How Jesus is Suppressed by Watchtower Theology

The numerous biblical passages have been deleted so that the WTS text can be better read. The paragraph analysed is in the book: "REKENNTIS, die zum Ewigen Leben", pages 62 to 69. It is chapter 7. Here is also the image representing the bloodless Jesus.


Almost 2000 years ago, on a spring afternoon, a Roman centurion guarded three men who suffered a slow, painful death. The soldier turned his attention especially to one of them – Jesus Christ. Jesus had been nailed to a wooden stake. In the middle of the day the sun darkened as the moment of his death approached. When he died, the earth was violently shaken, and the soldier exclaimed: "Certainly this man was the Son of God".

Son of God! The soldier was right. He had witnessed the most important event that ever happened on earth. On previous occasions, God had personally described Jesus as his beloved son. Why had Jehovah allowed his son to die? Because it made it possible for God to deliver people from sin and death.


As already discussed in this book, Jesus had a prehuman existence. He is called God's "only begotten Son" because God created him immediately.

To make Jesus something that is not directly God, the WTS must dare a determination that is not in the Bible. No one in the world knows what it means when God begets someone. Therefore, it must justly remain open whether Jesus is a part of God or just his product. And not only that! If the word "generated" had been used, then one could possibly speak of God making something. But since the word "sire" is used for this process throughout the Bible, the emphasis is on the assumption that Jesus is an actual part of God. Then Jesus' quality as a son can also be understood, because adopting a product as a son is simply too reminiscent of the Italian fairy tale of Pinokkio.

Note from the translator
In German, the choice of words used by the Watchtower Society is based on the term "production". Jesus is said to have been created. This choice of words is owed to the special teaching of the WTS.

The word "sire" has the semantic sitemap of family formation by propagation. In it the Bible is 100% unambiguous and clear. At no point does it say that Jesus is a product of God, which he would have later honored by adoption. But the WTS's commitment to the nature of Jesus as a product of the master's hand opens up to it the claim that God is Jehovah and only he is to be worshiped as God. With this, it has annulled the statement of Jesus (John 5:23). The fact that these words of Jesus are still contained in the Bible is not another problem for WTS, because it deliberately cheats the people it seduces out of these words by simply hiding them.

With the false doctrine that God made Jesus himself and then accepted him as his son, God assumes exactly the sad fate that we know from the doll father of Pinokkio. Loneliness and a muddled, sad, meaningless existence are the characteristics of such an existence. By denying that Jesus is the Spirit of God, WTS insults God Himself by insinuating that God must make something for Himself that He will later use for His amusement or anything else. WTS deliberately conceals the fact that God is so unknown to all people that we simply cannot comprehend how Jesus originated from God, just to give Jesus a temporal beginning.

But Jesus was in God and he was God himself, before the Father and the Son separated and yet did not separate, for they remained one. As the Son of God, Jesus is without beginning, because as the descendant of God, he was in God before he was born of God.

The false assumption of Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus was "made" is one of the necessary foundations of the WTS heresy to which they have fallen. All too easily they ignore the fact of the sonship of Jesus and follow the WTS theology into the error that Jesus is only a made angel. The fact that the Bible speaks throughout of procreation and not of production in the sense of production is consistently ignored by WTS.

Then God brought all other things into existence through Jesus.

With this small thesis the Watchtower Society intercepts the statement of the Bible that everything was created through Jesus and towards him. In Watchtower theology, Jesus is described as a kind of master craftsman who virtually took over the act of creation from God without being God himself. This spiritual misdirection, that someone could be a creator without being a creator, is also not to be found in the Bible. Even if God may seem paradoxical to us in many things, because we cannot understand him, the Bible does not present us with a contradiction here, as the Watchtower Society constructs it. According to the Bible, Jesus is God from God and the Creator of the world and everything around it. Creation in its entirety springs from the power of Jesus, not because he is the workshop leader of the boss, but because he is God from God.

The age-old dream of management by an employee, preferably by one's own son, may still serve as a model for the WTS apprenticeship, but it is forgotten that the Father of Man and the Son of Man are two completely separate units. This is not the case with God and His Son. They are separate and yet one. Jesus neither fell from the Father's workbench as a product nor is he the son of a Father according to human imagination. The fellowship of God and Jesus is a fellowship for which we have no real comparison on earth. The Bible makes clear the incomprehensible unity of God in at least two forms of being, among other things, by setting the Spirit of God on one with the Spirit of Christ. It sometimes speaks of the Spirit of God, sometimes of the Spirit of Christ and in both cases it means the Holy Spirit.

Even the situation in which Jesus blows on the disciples and says, receives the Holy Spirit, testifies to the fact that he himself possesses this Spirit as his own. Otherwise he should have been a super-magician if he could have been an angel (as the WTS sees him) and passed on the Spirit of God by exhaling.

Jesus had a special love for humanity. No wonder Jehovah chose his only-begotten son to serve a special purpose when death sentences were passed on people!

Transitionless the WTS comes with the love of Jesus, which everyone at least knows from hearing. In this way it tries to present Jesus as a suitable creature whose sacrifice in God's eyes is sufficient to give satisfaction to the absolute justice of God. This deviation from the fact that nothing can suffice to satisfy God's justice – except himself – leads in the further development of the false doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses to the sentence, also not present in the Bible, that the sin of the formerly perfect Adam must or could be extinguished by the sacrifice of a perfect creature. Even though such allusions are named in the Bible, the interpretation of the Watchtower always leaves this smack of grace not coming from God, but from a mechanism of atonement to which God Himself is subject. But God is not subject to any mechanisms, but only to his own being. And this being of God is absolute justice and absolute love at the same time, because he is absolute in everything that, according to human understanding, must be mutually exclusive. From this being of God comes the sacrifice of himself. And this is not out of a sacrifice-atonement mechanism, but out of his loving will to impose the satisfaction of his absolute justice not on us, but on himself.

Therefore there can be no question of Jesus being chosen, for Jesus is the only one suitable to solve the conflict between absolute justice and absolute love by becoming man – God out of God – and taking upon himself the punishment.

One can see from these small steps (no wonder that Jehovah chose his only begotten son for this ...) how the WTS leads its readers centimeters by centimeters away from the truth. The salvation of the world has always been in Jesus' hands, and he was not chosen for it, but is the only one suitable for it.

God mentioned in the Garden of Eden, at the proclamation of the judgment that had been passed on Adam, Eve and Satan, a future Saviour in the form of a "seed". This seed or descendant was to come to eliminate the terrible sufferings caused by Satan the devil, the "primal serpent. The promised seed was to crush Satan and all who would follow it.

With arbitrariness the Watchtower doctrine jumps beyond the salvation of mankind directly to the side effects of the work of Jesus. The focus is not on the reconciliation of all human beings with God, but on the by-products of the salvation of humanity through Jesus. This is the program of the Watchtower Society. It does not want reconciliation to be in the foreground and to be the only important thing between us and God, but it builds on the things that develop from this salvation. It has its own plan with the world in which it has dominion. In return, she foments hope for the sensational elimination of evil, but conceals the fact that every person in Jesus must make peace with God. Hope for the elimination of evil is the foundation of the WTS doctrine, and Jehovah's Witnesses must make diabolical efforts to have a good standing before Jehovah. The gradual improvement of the world for Jehovah's Witnesses is parallel to the perfection of their participation on earth. In this way, the Watchtower Society provides its people with lifelong religious stress. But that every person can make peace with God now and here through Jesus, who holds eternally and does not depend on our own performance, it conceals.

Over the centuries, God gradually revealed more about the seed, also known as the Messiah. As shown in the table on page 37, there were a large number of prophecies predicting details of many of the circumstances of his life on earth. For example, he should endure terrible maltreatment to live up to his role in God's purpose.

The picture shows no trace of abuse!
No trace of ill-treatment

WTS jumps from the lie that Jesus was chosen by a Jehovah to be a sacrificial animal, over the redemption of the individual to the events of Christ's Second Coming, and then back again to pondering bible details to prove the story. The fact that all these biblical proofs of Christ's work concern only the redemption of each individual human being is misappropriated. She has developed a redemptionless theory that only projects rough connections onto the world change, but deals with the reconciliation of the individual human being with God. And in the subsequent, beautifully flat reference to evidence, she suggests to Jehovah's Witnesses that the concealment of personal salvation is in order.

WTS very often uses these means of irritation to distract from the truth, Jesus. It asserts silky things and then cites biblical evidence that remotely correlates with individual points, but certainly does not confirm the WTS gaze. In order to be protected from these special WTS traps, a person must have fellowship with Jesus! Without the spiritual home of the human being in the power of Jesus, the teachings of the Watchtower Society are absolutely opaque and therefore seem absolutely seductive. You go about it like a student who in the first three semesters lives only on the hope of understanding the whole thing at some point. After the expiration of this time it is already too late for the "interested" in most cases, because he is deeply tied into the human moral human self-redemption construct of the WTS.

A prophecy recorded in Daniel 9:24-26 predicted that the Messiah – God's Anointed One – would accomplish a great purpose. He was to come to the earth to "put an end to transgression forever, to put an end to sin, and to make atonement for forgiveness and to bring about righteousness". The Messiah would eliminate the death sentence for faithful people. But how would he do that? As the prophecy tells us, he would be "cut off", that is, put to death.

The realization of a great resolution is a permanent theme for WTS. It portrays Jehovah as one who has set himself a firm goal and is now keeping his fingers crossed up there that the Jehovah's Witnesses will have the child rocked.

The Israelites of that time were familiar with the idea of atonement for transgressions. Under the law that God had given them through Moses, they regularly offered animal sacrifices in connection with their worship. These reminded the people of Israel that people need something to atone for or cover up their sins. The apostle Paul summarized this principle as follows: "Without bloodshed there is no forgiveness". Christians are not subject to the Mosaic Law with its demands such as sacrifice. They also know that animal sacrifices cannot bring about lasting and complete forgiveness of sins. Instead, these offered sacrifices shadowed a far more valuable sacrifice – the sacrifice of the Messiah or Christ. Nevertheless, we may ask ourselves: "Did the Messiah absolutely have to die?"

Without bloodshed, there is no forgiveness
No trace of ill-treatment

And yet the Watchtower Society in this article presents Jesus without a drop of blood. This is a sign that Jesus, who is valued in the Jehovah's religion, is actually not suited to bring about the forgiveness of sins. The references to the true facts that she gathers from the Bible are directly refuted by all the rules of art through catchy images that say the exact opposite of what the Bible reports. These depictions, exposing the Watchtower doctrine, are the in-house transition to the false interpretation of what Jesus did for the world. What is fascinating is that hardly anyone recognizes the satanic component of the Watchtower images.

Yes, the Messiah had to die if people were to be saved. For us to understand the reason for this, we must remember what happened in the Garden of Eden and try to grasp the tremendous extent of what Adam and Eve lost when they rebelled against God. They had the prospect of eternal life. As children of God, they were also in direct communication with him. But when they rejected the rule of Jehovah, they lost all that and brought sin and death upon mankind.

The use of the biblically transmitted sin of Adam and Eve as the ultimately only error of mankind that had to be compensated brings the Watchtower Society the advantage of installing a self-understanding in Jehovah's Witnesses that assumes that one can perfect oneself until God has to accept one. The fact that every human being has forfeited his life before God in an absolute way is not only pushed into the background, but completely eradicated. The sacrifice of Jesus then no longer concerns the individual person himself, but only the world scheme, the history of mankind and the religious career, which of course culminates in the earthly organization of Jehovah. With the suppression of the sacrifice of Jesus in the great superordinate context, the Watchtower Society cleverly pulls the individual out of the responsibility towards Jesus. It also associates this with the concrete prohibition to pray to Jesus and thus isolates the individual Jehovah's Witnesses so strongly from Jesus that in most cases it is never possible to contact them again.

The degradation of the life and death of Jesus as a compensation for a certain loss that mankind once suffered makes Jesus a kind of building block in a free-marian concept of world improvement, but no longer allows the individual human being to come to terms with God through Jesus alone. Therefore the Watchtower religion does not speak of "grace", but only of "undeserved goodness". This is the starting capital of the better people, on which the Jehovah's Witnesses continue to build with their own goodness. Jehovah's Witness is required to always be careful to have a good standing before Jehovah.

Our ancestors wasted a huge fortune, so to speak, and plunged into enormous debts. Adam and Eve passed these debts on to their descendants. Because we were not born perfect and sinless, each one of us is sinful and mortal. When we get sick or say something hurtful that we wish had gone unsaid, we feel the effects of our inherited guilt – human imperfection. Our only hope is to get back what Adam lost. But we cannot earn a perfect human life. Since every imperfect person commits sins, we all deserve death, not life.

Because we were not born perfect and sinless, each one of us is sinful and mortal. Here again the forlornness of man is shifted to a special circumstance for which no man can do anything. So why should a Jehovah's Witness have a sense of guilt before God when his mistress, the Watchtower Society, explicitly tells him: "You can't do anything about it! Rather, the actual guilt before God is glossed over and removed. With this rearrangement of guilt and forgiveness, the WTS organization gains a tremendous power over the people who follow it, and at the same moment it thwarts any chance that the person will come to Jesus and actually get rid of his guilt in faith in him.

The "human imperfection" quoted as an excuse once again emphasizes the principle: You can't really do anything about it – someone else is responsible for your sin, and we, the Watchtower Society, make sure that we get it under control for you.

Our only hope is to get back what Adam lost. With this thesis, the Watchtower Society focuses on Adam. Again someone else is responsible and again we really can't help it! Again a strange context has to be settled – not our personal fault towards God and mankind. Again, the Watchtower Society points the finger at a fact far away from us, which nobody can solve except the Watchtower Society in connection with its own Watchtower ideology. The Jesusversteher from Brooklyn here unfurl a view of things that can aim at everything except the cleansing of the guilt of the individual. The reconciliation of the individual is excluded with surgical precision and all attention is directed to a distant mechanism over which no one has any influence.

That the true hope that Jesus gives us lies in coming to terms with God completely independently of the rest of the world, even if we know nothing about Adam and Eve and the whole world, has been successfully and thoroughly removed from the Bible by the Watchtower Society and does not flash in its teachings at any second. The flag of the Watchtower religion always rotates according to special findings that only Jehovah's Witnesses have. The fact that Jesus himself will sooner or later no longer play a relevant role in this is the purpose of the event.

But could anything be sacrificed in exchange for the life Adam lost? God's standard of justice required a balance – soul for soul. So a life had to be sacrificed to pay for the life that was lost.

While the Muslim deals with the weighting and measurement of sin very inaccurately and counts on the fact that Allah somehow already sees everything with a closed eye, the faithful and sensible slave comes with the electron microscope and calculates what exactly has to be paid. Like a stingy guest in a restaurant whose only concern is that he won't tip, the Watchtower Society misses exactly the damage that would have to be paid. With the Watchtower Society, God is an insurance company that is eager not to pay more than is absolutely necessary. But the Bible gives us a completely different picture of Jesus!

Romans 5, 15-17: But it is not the same with transgression as with the gift of grace. For if through one transgression the many have died, so much more the grace of God and the gift in the grace of the one man Jesus Christ has become against the many replete. And with the gift it is not as it came through the one who sinned. For the judgment led from one to damnation, but the gift of grace led from many transgressions to righteousness. For if through the transgression of the one death reigned by the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the one, Jesus Christ.

Even when we open the Adam Christ account, we must realize that the amount of each one of us's personal sins exceeds Adam's accident by far in sum at the latest. Although they are a purely theological consequence of Adamas misstep, the responsibility towards God and man is borne by each man for himself. Therefore, the sacrifice that cleans up the damage of the Fall must be so a million times more that every human being can stand in full grace. And not in a mechanized, automatically punched out grace like the millions of Watchtower magazines, but in the form of Christ's personal devotion to each individual human being. He has also promised us this devotion. He is with each of us until the end of all days. No angel can achieve this by just restoring Adam's (lost) perfection in the balance of justice of the world. Jesus must be God because he has promised to be a believer in him in the heart of every individual. This is infinitely more than just bending a justice accident to justice.

But not just any life was enough. In Psalm 49:7, 8 it says with reference to imperfect people: "Not one of them can somehow redeem a brother himself nor give God a ransom for him (and the redemption price of their soul is so precious that he has ceased for an unforeseeable time)." Was the situation therefore hopeless? No, not at all.

In order to conceal the gruesome degradation of Jesus by Watchtower theology, the faithful and understanding slave constructs a special substitute value that makes Jesus appear even greater in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses than ’n Appel und ’n Ei. Jesus is assigned a certain value by the Watchtower Society like a department head at the post office. No, a normal postman could not have taken over this task ...

In Hebrew, the word "ransom" means the sum paid to redeem a prisoner, and it also expresses equivalence.

Is there a language where the word "ransom" expresses something other than in Hebrew? You can see from such sentences how hard the Watchtower God is working to persuade people that Jesus can only be worth that and that. With such empty phrases, the Watchtower Society pumps people full to the brim to prevent them from going to Jesus and being surprised by who he really is. The Jehovah's Witness leadership knits a dense web of meaningless half and subordinate clauses and in between it weaves in a completely meaningless sentence and can rightly speculate that people who have so far got involved in Watchtower theology will no longer recognize these air numbers as such.

Only a perfect man could be offered in exchange for what Adam lost. The only perfect man born after Adam was Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jesus is called "the last Adam" in the Bible, and we are assured that Christ "gave Himself as an appropriate ransom for all". While Adam passed death on to his children, Jesus' legacy is eternal life. 1 Corinthians 15:22 states: "For as all die in Adam, so also in Christ shall all be made alive," and it is fitting, therefore, that Jesus is called the "eternal Father".

This is the hobbyhorse of the Watchtower Think: Jesus was no more than Adam. And the designations of Jesus as God that the Bible brings are "appropriately" and directly reduced to this justice equilibrium between Adam and Jesus. But that the guilt of each individual human being had to be overcome by Jesus is cleverly ignored by tying the world view of justice to the one-to-one relationship between Adam and Jesus. The effectiveness of Jesus' sacrifice is thus rendered ineffective for Jehovah's Witnesses because only the world had to be put in order. All important sequences that Jesus brought to emphasize individual salvation (e.g. foot washing) are forgotten and have no place in the religious image of the New World bricklayers from Brooklyn.

In the autumn of the year 29 A.D. Jesus went to his relative John to be baptized and to represent himself by doing God's will. On this occasion Jesus was anointed by Jehovah with the Holy Spirit. Thus Jesus became the Messiah or Christ, the Anointed by God. Then Jesus began his ministry, which was to last three and a half years. He travelled his entire homeland, preaching God's kingdom and gathering faithful followers around him. But as predicted, there was soon increasing resistance.

That's how the ransom was paid? That's just a description of the job of a modern Jehovah's Witness. Except, of course, the Holy Spirit thing. Nothing else is sketched here but the program that the Watchtower Salvation Society has imposed on Jehovah's Witnesses. None of this has anything to do with paying the ransom.

Jesus courageously exposed the hypocrisy of the spiritual leaders, and they pondered his death. They forged a malicious plan that included treason, unlawful arrest, unlawful trial, and false accusation of insurrection. Jesus was beaten, spat on, mocked, and given whips that cut deep into his flesh.

The picture shows no trace of whip lashes.
No trace of ill-treatment

The Roman governor Pontius Pilatus finally sentenced him to death on a stake. He was nailed to a wooden stake, from which he hung upright. Every breath was torture, and it took hours for death to occur. Throughout the trial, Jesus kept perfect integrity to God.

Perfect integrity to the Watchtower Society, which Jehovah's Witnesses also like to call "their mother", is the purpose of life presented to Jehovah dependants. Through Jesus they cannot be saved, but must rely on the techniques of the Watchtower Society, which dictates how to acquire a good (salvageable) standing before Jehovah. That no man can exist before God by his own power, even if he were a Jehovah's Witness for 10,000,000,000,000 years and worked 12 hours a day in the ministry of preaching, is deliberately overpainted with the phrase of good standing before Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses must not learn that apart from Jesus, nothing and nobody is capable of bringing a person to God.

In this way Jesus gave on the 14th Nisan 33 A.D. his life as "a ransom in exchange for many".

It is good that the construction of the world justice equilibrium between Adam and Jesus has already been carved so firmly into the brains of Jehovah's Witnesses. Otherwise they would have to recognize at the latest by this simple sentence that Jesus is infinitely more than Adam.

Jehovah could see from heaven how his beloved son suffered and died.

With this little sentence the devilish heresy depicts Jehovah's God as an almost uninvolved spectator. While this Jesus makes the greatest sacrifice the universe has ever seen and ever will see, God is in the comfortable position of the viewer, and if he had looked away for a moment, he would have missed the show as well. This is the image of God that is attached to the Father of Jesus by the Watchtower Society. But the fact that God Himself let Himself be brought to death for us in Jesus must remain a taboo outside. That God did not watch comfortably, but was 100 percent involved in the death of Jesus and suffered this death in Jesus 100 percent for us, that must not happen in the Watchtower doctrine. This shows every Christian that the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses in the equivalence between Adam and Jesus is an anti-Christian religion.

Why did God allow these terrible things to happen? He did it out of love for mankind.

Many people do a lot out of love for humanity. They sacrifice themselves and pursue only good goals. And this father of this Jesus lets an angel die "out of love for mankind"! What a shame! While millions of people even without Jesus are committed to humanity and sacrifice themselves, this God just manages to send someone else. This is the picture Satan so desires to paint of God. That is why he has to put the false doctrine into the world that Jesus was only an angel and not God.

Jesus said: "God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son so that everyone who believes in him might not be destroyed, but have eternal life".

And again, after the blatant slap in the face of God, a portion of truth is added so that the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are supposed to follow the Watchtower doctrine, do not scare like the chickens on the highway. Over time, Jehovah's Witnesses develop a kind of mental cornea that protects them beforehand from recognizing clear blasphemies of the faithful and intelligent slave as such.

The death of Jesus teaches us that Jehovah is a God of perfect righteousness. Some may wonder why God has not deviated from his principles of justice, which require soul for soul, and renounced compensation for Adam's sinful course. The reason is that Jehovah always keeps to his laws and never disregards them, not even when the great personal sacrifice brings for him.

In other words, God is a stubborn goat. This exaggerated righteousness of God has always annoyed all people who want nothing to do with Jesus. Many say: "I don't want to go to heaven. And this stubborn God insists on his righteousness. And this "great personal sacrifice " the Watchtower Wind has long since blown away. It couldn't have been that hard to send someone else forward, could it? "Hey, Jesus, why don't you do that? You're so loyal. This wrecked image of God the devil loves dearly. For this he likes to install a religion of elitist status. The main thing is that this Jesus is not recognized by people as what he is. Namely as the almighty God who humiliated himself to death for us.

But Jehovah's righteousness also required everything to turn for the better in connection with Jesus' death. Would it have been just to leave the faithful Jesus forever in a sleep of death? Of course not!

The resurrection of Christ, which the true Christian takes note of as the victory over death, is presented here as an inevitable secondary matter. One can see Satan's wrinkled nose as he enters these words into the writers of the Watchtower. "Well, now he has let himself be put into "sleep of death", now he has to wake up again." The fact of Christ's resurrection is presented here again as empty of meaning as possible. The point is not that Jesus defeated death according to the Bible, but that Jesus cannot be left lying around forever. Do you feel how the Watchtower-Jehovah would like to put an old blanket over this Jesus by all means?

In the Hebrew Scriptures it had been prophesied that God's loyal servants would not remain in the tomb. He slept for three days in the tomb; then Jehovah God raised him to life as a mighty spirit being.

Here the Watchtower religion again works with the accumulation of one nonsense on the other and lets a special Watchtower phrase flow in (God's loyalist). She claims that Jesus only slept in the tomb and not even continuously. According to the Watchtower Society, he slept only a few hours a day. Anyone who believes this bottomless nonsense also believes the claim that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ made man a spirit being.

This skill of the Watchtower writers is repeated time and time again, pushing the naked lie deep into the hearts and minds of the Jehovah's Witnesses in just a few short nonsensical sentences. You read it over and don't think about it, because you don't have the comparison! One has not got to know Jesus and cannot judge how and who Jesus really is. So the souls of Jehovah's Witnesses can be turned to any incomprehensible nonsense.

When Jesus died, he gave up his human life for all time. He became a living spirit at his resurrection to heavenly life.

By asserting, "He became a living spirit at his resurrection to heavenly life," the Watchtower Society reinstates quite incidentally that Jesus could not have been a living spirit before. It is disguising inconspicuously and incidentally that the Bible reports that everything was created by Jesus for and toward Jesus. How could a non-living spirit create the universe? But this does not interest the Watchtower truth twister in any way. If he can include a distortion of Jesus in his text, then he does!

And when Jesus ascended to the holiest place of the universe, he was again reunited with his heavenly Father and formally offered him the value of his perfect human life. The value of this precious life could from then on be applied in favor of obedient men. What does this mean for us?

Where's the "holiest place in the universe"? Is the moon holier than the earth? Where does space begin to become sacred? – In Watchtower philosophy, there must be no heaven that is not located in this material universe. For then the bond of Jehovah's Witnesses to the earthly would be dissolved and would no longer be effective for the devilish doctrine of the Watchtower Union. Jehovah's Witnesses are to be bound entirely to the earthly viewpoint, and there can and must not be spoken of a heaven.

When Jesus returns home from his mission of angels on earth, he, like the German in office, puts the form on the table by means of which the process of Witness Jehovah's perfection can be accomplished. This extravagant approval procedure in the spheres of this Jehovah God still enables Watchtower theology to wring a certain meaning from the life of Jesus. For this religion must not lead Jesus completely into the absurd, because otherwise the so lavishly led behind the light could jump off. So one prefers to construct a kind of application technique of the perfect life of Jesus. How exactly this happens then remains in the dark. It's not that important. The main thing is that the brothers and sisters of the Jehovah's World Brotherhood stay on the train to nowhere.

Let us look at three areas in which we already benefit today from Christ's redeeming sacrifice.

To take advantage of the Bible, to take advantage of the redeeming sacrifice ... these are favorite formulations of the Watchtower Society. The implication is a kind of exploitation of what God has done according to the Watchtower Strategy. God becomes a kind of shareholding that can be exploited for himself and should be exploited under the leadership of the Watchtower Society. One profits from it. Profit is reaped. This ungrateful contact with God and his Word characterizes the thinking of the faithful and understanding slave.

First, it enables the forgiveness of sins. By believing in the shed blood of Jesus we have "liberation by ransom", yes "forgiveness of our transgressions".

There's no spilled blood!
No trace of ill-treatment

The watchtower writer shreds hair sharply past the truth here. (By believing in the shed blood of Jesus, we have deliverance and forgiveness of our sins!) But that was close. It is a good thing that these statements are not really taken seriously by the Jehovah's Witnesses because they are mixed with the word ransom, because the spiritual connection with the redeeming sacrifice theories of the Watchtower Society immediately comes to the fore when these sentences are read. In this way, the Watchtower scribe can easily venture a slip into the actual teachings of the Bible. Everything is cushioned by the special trainings (free Bible study).

Therefore, in the name of Jesus, we can ask God for forgiveness even if we have committed a grave sin. When we truly repent, Jehovah applies to us the value of His Son's redeeming sacrifice. God forgives us and gives us the blessing of a good conscience instead of imposing on us the deserved death penalty for sin.

And immediately the truth of the Bible is again poured into the Watchtower cake tin. The value of the redeeming sacrifice is used. The fact that Jesus himself forgives sins must definitely be ignored. For then he could possibly be regarded as God! The faithful and sensible slave must avoid this at all costs.

Secondly, Christ's redeeming sacrifice forms the basis for our hope for the future.

While the true Christian hopes for Jesus, Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the future. They have a firm idea of how all this is going to work, and they have been in the Bible study and meeting often and long enough to keep their brains flat. Whoever has learned so much about the world future under the world leadership of the Watchtower Society will not easily throw overboard or doubt the high number of invested hours. Therefore, for Jehovah's Witnesses, the word "hope for the future" also has a very special meaning: Should I really trust in a God whom I can only please through Jesus, when I have already spent so much of my life listening to the prognoses of the faithful and understanding slave? After all this effort, should I really revise everything and trust this Jesus personally?

The apostle John saw in a vision that "a great multitude that no man could count", will survive the coming catastrophic end of the present system of things. Why will they survive while God destroys many others? An angel explained to John that the members of the great crowd "had washed their long robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb, the Lamb representing Jesus Christ.

But there's no blood of the lamb!
No trace of ill-treatment

As long as we exercise faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and live in harmony with divine requirements, we will be pure in God's eyes and have the hope of eternal life.

And again the point is reached where the Watchtower writer can bind his other gospel to the feet of man. He briefly mentions the matter of the Lamb's blood, and immediately afterwards, and without transition, to place "harmony with the divine requirements" next to it as a second mainstay. This "harmony with the divine requirements" is of course determined by the faithful and intelligent slave and does not result from the saving power of Jesus. No! For this the Jehovah's Witnesses need another instance of salvation: the Watchtower Society. And while the Christian who believes in Jesus never exercises his faith manually, but simply has, the Jehovah's Witnesses are destined to live their existence like clockwork wheels in the material processing of the demands of their false mistress and thus to associate a certain hope of eternal life. The true Christian has certainty of faith and is sure that he is pardoned and lives eternally if there is a God. Jehovah's Witness can only speculate with the utmost caution that he will earn an extra ticket by striving to "live in accordance with the divine requirements.

Third, the redeeming sacrifice is the greatest proof of Jehovah's love.

This Jehovah, to whom the Watchtower Society must repeatedly provide the attribute "God" in its writings and lectures, certainly does not love people. Rather, this Jehovah deliberately excludes people from salvation through a false doctrine and thus corrupts their entire lives. Every Jehovah's Witness stands in a tormented and desolate life, marked by the diligence of the Watchtower to gain a certain surplus that is certainly not enough to buy access to God. This Jehovah is a massive burden to his believers with demons and makes them renegade from Jesus by telling them that Jesus is by no means God.

Christ's death embodies the two greatest expressions of love in the history of the universe: I. God's love to send His Son to die for us; 2. Jesus' love to readily offer Himself as a ransom. If we really exercise faith, this love will be applied to us. The apostle Paul said: "[The] Son of God ... He loved me and gave himself up for me."

Again, the lie is embedded in the truth. The lie about the exercisability of faith in the sense of the Catholic righteousness of works stands here in the middle between the biblical statements. For Jehovah's Witnesses the exercise of faith is like the phrase with which a Catholic boasts: "I am a practicing Catholic!" This righteousness of works, which is found in Catholic theology, also grabs the Jehovah's Witnesses by the collar and throws them into the lake of fire of an eternally senseless life.

For the love that God and Christ have shown, we therefore want to show our gratitude by practicing faith in Jesus' redeeming sacrifice.

The permanent repetition of the slogan "exercise faith" should expose the strategy of the Watchtower Society enough.

It leads to eternal life to do that.

But it gets worse! Not the redeeming sacrifice, but this special watchtower faith exercise leads to eternal life.

But our salvation was not the most important reason for Jesus' life and death on earth.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and already peeing on people's trousers, the rest of the Watchtower lie can come to light: We are not that important to Jesus! Basically, he died for the controversial question.

No, his main interest was in a really big, universal issue. As we will see in the next chapter, this issue touches each of us because it shows why God has allowed malice and suffering in the world for so long.

Since from Jesus Christ, from his life and his work, only a hollowed out skeleton is left in the Watchtower ideology, it is also still assumed to him that in reality he did not die so much for us. No! There was a much more important problem. It is the question that in Witness Jehovah's jargon is considered the controversy. Read more about this work of art that the Watchtower Society of the Bible put over!


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