Why can't Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate Communion?

There are some strange prohibitions imposed on Jehovah's Witnesses that astonish other people (called world people by Jehovah's Witnesses). These prohibitions are usually pulled by the hair to give the individual Watchtower preacher the feeling of an incredibly strict religion. However, the celebration of the Lord's Supper is not explicitly forbidden. The celebration of the Lord's Supper has been turned into an opposite rite by Jehovah's Witnesses. Due to the perversion of the Lord's Supper into a pure celebration of death, there is no need for an explicit prohibition to participate in the Lord's Supper.

Although Jesus says that we should remember his death when we receive his body and blood in the form of the symbols bread and wine, this commandment to remember his death becomes the only point of the Watchtower death rite from the Watchtower theology, which can no longer be recognized as the Lord's Supper. The Watchtower Society is now only concerned with the death of Christ. They celebrate the death of Jesus like a triumph, but without emphasizing it in such a way that they would betray themselves.

To prevent the transparency of their lie theology, a Christian feature has been retained in abstruse perversion: Instead of the free access of all Christians to Jesus, 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses specialize in Jehovah's Witnesses together with the Watchtower Christ form a "Great Christ. These 144,000 Watchtower leaders may take from the symbols, since they are supposed to be saved by Christ and go to heaven. All other Jehovah's Witnesses cannot invoke Jesus and must hide "in the folds of the Watchtower Mantle" in order to be able to live once in the earthly tomato and pumpkin paradise completely carnally eternally.

The number of Jehovah's special witnesses in the world has long exceeded 144,000, and people have come up with the idea that there are still isolated special witnesses because earlier ones would fall away from Jesus. This means that in Jehovah's Witnesses the decision scenario is not complete even after death and that the apostasy of the deceased special witnesses of Jehovah ad absurdum leads to total annihilation after death, as Jehovah's Witnesses represent them. How can a destroyed Jehovah's Witness still fall away from faith? Or have all the thousands of anointed ones who must have fallen off to justify the new anointed ones revoked the Jehovah conviction just before their death?

The proportion of Jehovah's Witnesses who take bread and wine from the symbols and in this way imitate the true Lord's Supper without being Christians is infinitesimally small worldwide. The almost 100 per cent share of Jehovah's Witnesses (Jonadabe class) all dutifully allow the symbols to pass by. This closed rejection of the Lord's Supper symbols makes the Lord's Supper of the Watchtower Society an anti-Communion that has only one thing in its center: the joy of Jesus' death. Jehovah's Witnesses actually think they are Christians and do not know that they are celebrating an Anti-Cenacle meal that might be designed for Satanists.

With the reduction of the Christian to a minimal residual something, the Watchtower Society reverses the Christian Lord's Supper into an anti-Christian rite in which Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrate their separateness from Jesus God and the world. This is how Freemasonry likes to work. It only changes one or a few key points and thus achieves a result that is diametrically opposed to the origin. The Lord's Supper of Christians who confess their belonging to Jesus through the symbolic internalization of Jesus is the exact opposite in Jehovah's Witnesses. And the Jesus rejects don't even freeze in terror. Freemasonry is able to send people directly to their deaths without these people noticing and drawing the appropriate consequences.

As if the ancient Greeks had foreseen the machinations and tricks of Freemasonry, the prefix "anti" means not only "opposite" but also "looking alike"! The Anti Last Supper of Jehovah's Witnesses makes the claim and causes the appearance of a Christian Last Supper. But the exact opposite of what is done in the Christian Lord's Supper is done. And for decades the Christianity crouched by the lies of Catholicism looks at the wrong game without even noticing the simple reversal effect. And the few who have seen through this deadly celebration of the Jehovah's Witnesses' death are ignored or are accused of being agitators against the poor Jehovah's Witnesses.

All the more helpful is the invitation of the Jehovah's Witnesses to their Anti Last Supper of 2011. In this invitation to celebrate the death of Christ, the Watchtower Jesus, the Jehovah's Witnesses' not yet Islamicized point of religion, is depicted with an erect penis! This Watchtower Death Celebration flyer is featured on each of these web pages below. Here the reader recognizes the hatred Jehovah's Witnesses have for Jesus. A more perfidious caricature of Jesus has yet to be launched into the world. And millions of Watchtower people are convinced that this is Christ!

Conclusion: Jehovah's Witnesses are not forbidden to celebrate the Lord's Supper, but they accidentally celebrate the exact opposite. And nobody can make it clear to them that with the death of Jesus they also cheer their own death. Namely the death that awaits everyone who ignores Jesus and dismisses him as a wicked story.

Excursion: Let us seriously assume that Jesus Christ is only a brilliantly invented religious figure! Then what reason would anyone in this world have to fight this fairy tale with underhanded, complicated and elaborate counter-religions? Why then would institutions have to be created that seduce people to worship a disfigured and thus impossibly existing Jesus? Why then would something like ecumenism have to be installed, which has the sole aim of mixing truth with lies? In what then, for example, would the Roman Catholic Church have its right to exist as the great instrumentalization concept and as the great abuse cult of Jesus? If Jesus were only an invention, there would be no Satan worshipping Freemasons and no Pope who directly contradicts Jesus through his theology and tramples underfoot.

If we pull together the worldwide efforts, which serve the sole purpose of eliminating the biblical Jesus as personal savior, the result speaks so strongly for the fact that Jesus is not an invention of any religious phantoms, but the actual Son of Man. God, who became man, is the only one who can cause the kind of stubbornness we see all over the world. All the enemies of Christ unintentionally confirm that Jesus is the Son of God, the Lord of creation, the Creator himself.

And once you have understood these relations, you are no longer in a position, even from a purely logical point of view, to easily push forward your personal doubts and the mainstream as an excuse.


You are the True Hypocrites. Let a man live his faith however he wants. Unbelievable. You are not forbidden to go to church or mosque! There is something called "freedom of religion" ever heard of it? I bet that every Jehovah's Witness is filled with more heart than you!

DThe witnesses also do not demonstrate in front of the churches because someone tells what is right or wrong. So please.

forreligiousfreedom [April 07, 2020]

Enlightenment is also permitted. The Enlightenment doesn't turn people into hypocrites. [RH]


Awareness raising is important. How else are people to be warned of the clutches of a satanic sect if no one thinks it is necessary to point out the dangers?

Cultivated disinterest is also a form of religious freedom and tolerance.

People who plead for religious freedom often behave paradoxically. Where it is inappropriate, they interfere, and where it is appropriate, they keep out. They usually make unsubstantiated accusations without first having been properly informed.

It is not acceptable that everything is tolerated in the name of religious freedom. People die because of false teachings in the religions and society does not care? This is so mega-sick! Ignorance and apathy are becoming ever more widespread.

Jürgen [April 11, 2020]

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