Jehovah's Witnesses in National Socialism

A few months after the National Socialists seized power [the] Jehovah's Witnesses were banned ... Jehovah's Witnesses unanimously refused "Heil Hitler" greetings and membership of Nazi organisations. They were the only religious community that refused military service as a whole for religious reasons. They were the first to be taken to concentration camps and the only to be marked as a religious group with the purple angle. They had the opportunity to escape immediately by signing a statement that they no longer wanted to be Jehovah's Witnesses. Almost everyone refused. 10,000 Jehovah's Witnesses were victims of persecution, 6,000 were sent to prisons and concentration camps. 2,000 were killed, 250 by execution. The first executed conscientious objector of that time was Jehovah's Witness August Dickmann.
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Who has anything against Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jehovah's Witnesses are upright, honest people who stand by their convictions and do not deviate a millimetre from their great goals. They even accept their own death when it matters. They accept stigmatization as eccentrics at all times, not only in Nazi times when they were the only ones marked with the purple angle as a religious group. In the fight against the evil system of things, they always showed and show themselves steadfast.

Representatives of the Watchtower Doctrine have repeatedly replied to the arguments of that all this is just hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses. That must be corrected!

Even if some hard wording might arouse the suspicion that the authors on these pages would hate, this is by no means the case. Sharply formulated sentences on are directed always against the heresies of the Watchtower Society and not against the people who fall for it. In those places where individual Jehovah's Witnesses act by means of lies and slander, a certain aggressive reaction naturally arises. But here, too, this aggression is directed solely against the lies that the Jehovah's Witnesses have to forcefully get used to in the course of their sermon service.

Even in personal conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses, I sometimes get louder than necessary. This behavior is a reaction of mine to the trained Perma repetition of the Watchtower Society's doctrines, with which they repeatedly show that they do not want to listen to clear arguments. Recently, I very loudly called by name the heresies of the Watchtower Society on the street and the two witnesses, with their heads drawn in and fingers on their lips, signalled that I should please be quieter. Here it was no longer a matter of making the tone more polite, but the environment should not listen to the hair-raising Bible twists of the Watchtower Society.

Jehovah's Witnesses are upstanding, honest people. They are 100 percent committed to a cause that they themselves cannot and do not want to control! Nothing can be directed against the honest and upright Jehovah's Witness: Not hate, not unwillingness, not quarrel, and not anything else. The only thing against which abhorrence and rejection can be directed is self-deception and naive manipulability in blind obedience to the false prophet Watchtower Society.

Follow the example

I do not know a single Christian who would have believed in Jesus through the bravery of the Christians killed at all times. I, too, cannot find a positive impulse through the Christian martyrs of all times to help me answer the question – Jesus, yes or no. Surely the martyrdom of many Christians is a strong indication that something exists that moves many people in the same way, but the discovery that Jesus lives, I must nevertheless make for myself and then decide for myself whether I will possibly follow him to death.

Martyrs cannot be role models of faith in Jesus Christ. If this were the case, Christians would follow other Christians, but not Jesus. And that is not possible. There is no true Christian who has become a Christian for the sake of a human example, but there are only true Christians who are Christians for Jesus' sake. From this arises to take up again the above question about the possible hatred for Jehovah's Witnesses: Neither can I hate Jehovah's Witnesses, nor can I love Christians more than I love my neighbor anyway.

How do you become a martyr?

Every martyr in the entire history of humanity, from the first Christian to today's suicide bomber, dies in good faith in his cause. Until the second of his death, he is firmly bound to his conviction and sometimes experiences a hot roller coaster of emotions even before his death. This also affects the true Christian! If I were to find myself in such a situation, I would certainly always be scared to death, but then I would also euphorically praise God for allowing me to die for him.

But what ultimately decides whether I died in vain or not? This does not depend on us and on our conviction, but on whether heaven opens up when we die and Jesus receives us or not. Biblically founded and according to the multiple testimonies of Christians, there can only be the possibility that Jesus himself is the one who reveals himself to us in life and death as the mediator between God and man. Jesus Christ is the face of God already visible to us on earth and he is the one who receives us at our physical death.

Even those people who did not believe in Jesus and His redemption through His sacrificial death will be received by Jesus. Whether they can then turn their hearts (turn to Jesus) as Jehovah's Witnesses or as suicide bombers remains open. The fact that from now on they can immediately and without further ado fall into Jesus' arms is something that every person in this world will rightly doubt. This is why in this world we have the chance to really go on a search and ask ourselves what God wants to tell us through this Jesus. Whoever rejects this Jesus speaking to us and prefers to belong to a human organization, takes a not small risk!

Martyrs as figureheads?

Anyone who uses martyrs as a figurehead for a particular religious community has to put up with a few questions. While individual martyrs certainly deserve a certain amount of attention because, like Dietrich Bonhoefer, for example, they have testified for Jesus, pure figures about religious mass murder do not have a credulant effect. No church can boast of its martyrs, but can only point to them to denounce the injustice that has befallen them. Even the masses of people who have been slaughtered over many centuries for the purpose of eliminating the Reformation do not enlighten individuals as to whether faith in Jesus, Mary or Jehovah is right. All Reformation or Protestant faith groups that have been wiped out with stumps and stalks do reflect the struggle of the godless world against Christ, but they do not rebuild individual Christians. The individual Christian always depends on recognizing and obeying the voice of his Lord.

Anyone who uses the tyranny of mass murder and oppression as a figurehead as an organization cannot have understood that at the hour of their martyrdom people follow their consciences alone and not a thing or a religion. And Jehovah's Witnesses can be trusted to have effectively followed their consciences. A suicide bomber sees only his own paradisiacal advantages.

If an organization like the Watchtower Society has millions of Jehovah's Witnesses spread the word on the Internet that so many Jehovah's Witnesses had a painful history, what is their purpose? Doesn't it use the suffering of these people once again only for its own propaganda purposes? And doesn't the Watchtower Society have to examine its heresies much more intensively, which led to the fact that this suffering of Jehovah's Witnesses became possible at all? The Watchtower invention of the religiously obligated conscientious objection, at any rate, is a clear heresy that cannot be inferred from the Bible. The first Gentile Christians consisted of a household whose head was a Roman officer who left military service because of his conversion not! So the Watchtower Society must be asked whether it did not actively help with its heresies to increase or even cause the suffering of Jehovah's Witnesses! Especially since later in Mexico the same Watchtower Society allowed young men to be freed from military service by bribery!

If a religious organization obviously continues to use the Hitler-era murder victims as advertising media, what does this organization want to achieve?

An important clarification

The alleged hatred for Jehovah's Witnesses does not exist. What really makes me very angry, though, is the blatant permanent seduction emanating from the Watchtower Society. The fact that the impression that individuals are held guilty of something is created in the confrontation with this seduction does not mean that hatred is the driving force behind the Enlightenment at Rather, it is grief over seduced, mentally and above all spiritually crippled people.

The open criticism of of the Watchtower Society's heresy and perfected twisting of the Bible has only come about because I love a Jehovah's Witness and cannot bear to see this woman deceive herself out of a blind, indoctrinated loyalty to a Jehovah. Clear words of Jesus are put away unchecked because the Watchtower Society thinks otherwise. Jesus' clear words are not considered valid, because otherwise the Watchtower Society would lose its reputation as the channel of God. Jesus' rescue offer is disregarded because the Watchtower Society does not tolerate this rescue offer in its vendor's tray, but has replaced it with its own strategy.

I do not hate Jehovah's Witnesses, but I hate it when people are drilled into pure rigidity of conviction, hardened inwardly, and robbed of their original humanity. I do not hate Jehovah's Witnesses and I feel with every individual who has himself killed or arrested for his conviction. But I hate the mechanism of self-deception, which is pushed into people by false teachers. For this mechanism of self-deception is not only characteristic of the Watchtower people, but also of the followers of Adolf Hitler.

Urgent call

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses! Please believe God that He Himself will meet you in Jesus Christ. Jesus never installed an organization, but he meets each person individually. Only when a person has found Jesus can he discover the belonging to his brothers and sisters in faith. Even those who grow up in Christian congregations can never come to faith "through a certain habituation". It is often the case that they have to experience their personal impulse to believe in Jesus Christ in completely opposite life situations.

Human organizations can never be the home of true Christians. Even if they call themselves the channel of God or God's only true church! The home into which a Christian is born with his conversion is the body of Christ, which exists worldwide as the community of all true Christians. This body of Christ is of course not a human or visible institution or organization. Many churches belong to the body of Christ.

If someone has come to Christ, he will very certainly recognize which churches belong to the body of Christ. Do not follow human religious groups. Do not follow high-sounding world-changing communities. Follow Jesus and only Him alone!


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