actually drunk Jesus' blood, Jesus would not have said that his blood would be shed (Matthew 26:28). With these words he indicated that his blood had not yet been shed, that is, his sacrificial death was still to come.

Well, that's just it! That is why bread and wine are the symbols a Christian uses and celebrates when he is a Christian. If he is an atheist or Satanist, he rejects the symbols or tempts others to do so. [RH]

Jesus sacrificed himself once for all (Hebrews 9:25, 26). If bread and wine were changed into Jesus' body and blood at the Lord's Supper, then he would be sacrificed anew each time.

That is true, but it only applies to the Catholic Church. People are just as lost there as in the Watchtower Society. [RH]

Jesus said: "Do this always in remembrance of me" (1 Corinthians 11:24). He spoke of remembering and not of sacrificing.

Yes, and Jehovah's Witnesses specifically do not. They organise the rejection of Jesus worldwide once a year. [RH]

Those who believe that bread and wine are changed into Jesus' body and blood (transubstantiation) base this doctrine on certain formulations in individual Bible texts. According to some Bible translations, Jesus said about the wine: "This is my blood" (Matthew 26:28). However, in other translations the verse reads: "This is (signifies) my blood", "This is my blood" or "This represents the blood of me". * As so often, Jesus simply used a metaphor here (Matthew 13:34, 35).

Yes, fine. Tell that to the Catholics. But it doesn't support your lies. [RH]

Who takes from it?

When Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate the Lord's Supper, only individuals take of the bread and wine. Why?

Jesus' shed blood sealed "a new covenant" that superseded the covenant between God and the nation of Israel (Hebrews 8:10-13). Those who have been accepted into the new covenant take of the symbols at the Lord's Supper. This does not include all Christians, but only those who have been specially called by God to do so (Hebrews 9:15; Luke 22:20). They will reign with Christ in heaven. The Bible limits the number of co-regents to 144 000 (Luke 22:28-30; Revelation 5:9, 10; 14:1, 3).

The Freemason likes to talk about classes. A class of people. A special class. At this point the inventiveness of Freemasonry has fallen short, for they have forgotten to avoid the linguistic relationship. The class of 144,000 is a fictitious one. In the Bible, the 144,000 are associated with the remnant of Israel. (12 tribes to 12,000 men)

However, the symbols of bread and wine in the Lord's Supper are a binding matter for all Christians. It is precisely this point that the Watchtower Society is sawing away at with gusto. [RH]

Most of us do not belong to the group of the "little flock" that will reign with Jesus in heaven, but to the "great crowd" that will live forever on earth (Luke 12:32; Revelation 7:9, 10). All who hope to live forever on earth do not take of the symbols at the Lord's Supper; but they are present and express their gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made for us (1 John 2:2).

JW Walldorf [April 22, 2022]

According to the teachings of the Watchtower Society, Jesus only made the sacrifice for the 144,000. These 144,000 then drag the rest through because of their goodness. How can a Jehovah's Witness thank Jesus if he has already completely twisted the Bible in the beginning? There are not two groups. Jesus is talking about another group (Gentiles) to add. This is precisely salvation in one group, in the group of Christians who take of the bread and the wine. - And remember, Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood and are proud of it. Like an abstemious cannibal. [RH]


1. John 2,2 For Christ took our sins, yes, the sins of the whole world, upon himself; he made atonement for them.

Hello JW from Walldorf, you use 1. John 2,2 as a reason for the presence of Jehovah's Witnesses. Gratitude to Jehovah God that he, the loving Father sacrificed his Son, for Jehovah's Witnesses.

You keep from Jehovah's Witnesses that the Holy Spirit, which you get from Jesus Christ, is the teacher.

It is sad, because only the Spirit of Jesus can cause people to be united in one spirit. Everyone who loves the Christ, with the name Jesus, who accepts him as his God, receives his, God's spirit.

Isaiah says: He is the word and the arm of God.

He is the Spirit of God.

Only his name counts! That is what the Bible says.

Whoever recognises the Son and the Father receives eternal life.

1. John 2,23 ff For he who rejects the Son is also not united with the Father. ... Whoever recognises the Son and the Father receives eternal life. For this is what Christ promised us: eternal life in union with Him. ... But the Holy Spirit, whom Christ has given you, remains in you. Therefore, you do not need other teachers, the Holy Spirit Himself is your teacher in all matters. What he tells you is true and without falsehood. So hold fast to what the Spirit teaches you: stay connected to Christ. ... My children, let nothing separate you from Christ.

Doris [April 25, 2022]

One must not forget in one's gratitude to the art god Jehovah that he carved his so-called son himself. He also had to adopt him. The Watchtower God corresponds to the old man who carved himself a son out of loneliness. Pinoccio. With such a god, of course, you can do anything you want. It is clear that nothing good comes from such a god. This correlates directly with the rejection of the Messiah. This Pinoccio-Jesus did, after all, test the Watchtower Society and set it above all his possessions. But he could not free Jehovah's Witnesses from being cannibals who must be forbidden human blood. [RH]


Dear Mr Hentschel,

I would have been pleased if you had left my comments uncommented and not filled them with your own thoughts, such as Freemasonry. After all, we are not commenting on your remarks. Your remarks once again detract from the actual topic. The comparisons with the Catholics are also clearly irritating.

Your statements are fundamental lies that need to be commented on. This is the only way to avoid that any readers get this typical Watchtower kick. I cannot and will not take responsibility for this.

The Watchtower religion was developed by Freemasonry and is still protected and controlled by it today. Charles Taize Russell, the founder of the Watchtower religion, was a Freemason and publicly turned to Freemasons for help. The Watchtower language reflects Masonic thought. Classes of men, committees of justice and many other terms can be found which can be traced back unobjectionably to Freemasonry. And only Freemasonry can build such a perfidious lie around the Bible. You can also see this pattern, for example, in the radical left milieu and in things like the permanent eastward expansion of Nato. These things are pushed forward in a Masonic way. Step by step and lie by lie.

You introduced the Catholic lies yourself, even if you did not explicitly name them as such. You probably don't even know exactly what you are copying out of your writings on lies in order to bring them to the man here. But go ahead - you are shooting yourself in the knee with it. [RH]

But now to the topic - Do we believe in Jesus?

The original topic of this website was blood transfusion. But please ... never mind.

Yes, we believe in Jesus who said: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). We believe that Jesus originally lived in heaven, then was born on earth as a man and gave his perfect life as a ransom (Matthew 20:28). Through his death and resurrection, the way to eternal life is open to all who believe in him (John 3:16).

The path is open if one accepts Jesus Christ as one's Lord and God. Both are rejected by Jehovah's Witnesses. They have a mistress, the Watchtower Society, and a God Jehovah who is similarly knitted to Allah. Revelation 5:13-14 speaks of all creation worshipping the Lamb. Then those who refuse will cease to exist. Obviously, Jehovah's Witnesses will no longer exist.

Muslims believe in Jesus much like Jehovah's Witnesses. They all claim he is not God. Freemasonry loves Islam. [RH]

We are also firmly convinced that Jesus now holds a kingly position in the Kingdom of God - a government based in heaven that will shortly bring peace to the whole earth (Revelation 11:15).

This completely fictitious king's fairy tale is again just a product of twisting the Bible. Jesus was always Creator, saving God, Eternal Father, our Redeemer. This is exactly what Freemasonry needs to massacre. Freemasons, Greens and Leftists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Islam are absolutely united in this. [RH]

But we also take seriously what Jesus said elsewhere: "The Father is greater than I" (John 14:28). With this he made it clear that he is not the almighty God. For this reason, we do not worship Jesus.

From His position as God, Jesus Christ humbled Himself down to the unjust death on the cross. The consequence of this was, of course, that the Father was greater. Only the almighty God was and is capable of such a sacrificial act. If you refuse to worship Him, you are fulfilling John 5:23, where Jesus says, "He who does not worship the Son does not worship the Father. Jehovah's Witnesses and their Masonic fathers are satanic, anti-Christian on the move and they will cease to exist when all creation worships the Lamb. [RH]

Have a nice day

Witness from Walldorf [April 26, 2022]

If I belonged to a religion in which people are deliberately put to death by bleeding to death, I would run away screaming. But the fact that you also brag about the Watchtower lies does not speak for you. Fie Jehovah! [RH]


Quote from the witness from Walldorf:

But we also take seriously what Jesus said elsewhere: "The Father is greater than I" (John 14:28). With this, he made it clear that he is not the almighty God. For this reason, we do not worship Jesus.

I worship Jesus as Almighty God for this very reason.

John 14,28 You have heard that I have told you: I go away and come again to you. If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I am.

I rejoice that Jesus went to the Father and comes to me again. For this is how he comes to me as Father.

Doris [January 22, 2023]

To explain: The small minds of the Watchtower beer cover always like to forget that God humbled himself in his incarnation. If Jesus had said that he was as great as the Father, he would have simply lied, for he was humbled for our sake. [RH]

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