In Adolf Hitler, the clergy had a willing ally

Small omitted facts

Almost all people believe that the poor Jehovah's Witnesses at that time were subjected to terrible agony in Hitler's concentration camps because of the tyrannical rage of the greatest leader of all time. Hardly anyone knows why Jehovah's Witnesses really went to the concentration camp. And the Watchtower Society is enjoying the pleasure of slaughtering people's ignorance. In their book "JEHOVAS ZEUGEN – VERKUENDIGER DES KOENIGREICHES GOTTES" on page 659 they ask who had instigated this.

Hitler as a willing ally of Catholicism

In Adolf Hitler, the clergy had a willing ally. In 1933, the same year that a concordat was signed between the Vatican and Nazi Germany, Hitler launched a campaign to destroy Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany. In 1935 they were banned throughout the country. But who had instigated it?

Anyone who asks the question about the incitement in this context must be very sure that people are not really aware of what really happened. The blame, of course, lies with the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. But what really happened?

Request letter of the Watchtower Society to Hitler

The beginning of the Zeugen-Jehovas-im-Konzentrationslager act was a petition from the Watchtower Society to Adolf Hitler. In this letter she offered herself to him as a cooperation partner. Whether she had recognized Hitler's longing for world domination early on and wanted to participate as a profit-making partner remains open, but not unlikely. The request of the leading corporation for cooperation with Adolf Hitler is in itself mad enough! What prevails – madness or the ice-cold calculation – remains unclear. Both are as wacky as the Watchtower Society itself.

Hitler ignored the petition and the Governing Body reacted defiantly like a toddler. Like someone who was taken away from his new toy, the Watchtower religion stamped its foot on the ground and ordered the Jehovah's Witnesses to complete the round of resistance. Resistance is usually good. But the Watchtower Society used resistance as a means of power to satisfy their feelings of defiance.

Anyone who doubts that adult men can act in this way should know that the Watchtower Society later prohibited its people from buying party tickets in an African country. Those who did not buy the party card were threatened with execution. Many Jehovah's Witnesses were killed in that country because of this, while in Mexico the Governing Body even allowed Jehovah's Witnesses to avoid military service by bribery. This double-facedness is the standard of the Watchtower religion and massively reinforces the idea that the Watchtower Society, with a lust for murder, deliberately sent Jehovah's Witnesses to concentration camps.

This desire for murder is also expressed in the absurd blood doctrine that kills 9,000 people worldwide every year. Who did it? The Watchtower Society did it! To this point page 663 of the above mentioned book once again consciously directs, so that the lie is perfect.

Because of their faith?

Imprisoned for their faith
Jehovah's Witnesses were not in the concentration camps because they were criminals.

How true! How true! Jehovah's Witnesses were in the concentration camps because of the Watchtower Society's desire to murder. And because of their absurd, wrong convictions. And the seal to this fact is the 9,000 deaths that Jehovah's blood doctrine produces every year to this day.


Fotos fYou can live in paradise forever, 1982, page 113r Tablet oder Handy

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