Evil will be destroyed by Jehovah

I am shocked at all the things this book reveals. I am shocked by the deep intolerance and self-righteousness of the Jehovah's Witnesses. All people who are not Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. And only Christians will be redeemed. The rest, the evil, is destroyed in blood by Jehovah himself. Everyone is killed, only the Jehovah's Witnesses will enter the 1000 year Reich.

From the biblical point of view

The hope of the elimination of all evil is actually heard in the Bible. But Jesus came to save evil. He wants everyone to be able to come to God and has explicitly created the reconciliation of evil with God for the salvation of evil by suffering the punishment for the evil of the world himself.

Anyone who now claims that the Gospel consists in the "comforting" news that all evil will be destroyed in the near future must honestly admit that everything that cannot be reconciled with God through Jesus must also be destroyed. And in fact, these are the first Jehovah's Witnesses to reject reconciliation with God through Jesus by establishing their own rules of salvation and by demonstrating their negative attitude toward Jesus by demonstrating every year that they reject the Lord's Supper without taking it.

The theory that the Jehovah's Witnesses could survive Armageddon, the destruction of all evil, is based on unbiblical interpretations that lead to a Watchtower Special Rulebook and that completely bypass Jesus. The Watchtower Doctrine is a pure Jesus substitute religion. It leads people through the false hope of annihilation of all evil into annihilation itself. Because it destroys the perfect reconciliation by Jesus and places its own rescue program beside Jesus, which is oriented superficially to the teachings of Jesus, but completely ignores the intention of Jesus.

Jesus makes it unmistakably clear that he did not come to judge the world, but to save it. The salvation that Jesus means is diametrically opposed to the Watchtower doctrine in God's devotion to us, even though we are all evil. Precisely because we are all "evil," Jesus died for us and only asks us to trust Him.


The Watchtower teaches:

Evil will be mercilessly destroyed.

Jesus teaches:

I give life for free.
Whoever comes to me, I will not expel.

The Watchtower gospel of the destruction of all evil is the exact anti-gospel from a biblical point of view. The good news of Jesus is the opposite of the Watchtower message. Read the Bible on your own before a Jehovah's Witness comes to implant the unbiblical view into you through a free Bible study!

Avoid World People

Now I also know why a former friend of mine who went to Jehovah's Witnesses forgot me and avoided me. A realization that makes me very sad. We, the "world people", are evil, corrupt, lying, sinful and dirty. (www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2212910)

This must remain rigidly upheld with the Jehovah's Witnesses, for otherwise they might think that self-rescue is not as far off as the Watchtower Society has pretended. After all, the Watchtower Gospel is a farce that is completely pointless and ineffective from a biblical point of view. If this unbiblical rescue strategy is to be considered the only true method in one's own ranks, the rest of the world must absolutely be demonized.

Seen from this point of view the demonization of "world people" is one of the most important pillars of Watchtower theology.


Good day,

I would like to know if it is true that the GB sent a letter to the elder in 2006 to destroy the evidence of child abuse. I myself am a Jehovah's Witness (yet)

Anthony [October 31, 2020]

Of course the GB (Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses) denies ever having written such a letter. But the letter is in proper style and fully in line with the practices of this religious leadership. Can proof of a denied letter touch the heart of a believer? It is possible. But Jehovah's Witnesses are not believers, but only idealists. They are convinced of something. This is not faith, but only ideology, such as communism or fascism. If I were a Jehovah's Witness, the ban on human blood would burden me much more. First of all, God never allowed human flesh to be consumed, and secondly, someone to whom human blood must be banned is a cannibal. At least he has been turned into an informal, i.e. non-practicing cannibal. What a satanic variant![RH]

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