Elders imitate Christ's friendly way of interacting with others

Does anyone need to know how to teach a person how to clean to be an elder in a church of Jesus Christ? Elders in Christian churches must meet some requirements before they can or should be elected.

  • incontrovertible
  • a woman's husband
  • sober
  • sensitive
  • decent
  • guest free
  • teachable
  • no drinker
  • no racket
  • mild
  • not quarrelsome
  • not money-loving

The Eldest Ideal of the Watchtower Society

For the Watchtower Society, a good elder is someone who imitates the friendly nature of Jesus. What kind of kind did Jesus have? Was Jesus particularly strict with his disciples? Did Jesus try to educate his disciples? Did Jesus subject his disciples to his decisions like a manager in a corporation? Did Jesus just go down well with his disciples? Was he an idol? Was he a star that his disciples chased, cheering and applauding?

What kind of friendship does the faithful and understanding slave (Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses) mean when he writes? "Elders imitate Christ's friendly manner in dealing with others"? – Is it the promise of forgiveness of sins, the powerful command? Get up and go? Is it Jesus' serenity to embarrass himself in front of a Pharisee because a whore howls his feet? Is it the surprise effect that hits Zacharias, who actually only wanted to be and remain a distant observer?

The kindness of Jesus, this self-giving, this concentration of all wisdom as a sure indication that he is God, is this the kindness that elders of Jehovah's Witnesses imitate? Is it even possible to copy such a thing by imitation more or less well?

The behaviour of Jesus is certainly worth imitating and can and must be regarded as a yardstick for goodness. But Jesus can never be imitated in his behavior by his own efforts, but it can only be copied by the equalization of one's own heart attitude, no can be accepted. Whoever does not accept Jesus himself cannot imitate Jesus. The equalization of one's own attitude of heart is only the gift of the Lord to us. We cannot do anything by our own strength.

Jehovah's Witnesses Reject Jesus

What applies to every Christian, namely the acceptance of Christ, is not yet enough to be an elder in a church. So Jehovah's Witnesses who reject Jesus as their only Lord (Judas 4) cannot be Christians or elders in a church. They can only be a copy in an association based on a human organization. Elders of Jehovah's Witnesses are Jesusless copyists of behavior, religiousizing the body of Christ in an association created by Freemasons. The result is that Satan must betray himself even in his study watch tower articles.

Watchtower Study Edition 15 March 2008, Page 4

In the study edition of the Watchtower on March 15, 2008, page 4, there is an illustration showing the ideal behavior of an elder of the Watchtower Society. While the surrounding text proclaims some ideals in the usual shallow manner, the image tells the truth about the anaemic structures of the Jehovah's Witness world. The eldest looks past what has been entrusted to him, looks into the doctrine and seems to think: When did you idiot finally understand what is written here and so clearly on this stupid piece of paper! Not a single signal in this picture points to a personal relationship between the eldest and the poor guy who can't handle rags and cleaning products. Not a single detail shows the eldest as a man interested in the person, but the direct opposite is achieved by this illustration.

The oldest Jehovah's Witnesses are people who are put under massive pressure from above and have to deal with a mob that seems too stupid to handle a simple cleaning rag sensibly. At least the people working hard in the background are already doctored and the eldest only has to deal with the most obnoxious one, who has to fake a good will in order to stay with Jehovah's Witnesses. The eldest's entire gesture shows a difficult rejection of this individual and of the entire burden situation. When will the shop finally be up and running, without having to be called in for the most stupid little things? When finally comes Armageddon!

Also look at the scary figures in the curtains. Click on the picture. When the larger image has opened, click again in the middle of the image to enlarge it further.

Christian church is different

Christians never meet elders who, with their eyebrows raised, tell others about cleaning cloths on behalf of their ministry. With Christians there are no elders who need a piece of paper for such a thing, which can hold itself up, so that the teacher also believes them. With Christians one never finds elders who have to deal with such nonsense. With Christians, however, you won't find any people who are top-styled and have to explain how to use cleaning products with a highly fashionable haircut.

Elders in Christian churches, i.e. churches that recognize Jesus as their sole ruler (Judas 4), have their faults like everyone else, and they do not conceal these faults. Elders in truly Christian churches, that is, churches that do not have two gods like Jehovah's Witnesses, see themselves as servants and are at the bottom of the hierarchy. They have taken on a task that entails a lot of responsibility, but which is carried directly by Jesus. Elders in Christian congregations set an example and a certain guideline, which even after decades in this job must be received anew by Jesus every day.

The image of the Watchtower organization reveals the true origin of the Jehovah's Witnesses. They come from below and go down. They are more dried-out and fruitless than the stuck-up project manager of the cleaning department of an average German company. The Watchtower Society is a cheap copy of the body of Christ. And who wants to understand the mockery and the lie of this copy only needs to look this elder exactly in the face and imagine his thoughts.


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