The Theocratic War Fraud

The word theocracy refers to a human society that is supposedly under divine leadership. In contrast to the body of Christ, theocracy is a highly earthly phenomenon. The true church, the body of Christ, is an invisible institution brought to life by Jesus and kept alive by Him alone. Theocracy, on the other hand, is based on human initiative and requires permanent control by an elite that claims to be in communion with a God.

Everything that is described with the attribute "theocratic" has thus contrary to the actual meaning of the word nothing to do with God, but only with a particularly bold form of human dominion over man. The conceptual hypocrisy inherent in the word "theocracy" must consequently entail further errors, for only lies can come from lies. One of the consequences of the theocratic organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is the Theocratic War Fraud, which is supposed to serve to better assert the interests of the Watchtower God Jehovah.

But can it really be that the creator of the universe is dependent on lies? Jehovah's endorsement of the Theocratic Lie alone shows that this Jehovah cannot be the God of the Bible and not the God of Truth. A God who encourages his people to lie to better serve the interests of his channel can have nothing to do with the God of the Bible, but must be either a fantasy figure or Satan himself. To imply to God that he is good for something like the Theocratic Trick of War is one of the most impudent and hurtful attacks and blasphemies the world has ever seen.

Jesus, the Son of God (he calls himself the truth), would probably have serious difficulties if he were the Son of a God who instigates his witnesses to lie, no matter how helpful this stratagem of war may be in asserting any interests. And what kind of witnesses do these have to be, who like to neglect the upright walk, if it seems advisable to them! They are definitely dishonest witnesses from whom nothing true can be expected.

The Jehovah's Witnesses make this disgraceful testimony by following the recommendations and instructions of their faithful and discreet slave and using the Rahab technique, the Theocratic Trick of War. And not only that! Anyone who belongs to such an association that tends to lie cannot and must no longer call himself sincere. Anyone who remains in the Watchtower Society, even though he knows that in certain cases lies are encouraged there, can just as easily walk around with a big cardboard poster saying, "God is a liar and Jesus is the untruth!

Some quotes from the book: Theocratic Warfare by Jerry Bergman, Ph. D. and Mehmet Aslan:

1) ... the so famous "Rahab technique" which allows Jehovah's Witnesses to withhold and distort the truth in court (with the permission and blessing of their own religion). This practice is based on the premise that Jehovah's Witnesses are "at war" with the world and its courts, and consequently are not obligated to tell the truth to their enemies, the courts.

2) This doctrine was practiced by past presidents of the Watchtower Organization, Charles Taze Russel and Frederick Franz, both lied in court when asked about their linguistic abilities.

3) The doctrine that the JW was lying to its outside world to protect the interests of its community was familiar to me (the expression "theocratic warfare" was heard in this context for the first time), but that so blatantly lied in court shocked me downright.

4) The concept of deception is also applied by the Watchtower Organization in dealing with its followers.

5) Only the Arian Fraternity, a group that represents the predominance of whites and teaches that lies are appropriate to promote their interests, shares this teaching with Jehovah's Witnesses.

6) ... in essence, the Watchtower Organization teaches that it is appropriate to withhold the truth "from people who have no entitlement to it" if it promotes the interests of the organization. According to the Watchtower, Scripture justifies the "tactics of war" to hide the truth from the enemy. David Reed defines theocratic war tactics as : "hiding the truth from people who have no claim to it – that is: lying to outsiders when one considers it necessary".

7) ... theocratic warfare in practice means "deceiving" or misleading the "opponent" with false or misleading information to protect the life and interests of God's people and organization.

8) The Watchtower, of course, does not admit that it teaches to lie, but that "lying to God's opponent" does not really mean lying, but "war trickery" ...

9) ... The Watchtower, which instructs children of witnesses to testify in court to the opposite of what they were really taught to believe; the Watchtower Society requires them to use a form of ambiguous speech that most people would call a lie. And if young people don't want to look at themselves as liars in front of their own consciences, they also have to engage in some kind of "double thinking," the spiritual acrobatics described in George Orwell's novel ... in which people are forced by a totalitarian society to be aware of complete truthfulness while expressing carefully conceived lies.

10) He (Goodrich) said in his letter of June 9 (1922), after quoting Howletts answer to him: »The only possible meaning of these words gives an impression that is completely contrary to the basic facts as I know them. I must believe, however, that your motive for writing them is the highest – the desire to honor Jehovah's name...«

By what means do Jehovah's Witnesses honor their God? – It is unbelievable that these people actually call themselves Christians!

11) In his Sunday morning address on the subject: »Careful as snakes among wolves« ... Franz explained certain Old Testament verses that would prove that Jehovah approves lies against enemies when it comes to saving oneself; thus such lies are not to be condemned as long as they are directed against outsiders. Then the Chairman, as the representative of the Watchtower Society, thanked him for the »new light« he had brought.

12) ... encouraged Jehovah's Witnesses to hide some of their true beliefs and to mislead the judgment regarding their beliefs and practices with children.

13) ... the Watchtower Society encourages its faithful to »fix« their witness statements.

14) If you want to be blessed with eternal life, you must belong to Jehovah's organization and do His will.

So, to save yourself, you have to lie. What kind of God is this Jehovah?

15) Their lying involves efforts to deny past teachings, something that must inevitably have certain effects on changing their present teachings.

16) They will not hesitate to lie, even under oath. They have a doctrine called »Justified lying« which says that you must tell the truth only to those who »have a claim to it«.

17) The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled in April 1994 that evidence that Jehovah's Witnesses had »Theocratic War Tactics« ... may not be used in court. In fact, this decision seems to allow JZ to use deception in the name of religious freedom in the courts of Ohio.

18) Lying and dishonesty is the rule rather than the exception in our time.

Which further proves that Jehovah's Witnesses are a part of this world!

19) But what the member or follower of the JW does not know ... is that the spiritual guidance of the witnesses ... deceives them themselves (the Jehovah's Witnesses) and deprives them of the truth.

20) Basically one can summarize the behavior of the witness leadership in this way: It is always lied, dishonestly argued, facts held back, where no substantial disadvantages should arise for them.

21) Ultimately, lying to one's own followers is purely an end in itself of witness guidance and serves to maintain their influence.

End of quotes

The original version, the whole book is available as PDF file.


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