The justification of God's right to rule humanity

The Bible] has a single theme – "the justification of God's right to rule humanity and the realization of his loving purpose through his kingdom".
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The question of power

While the Bible never speaks of a question of power between God and the devil, but of the inevitable fate of final death arising from separation from God, the Watchtower Society introduces the above-mentioned question of power in order to distract the attention of believers from the actual core of the Bible. But the Bible reports exclusively that the only way to lift the separation between us humans and God is the grace of God, which He gives us in faith in the Son of Man Jesus Christ. This unique core statement of the Bible, which does not tolerate any other message besides itself, means for the Watchtower Society the absolute total loss, because it shows that the Watchtower Society between Jesus and man cannot have any right to exist and that it itself has devised its alleged mission of mediation.

In order to create a substitute for the actual theme of the Bible and to distract from its own superfluity, the Watchtower Society constructs a doctrine read into the Bible that largely ignores God's solution to the tense relationship between man and God. This doctrine read into the Bible has only the dispute between two main characters on the sitemap, who act so beautifully far away from us that we can sit back comfortably in our armchair and confidently and without thinking "let those up there", namely the Watchtower Society, do it. The exchange of the teachings by the Watchtower Society has no other purpose than: »Leave everything to us! We, the Watchtower Society, solve the problem for you. You don't have to worry about anything anymore.«

This, of course, is very much in the interest of people in need of security, who like to see the world brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses as a guarantor that the Bible will finally be explained to believers in a professional and masterful manner. With this trust in the masterful people of the Jehovah's Witnesses Leadership Body, the need to rely on God and not on people is successfully erased from the consciousness of Jehovah's Witnesses and replaced with a filler that fills the gap with a fantasy theme not present in the Bible.

The "justification of God's right" could never exist as a term if it had not been invented by wildly determined people to erode the Bible. For God was, is, and always will be omnipotent and endowed with all rights, and needs no justification from anyone. Otherwise he would not be God. The request to justify even a hint of what God is can only come from someone who wants to imply precisely through this abstruse idea: »God is not at all omnipotent and possessor of all rights!« Who besides Satan can put into the world an idea that makes God stand as non-God?

The doctrine of the non-God who, through a justification necessary for him, advances to be God, is in fact the main component of the thinking and desires of a particular being. Subject to him are all theologies that want to turn the message of the Bible around and propagate Satan as the true God. Such a God, who needs justification in order to be God, naturally has the greatest interest in displacing the condescension of the true God, to meet us in Jesus Christ, from the field of vision of the people and to fill the resulting gap with his own interests.

The fainting question

The true God, however, who needs no justification and whose worship includes precisely this circumstance of unquestioned omnipotence, did not consider it a disgrace to humble himself to death for our sake. Contrary to the justification claims made by Jehovah's Witnesses, he gave up every reputation of his own and only requires us to believe in the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. In this faith in the Son of Man, God is glorified, not in the sense of a justification of his rights, but exclusively in the connection between him and us that takes place in our hearts. This glorification of the Father within ourselves in the glorification of the Son does not serve the purpose of establishing any rights of an imperfect God, but this glorification of God exclusively serves our own healing.

God is not dependent on our cooperation to restore His power or His rights, but we are 100% dependent on God to come to life and be healed. It is in this healing that the sanctification that the Father gives us takes place, so that we do not have to perish in His righteousness.

The Watchtower Tactics

In order to cover up the true sitemap, the true message of the Bible, the Watchtower Society pursues a certain strategy time and again. The facts are turned around as much as possible, and where something cannot be turned, it is simply replaced by a "new idea. This approach is the ancient handwriting of Satan. He is known to turn everything around with a pious and kind smile and freely claim the opposite of what is happening.

The very idea that God needs justification for whatever and by whomever is through and through the reversal of the concept of God. For even the smallest assumed or projected deficiency situation makes God everything, but not God. The concept of God itself forbids such an assumption by itself, because whoever needs justification is no longer anything like God. God is perfect in everything, it must be, and it is even perfect when, as in the case of Jesus, he puts himself in the imperfection of humanity and, beyond that, lets the absolute humiliation happen to him by dying for us. Even this expression of himself is a sign of God's perfection, which needs no justification.

But this is a factor for Jehovah's Witnesses that would throw them back on the status of the recipient. But according to their God, Jehovah, they are performers, givers, active, energetic, joyful, united worshippers, and equals in all things. They permanently need the consciousness to help God somehow into the cloak, so that he later says: »Okay! One hand washes the other! Jehovah's Witnesses rely on this performance-counterperformance mechanism, and they can't do anything with the grace that emanates from God.

The "justification of the right of God" is for the Jehovah's Witnesses a kind of ticket to paradise. They do their human part to ensure that the non-God becomes a God after all, and then, according to the teachings of the Watchtower Society, they can count on being treated well by this God who they themselves justify. This variant does not appear in the Bible and is not even mentioned in the Koran. However, this variant is closely connected with the teachings of the Watchtower Society, which is always only concerned with the fact that the activity and commitment and commitment of the Brotherhood members inspire, emphasize, justify that Jehovah.

With the function of Jehovah's Witnesses to be God's shoehorn, the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses elevates itself to a kind of God. This clearly shows the Watchtower Society's self-conception and everyday behaviour towards thoughtful people. Jehovah's Witnesses have slipped into the role of the God-maker because of their doctrine of having to justify that Jehovah, and they live from this elite feeling. It has nothing to do with the Bible anymore.


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