How the Watchtower Blood Doctrine Changes People

A non-birthday card to the dear son

Jehovah's Witness writes:

Dear ...

the years pass so fast and you go strongly on the 60 Y. Unfortunately your father did not become so old any more.

Comment on this:

The father died far too early for this Jehovah "God" who demands Human Sacrifice as in Mayan times. Obedience to the Watchtower Society and fear of losing eternal life and fear of losing all friends and acquaintances, including family, led him to sacrifice himself for this Jehovah by rejecting Blood Transfusion. Not that his heart was ripped out alive at the top of a pyramid in front of thousands of spectators. No. The natural religious sacrifice of Jehovah's Witnesses always takes place quietly and in a lonely room. Every year an average of 9000 people die in this way worldwide (as an Austrian dropout told me).

Considering that these deaths are entirely in keeping with the sacrifices of the natural religions, Jehovah's Witnesses should then appropriately dance around their book tables naked or dressed in bast skirts. Holding a spear in her hand, a piece of wood driven through her nose and painted red and brown. Such cultic behavior is most similar to the ritual murdered Jehovah's Witnesses. Unfortunately, even non-witnesses are hardly able to recognize this logical correspondence. The Watchtower Society has created a religion as murdering as it is or could be found among primitive peoples, and no one notices it! Jehovah's Witnesses let people die for a bloodthirsty religion and the rest of the world finds that okay. What a corrupt world it is! Humanity boasts of its humanistic achievements, but cannot even ensure that no human being has to die as a Watchtower cult sacrifice anymore.

Jehovah's Witness writes:

Therefore take life easier, for excitement is not good for you, nor for me. It is not always pleasant.

Comment on this:

It's not always pleasant. Aha. For this we let people jump over the blade confidently and quite calmly for a God claiming death and then say: He hasn't grown so old anymore. Will the mother of the six-year-old from Walldorf, who had to die on 30 January 2018 because of the Watchtower blood doctrine, think the same? Oh, he didn't get that old anymore? Almost all people let themselves be ... mostly out of comfort ... of the Watchtower Society. Even the Watchtower murdered themselves and those who become Watchtower murderers!

What do you even want to do against such a supremacy of egoism and ignorance? The God of natural religions rules the whole world. Even the public prosecutors are in a spiritual coma and sucking their thumbs. But it is not always pleasant. If there is one God, there will be an evil awakening for all these people. If there is no God, the discomfort remains that, despite all alleged evolution, people have got stuck in the primeval religions of antiquity.

How easy can one take life and what is the use of this ease of life? Is the purpose of an easy life to be able to ignore the deadly mania for human blood and its consequences even better? The six-year-old deceased from Walldorf certainly did not take life too seriously.

Jehovah's Witness writes:

Positive thoughts help to make life more bearable. Everyone has to do with himself. It would be nice if we could see each other again. Otherwise I have to wait until you take me back to ... at the bus.

Comment on this:

Positive thoughts have the sole purpose of suppressing the truth. Man seems to be dependent on self-deception and autosuggestion from cradle to grave. Even Christians who have everything in Jesus, because Jesus is life and truth, present themselves as charismatics and conjure up their God with chatter and physical commitment, which reminds us of hospitalism. Hospitalism, for example, has an elephant in a cage when it always swings its head back and forth. Or they imagine themselves being saved or pardoned again and again by sacraments.

Muslims imagine themselves as suicide bombers to come directly into the possession of 72 virgins. And many people imagine that life and intelligence came about by chance, but do not realize that they have remained the dumbest, because their convictions are even more dull and harder protected by religious self-adulation than those of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Everyone has to do with himself and a worm nobody can make to walk upright. Can anyone enlighten Jehovah's Witnesses? Can anyone remind prosecutors of their legal duties when a six-year-old in Walldorf seems to have died in vain in this regard?

Jehovah's Witness writes:

First I have to go to the doctor, do a gastric lavage. Let's see what happens then. By the way, you are watching everything on the internet. Look up: University clinic ... Op without transfusion. "Why they're riskier than you think." They're working on an operation with their own blood, American doctors are also there. Dangers and risks: cancer cells grow faster and so on.

Comment on this:

The fact that Jehovah's Witnesses were able to land the fraud worldwide at all, that the refusal of a Blood transfusion would also protect against side effects, is also due to the ignorance of those who slide down to the level of a roundworm unnoticed by religious attitudes. Jehovah's Witnesses and all other religions, but especially the religion of the atheists, belong to the same religious attitudes. To enlighten the prosecutors and all the other funny daydreamers, a few simple facts:

Blood transfusions should never be used unless they are essential to life. In this context, any scientific progress is very useful, but can never be an argument against a Blood transfusion that serves to preserve life. It is gruesome when doctors and lawyers of the Watchtower Society allow their serial murders to be put in the good light of the absence of side effects by bleeding to death. When Jehovah's Witnesses are confronted with the news of the six-year-old from Walldorf who has been killed by the Watchtower Society, they react with a broad grin. How far away are doctors and professors from the Jehovah's Witnesses' mindset when they don't even separate the vital blood transfusion from the entire complex of medical blood applications? Do the six-year-olds of this world have no rights in this matter if their mothers are Jehovah's Witnesses? When will the Greens and the Left finally stand up for the right to life of the Watchtower Death Candidates, when they are so strongly in favour of a gendered broad-based pipemaking?

Jehovah's Witness writes:

The only ones making billions on it are the blood banks and the Red Cross. They get the blood given, donated. Just for your information.

Comment on this:

It is precisely this small argument that sheds light on the Watchtower Society's desire to murder. It loses 9000 of its people annually worldwide through its lying cannibalism legislation. This excludes the motive of benefit maximization and the law of cannibalism must have another reason. There is also no motive to regulate cannibalism in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses. There are ... as far as I know ... Cannibalism in Jehovah's Witnesses. After the thorough consideration of all possible motives that could underlie the Watchtower Society's cannibalism law, the bottom line is that there is only pure murder. And for those who so far still cannot understand that it is actually the murder for low motives that drives the Watchtower Society to its lies, here is an illustrative example:

If someone sets up a deadly human trap in front of your house and you or one of your relatives steps into it and dies, is this trapper a murderer? If this trapper is wearing a tie and collar and a watchtower folder, does that and his piety free him from being guilty of murder? May every public prosecutor, but also every normal person, answer this question honestly.

Jehovah's Witness writes:

I wish you all the best, I love you all. See you soon. Your Mama ... I always think of you.

Conclusion: The Watchtower blood doctrine does not change anyone.

The thoughtlessness of Jehovah's Witnesses is terrible. But on closer inspection, this Jehovah's Witness thoughtlessness is no worse than the indifference and thoughtlessness of the prosecutors, the doctors, the (Catholic) cult priests, and all those who, in their mania for humanism, enforce peeing under many freedom and justice-giving WC names. Nobody in this funny world wonders what would have been necessary for the six-year-old boy from Walldorf, who was murdered at the watchtower. So they send many more after him. And the WT-Mord-Gesellschaft continues to celebrate its successes in letting people bleed to death.

If you don't see your own stupidity, you're stupid. [Zitat Juergen Voigt]


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