Walldorf-Wiesloch: Six-year-old dies of refusal of treatment

Watch your step! Correction! The six-year-old was baptized Protestant!


  • Dependent misinformation of the population says: Lie down again, it's all right.
  • Chancellor's rue (also known as Merkel rue or rue of power) is a permanently public gesture by Chancellor Angela Merkel. It means: "Many thanks, my worldwide working supporters! I am back in power."
  • Ecumenism wants to achieve the unity of all religions and in the course of its implementation renounces any truth that is not recognized by anyone. Example: The word "Son of God" should be removed from the Bible so that Muslims and others can read the Bible without aggressive attacks. In the end there is the great worldwide brotherhood as demanded and promoted by Freemasonry.
  • Ultrahumanism is the exaggerated, self-destructive understanding of doing well. The Ultrahumanism is a religiously fanatical form of self-adulation and self-justification and welcomes grievances of all kinds in order to wear oneself out as a human being and as a nation in a wrongly understood humane attitude. The Ultrahumanism strengthens itself and inevitably leads to collective hatred of all moderate decisions and efforts of others. The Ultrahumanism tends unerringly towards totalitarianism. Its development divides society both between individuals and groups and as a whole. Participants in Ultrahumanism feel a high sense of correctness and positive integration. The whole world is their immovable hope. No less than the self-created paradise is aspired to in Ultrahumanism and often enforced or defended by force.

For some time now, the ordered misinformation of the population has been gaining more and more importance. For ultrahumanistic reasons and ecumenical considerations, ministries and politicians are cleverly devising and finely dosing information to keep the population calm. This of course goes hand in hand with the ulterior motive that Germans are still able to instigate progroms and street battles and therefore the German must be protected from explosive information beyond the special offers of the supermarket.

This is symbolized by the rue of female chancellors, which has dominated the image of German politics for a long time. But this is also symbolized by the reports of the death of a six-year-old in Walldorf. The reports about this clearly indicate that the order from above not to use certain terms (such as: Jehovah's Witness, refusal of a Blood Transfusion) was followed. The newspaper articles show how helpless the journalists are and how some of them even omit the main complex of the report in order not to make a mistake.

A message was subsequently corrected. This is called "Update".

We live in a time in which peace and security are increasingly dictated from above. It does not matter whether peace and security have actually been achieved, but only the feeling of peace and security is produced by keeping disturbing facts out of the public consciousness. What he does not know does not make him hot. That is the maxim of our idolatrous humanistic society and even churches and free churches turn to the ecumenical line. Facts are embezzled and grievances may no longer be named. Peace, joy, pancakes form the Trinity out of human graces and the media depend existentially on whether they bow to this Trinity or not.

1 Thessalonians 5,3 When they will say: "Peace and security," then they will suddenly be attacked by perdition like the contractions of a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

The instructions from above amount to exactly one thing: peace and security. They call out "peace and security" like the referee the penalty, like the train attendant the departure, like the warlord the attack. The proclamation of "peace and security", as the Bible passage above indicates, does not have to be understood as meaning that "peace and security" has already been achieved in the proclamation. Even the proclamation of "peace and security" is closer to the command tone. When the authorities proclaim "peace and security", all people must obey. This obedience of humans is of course easiest to enforce if humans know as little as possible.

Give the people bread and games! The special offer newspapers of the supermarkets may read humans, but facts, which could outrage him, must be filtered out finely from the media. By the way, this approach can be observed especially in the public relations work of the Watchtower Society. All explosive information is kept secret from Jehovah's Witnesses. This is the point at which Masonic humanism and the Masonic Watchtower religion get underhand and deceive people together. Information yes, but please always only to the given extent. In the Watchtower Doctrine this is called "Theocratic Stratagem". This "Theocratic Stratagem" is the permitted lie for the purpose of securing power.

Details of the death of a six-year-old in Walldorf

In the newspaper reports about the tragic death of a six-year-old in Walldorf one could read only little and the whole was covered by a false report, which obviously should cause panic. But the facts and figures are:

  • This was an acute emergency.
  • The treatment method was rejected.
  • The six-year-old boy was withdrawn from life-saving treatment.

And the rest they hide:

  • Was the mother of the six-year-old Witness Jehovas?
  • Was the Youth Welfare Office called in to temporarily take over custody?
  • Who or which organization contributed the false report about an unknown virus that distracted from the core of the message?

The media owes this information to the people and the different newspaper reports do not give a self-contained picture. Some of them still show the effort to suggest the facts to the extent that they do not violate the instructions from above on the one hand, but on the other hand allow the right conclusions to be drawn. This raises the question of whether clear reporting might not contribute much more to peace and security! But in our world of superficiality and irrelevance, disinformation has proved its worth. If we simply put a sack over the old horse's head, he will be calm.

Fatal is the attempt of some newspaper writers to make the compromise between lie and truth as perfect as possible. Journalists actually write: The six-year-old returned home with his parents. This formulation makes one think of a little boy who is terminally ill, who takes his parents by the hand, leads them to the car and gives the order: go home! Such a completely at the happening passing statement comes out with the attempt to relieve the nut/mother and the most probable initiator of the treatment refusal. And after all we experience today, there is no hope of ever being enlightened by those responsible about the true facts. We must be content with reports that a terminally ill 6-year-old boy is returning home. Fortunately, it was not possible to blame the boy for refusing medical treatment.

What would have happened if the press didn't have to lie?

The press obviously lies, yes, it must lie, because it is urged to do so by the ultrahumanist authorities. The ideology of the Greens and the Left does not believe in truth. The Greens and the Left and those adapted to them insist on political correctness. Political correctness is the God-equalizing ideal that tears down all natural differences and boundaries. The message could have been as follows in the perfect jargon of Green Left language: "The father of the six-year-old child beast rejected the proposed treatment of the sick."

The green-left mindset requires concealing facts. If it was a Muslim woman who, for religious reasons, had to avoid her son being touched by the nurse's hands, this fact must not be published under any circumstances. If the mother of the deceased child was a Jehovah's Witness who refused to treat her son because of the Watchtower lies, this must not be published! Too much truth and fact could disturb the peace and security of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society needs peace and security in order to be able to continue to lie to its sheep-like people perfectly.

If the media didn't have to lie, people would have been informed about all the facts. Then there would certainly not have been more or less fright, but in the end there would have been a defined, proven fact, on the basis of which many discussions could have been held later. But the public discussion of their lies hates the Watchtower Society and the German state supports them in avoiding open discussion. The German state also supports the Watchtower-Lies-MURDER-ORGANisation in the undisturbed recruitment of further fatality candidates in station buildings. The German state really doesn't seem to care much about the people as long as the ideals on the left side of the green have a wedding and colour the sky above all people pink.

Through the messages that cover up the most important facts, the Merkel rauten state, aligned to the green-left, permanently achieves the emergence of a population that watches mildly smilingly lying, murdering and killing. As in the Roman games, where people saw the blood flowing, today's passerby takes a quick step past Jehovah's Witness. He is on his way to stock up on delicacies that he wants to eat while watching the murders on television. So he doesn't have time to pay attention to Jehovah's Witness, who is recruiting more death row candidates right in front of him. And the green-left ghost says: Leave Jehovah's Witness alone! No six-year-old children will die!

If the media did not have to lie, there would be far greater trust in the media and the state. And in Europe there would be significantly fewer equality air locks. At the same time, the European Union would have developed in a direction that would have benefited all the nations united in it and their people. Then there would be democracy in Europe and Europe would never support religious theocracies directly or indirectly. But it would not even be possible to democratically put the decision for or against the European Union on the table. All critical statements about left-Green Ultrahumanism in Europe are ignored and ignored. The deadly consequences resulting from the European ideology of self-created green and left-wing values are gladly accepted by the self-appointed authorities. Thus the six-year-old had to die indirectly in Walldorf, because the European public prosecutor's office has long steadfastly refused to get to the bottom of the Watchtower Society's serial murders of blood lies.

The Blood Lies of the Watchtower Society in Brief

The Watchtower ideology is deliberately misconceived to prove that the Bible lies and that the religious followers concerned become inhumane. The blood question is based on God's permission that man should and may eat meat. Only the blood should be poured away. It must not be in the meat intended for consumption. It is precisely here that the Watchtower Society claims that human blood is also affected, that one should not drink it. But has the God of the Bible ever allowed people to eat human flesh? Never! And yet false religion raises the rejection of human blood. There has never been a Jew or a Jehovah's Witness who has attached himself to the cult of man-eating or who has drunk human blood.

This proves that the Watchtower Society deliberately arranged the serial murder. It even sets up organized committees to ensure that the supposed cannibalism is not committed and that a blood transfusion is rejected in any case. The murder motive is the only possible motive of the Watchtower Society for the invention of its cannibal law. For it has never been able or willing to regulate a single cannibal with it. Anyone who has no cannibals and nevertheless enacts a cannibalism law with multiple death consequences can only act out of the desire to kill people. And this Watchtower Cannibal Law does not exist in the Bible and has never existed in the Bible!

The death of the six-year-old boy from Walldorf highlights the Watchtower lies and the Watchtower Society ... even without the exact knowledge of the mother's religion, and the green-left polished state and its media submissively adhere to conceal the ideological origin of the death of this six-year-old boy from Walldorf. Anyone who conceals the causes of death of this kind from the public is an accessory to murder, makes himself the beneficiary of such murders and promotes the foolish world of fables and religious spinner organisations. We in Europe are in fact so run-down that the state and its institutions are committing this aiding and abetting of murder. Is it any wonder that the public prosecutor's offices keep quiet on this subject in an organised manner?

Early correction

Of course, the suspicion that it was a Jehovah's Witness mother is more than justified, more than obvious. But it is and remains only a suspicion. The media may no longer communicate certain facts to us humans. Of course, it could also be a working mother who had no time to visit her son at Heidelberg University Hospital. But it could also have been a mother who could not or did not want to pay the deductible. But it could also have been a Muslim mother who could not be held responsible for her son being touched by other women's hands. Or it was simply a modern woman who had to let her son die for scheduling reasons. Of course, it could also have been a mother who had parked her car in a no-parking zone.

The reader should think up even more cases of this kind. Because in a world where there are at least 60 sexes, ...

And the media is not keeping anything from us! For sure!


Six-year-old boy from Walldorf

It must have been at the end of January this year when I read a short report in my Rhein-Neckar newspaper about a mother who had visited a clinic in Heidelberg with her sick child. The doctor treating her urgently recommended that the child be given into her care, i.e. left in the clinic. But the mother refused and took her seriously ill child home again against the will of the doctor. Approx. 20 kilometres by car.

During the night the condition became so bad that the boy was taken to the clinic again by ambulance, but he did not arrive alive. And at the end of this second newspaper report it was written that an investigating committee wants to find out whether a third person was involved or was involved in this case.

Then still days later I read an obituary in the newspaper from the teachers and pupils of the Schiller School Walldorf, where the six-year-old was only allowed to attend school for a few days. Since then one hears and reads nothing more of this sad tragedy. In the obituary one could only read the first name of the deceased.

And now for the third person mentioned above

Well, a hurricane has hit my head. The question -- who is this third person. Can a mother, who loves her child more than anything else, let herself be influenced by other people to take such a risk and be complicit in the death of her own son?

No, this cannot and must not be! Did the mother not quite understand the language of the doctor, because she was perhaps a foreigner? Who was or is this third person?

Was it Satan, the evil power from below? Did or does this mother belong to a sect, a religious denomination that condones the death of both children and adults? Yes – even celebrates a ban on human blood?

I don't know, but God knows. And he's the one we have to answer to. There's no getting around it.

Renate [June 10, 2018]


Hello Renate,

what I always think about and what I don't understand is why is the little one going to the hospital when the mother refuses any treatment. If it really was or is a Jehovah's Witness, how does she live now? How does it go, how jaded you have to be to refuse treatment for your sick child. Instinctively and without thinking about my faith, I would do anything!!! And if "my Jehovah" it allows that my child may not be helped, my faith would be a future for the A..!! Wouldn't it?

Kind regards from Karin [June 11, 2018]


So here I was expecting the report about a six-year-old boy who died because he did not receive donor blood for religious reasons. But it was more than that. It was a whole social criticism. And I think that it applies. Our "independent quality media" lie very often. And when they do tell the truth, they leave out some important facts, which basically means they are lying again.

For example, I recently heard that our Chancellor herself had a telephone conversation with Melinda Gates. In that phone call, our chancellor promised the proud sum of half a billion dollars This money will be transferred to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With this amount our Chancellor actually wants to co-finance the development of a new vaccine so that the evil evil coronavirus can finally be fought.

So let's recap: The Chancellor of Germany gives one of the richest families in the world half a billion dollars of taxpayers' money to create a new vaccine in the gates' poison kitchen, excuse me, "research laboratory" to fight a harmless flu. A flu for which measures have been adopted all over the world that are on the one hand permanently undermining democracy and on the other hand causing massive damage to the economy. That is what we should be writing about in the media!

But it's interesting: there are an alarming number of low earners, pensioners without pensions and homeless people at all major stations in Germany. Social benefits are being cut more and more and wages are being squeezed. Supposedly there is no alternative. There is simply no money.

But when Melinda Gates calls and wants a HALF MILLION, then suddenly money is already there. You know, it's funny...

MuselManne [May 15, 2020]

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