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In the judgment of God (called Armageddon by Jehovah's Witnesses) all evil will be removed (Revelation 16:16), but the earth and God-fearing people will always remain (Psalm 37:10-11, Revelation 21:1-5, John 17:3). ... All people would then have the opportunity to live in peace on earth forever. The deceased would be resurrected because they would have paid for their sins with death (Romans 6:7).

Part 2 of the Jesus Displacement Gospel of the Watchtower Society

After the Jehovah's Witnesses' supporting advertising slogan that all evil will soon be destroyed, the intention of God to bring all people to life, has already been thoroughly sawn off, it becomes even clearer in further Watchtower theology how Jesus is to be levered out and rendered ineffective for the people. According to Jehovah's Witnesses' theory, the earthly paradise has a chance that is completely independent of Jesus and is automatically achieved by every human being by simply dying, "paying for his sins with death". The natural process, namely fleshly death, is simply substituted by the Watchtower Society for death, which is actually the sin reward. According to the Bible, the death that is cleverly replaced in this way is the death that man finds in separation from God. This death, which comes to man through sin, is the real death, the true death, from which there is no resurrection.

The Watchtower Society projects this final death of God's remoteness onto natural bodily death, which also came through sin, but is not the same as the death we once have to expect in judgment if we do not accept the love of God. Through this ingenious exchange – death without resurrection against death with resurrection – the theology of the Watchtower Society creates a new form of chance of survival not present in the Bible and not proclaimed by Jesus. It adds another way to God's plan of salvation that is tied to the fact that man would pay for his sins with bodily death.

This compensation for sins by one's own bodily death is an absolute anti-Jesus variant and ignores the words of Jesus and the entire Bible, which say that one can only be saved through Jesus. By placing a second chance of salvation in addition to the chance of salvation through faith in Jesus, which is supposed to result from the dilemma of one's own physical death, Jehovah's Witnesses push salvation through Jesus to the back places.

First the Watchtower theology proclaims that all evil people (who is not?) will be destroyed, then it speaks of a new chance through a general resurrection due to the sin relief by the own bodily death. If this were so simple, then Jesus would not have had to suffer and die for the sin of the world. If the Watchtower Society with its theories were even halfway correct, the life and work of Jesus would be so absurd and almost funny that he would have better never appeared on earth.

Aggravation on the "King" Jesus Christ

So when, according to the insights of the Watchtower Society, the second chance that all humans have "earned" through their natural death begins, the Watchtower Jesus can only regulate access to paradise as a kind of "administrator": You come in, you were a good Jehovah's Witness! or: You stay outside, you were a bad or no Jehovah's Witness! His original task of making access to God possible in the first place by providing the necessary justice through self-sacrifice has disappeared from the Watchtower philosophy and had to make way for the supposedly coming self-redemption from sin through physical dying. By making the Watchtower man pay for sin himself, and by automatically putting it behind him by simply dying, the Watchtower Society has so sustainably brought the life and work of Christ ad absurdum:

  • that the so-called faith in Jesus that the Jehovah's Witnesses "exercise" has nothing more to do with the biblical Jesus
  • .
  • that the Jesus of the Bible doesn't really have to be taken seriously
  • that Jesus is a liar when he says he is the only way to the Father
  • that Jesus is basically only an additional benefit: Beautiful if you believe in it, but it is not necessary to
  • that Jesus can now be reduced to any being (normal creature of God) – he has only accomplished one secondary work
  • and that Jehovah's Witnesses can call themselves Christians without even having a hint of Jesus

The Intention of the Antichrist

The imitation of true Christianity, which can only take place in Jesus Christ, in the acceptance of his word and his effect, is the most beautiful and most important hobby of the devil, if there is a devil. If Jesus actually came for the salvation of the world, which we all can only accept in faith and not through Bible study, then the supreme adornment of Satan's sophistication is the imitation of a perfect Christian church, but which, with Satan's broad grin, leads directly and irrevocably away from Jesus and into final death.

By shouting loudly into the world that Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians, the Watchtower Society is building itself and its aberration a spiritual slide into the world and oiling it with the slime of its Jesus Replacement Theology. No one is better hindered on the way to Jesus than the one who believes the Watchtower Society. No one is better kept away from Jesus than the one who drinks from the golden cup of self-redemption and self-satisfaction that the Watchtower Society holds in its hands. No one is further from Jesus than the one who feels attracted to the Jehovah of the Watchtower Society and sees in the Sisyphus work of "good standing before Jehovah" the thread by which he can pull himself out of the swamp of his God forlornness.

The Watchtower Society has turned the Gospel of Christ upside down in a highly precise way and trampled under the feet of great self-righteousness. It propagates the self-rescue of man, who saves himself by bodily death as if by himself. If this is not Satan's handwriting, then the world is not round and the nose is not usually in the middle of the face.

Read the Bible on your own and get to know Jesus before Jehovah's Witnesses manage to sell you the twisted Watchtower Gospel with a free Bible study! Please remember: Satan can be incredibly attractive and ignite a devilishly intense infatuation with false doctrine in us.


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