Watchtower Arbitrariness

The great vision that the Watchtower Publishing House from Brooklyn sells to the people consists of the claim that all evil people would be eliminated at a certain, soon arriving date. And since every human being except the true Christians classifies himself as good and not as evil, this message of annihilation falls on quite fertile ground all over the world as the Watchtower Gospel. (Genuine Christians, on the other hand, have knowledge of sin and can only flee from the shock of their sin into the forgiving love of Jesus.) The grateful recipients of the Watchtower Message of the imminent annihilation of all evil are all people who have nothing to do with Jesus and cannot know that they themselves are at least as evil and evil as the rest of the world.

So it is precisely those people who have never experienced a salvation from the drooling after the prestige before men who are suitable as manipulation masses for Jehovah theology anyway. They are people without God, because only in Jesus can and will God meet us. They are people without God, who depend daily on receiving respect and recognition from their peers. They are people who are on the road with feeling: Together we will get through this!

But that only God and not human beings can satisfy this need for recognition and love for eternity is something they cannot experience, because the slave has wisely forbade them to ever pray to Jesus.

Brazenly addressed

The magazine "ERWACHET" of November 2010 states on pages 17/18 that unscrupulous behaviour leads to destruction:

The very first prediction in the Bible was recorded by Moses at the time of the world power Egypt. It is found in Genesis 3:15. Here God promised a "seed" or descendant who would destroy the devil and his "seed" or all those who behave as unscrupulously and unscrupulously as he does (John 8:44; 1 John 3:8).
[AWAKE! November 2010, page 17]

But there is no mention of annihilation in the Bible passage cited by the Watchtower! There is only talk of enmity and of crushing the head:

1st Moses 15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed; he will crush your head, and you, you will crush his heel.

The crushing of the head is the paraphrase of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. The accuser has lost all power over people, because Jesus took all guilt upon Himself. What Satan is up to, what turns his head, what is his great goal, the whole sitemap of his thinking, namely to be able to pronounce people guilty before God, that is all gone. This Jesus has put a spoke in his wheel so that Satan can only try to keep as many people as possible away from Jesus.

Also in the other two passages (John 8:44; 1 John 3:8) there is nothing about the destruction of the wicked! Only in 1 John 3:8 does the word "destroy" occur, but it does not concern evil people, but the works of the devil. The destruction of the works of the devil is exactly this crushing of the head of the serpent. The devil can no longer accuse people before God, for God has created atonement for all those who trust in Jesus through the offering of his own self.

1. Johannes 3,8 ... The Son of God was revealed for this purpose, so that He might destroy the works of the devil.

Watchtower Society Creates Space for Itself

In order to be able to put at least a horse's foot in the door of the devil's lost power in this position, the Watchtower Society calls Jesus only a part of the promised seed. It itself must and of course wants to be involved in the game and therefore makes a side statement that is hardly noticeable, but in itself is blasphemy par excellence:

As it turned out, the promised "seed" was first and foremost the Messiah.: Jesus Christ (Luke 2:9-14).
[AWAKE! November 2010, page 18]

Luke 2:9-14 speaks only of Jesus and not of anyone else who could or should add something to the work of Jesus. The fiction that in addition to Jesus there should be a thing or an apparition that would have to do the work of annihilation in combination with Jesus is pure watchtower fantasy that people are all too happy to hear. Just as the Catholic Church imposed masses of additional conditions so that a person would be saved, so the Watchtower Society adds a thing to Jesus that must be observed and obeyed so that Jesus' redemption can work properly in the first place. And this addition takes place without any biblical foundation. All biblical passages that the Watchtower scribes use as proof of their theology confirm none of this, but exclude everything except Jesus.

But that doesn't bother the Watchtower of God Channel in the least. He positions himself unrestrainedly as a mediator between God and man – just as the Pope positioned himself and the Queen of Heaven Mary between God and man. Both have the same goals:

  • gain power
  • Let Jesus step into the background

The Watchtower Gospel

The great Watchtower longing for the great Watchtower Paradise builds on the destruction of evil humans ("... all who behave as unscrupulously and unscrupulously as he [the Devil] "). That without exception all people fall under this categorization is conscientiously concealed by the faithful and understanding slave. And Jehovah's Witnesses gladly assume that they are something better than the rest of humanity. There is nothing else on which they can base their hope to be spared the destruction of all evil.

He will put an end to all evil and the bad rule of man and finally rule over the whole earth himself. Then man will no longer rule "over man to his detriment" (Ecclesiastes 8:9). And like Joshua, who led the Israelites into the "land of promise," Christ will make sure that a "great multitude" of God-fearing people can live in an even more beautiful "land of promise," on this earth, which will then be a dreamlike paradise (Revelation 7:9, 10, 14, 17; Luke 23:43).
[AWAKE! November 2010, page 18]

That fear of God can never be the better-than-other is clearly stated in the Bible, but the Watchtower conceals it. That only those who are in Jesus can be saved does not fit into the Watchtower concept of the Jehovah God who destroys all evil. The Watchtower also conceals the fact that those who follow Jesus are not saved because of their own goodness, but exclusively because of the goodness of Jesus Christ. People who trust Jesus are given a white garment that is an image of how we can put on the purity of Jesus like a dress. Christians do not become better by believing in Jesus, but they have found a way out prepared by God. They walk through the door of Jesus Christ and dress in the new garment they receive from Him. All this is pure grace. A gift from God. This God, who let Himself be destroyed for us, so that those who believe may be saved, this God is now to be, according to the Watchtower's thought, the God who removes His own work of grace and thus also destroys the evil that He has saved?

Jesus' death and resurrection are the door and the way to God. Whoever wants to go this way must realize that he is a sinner and that he needs God's grace – not just once, but to the end of his life (washing his feet). Anyone who feels better than this because he has observed all the Watchtower Statutes and Jehovah's Laws to the best of his knowledge and conscience cannot see the real sin. He walks on a path that has its beginning and goal in Pharisaism.

Earthly hope of paradise

The hope for a New World is the program of the Watchtower theologians with the Gospel of Man Destruction. It is the visionary image of what Freemasons and American patriots imagine when they think of happiness. But the fact that earthly happiness can never come out of Jesus, they repress and teach people the opposite. Since the Fall, earthly existence has been lost forever. The kingdom into which we who hope for Jesus enter is not of this world. And he will not destroy evil, but what decides against him. All were and are evil, as are all of them. There is no boundary that could be drawn between "still good enough" and "already too bad"! Only belonging to Jesus can cause this decisive crossing of the border. And this leads into the kingdom of Jesus, which is not of this world.


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