The Watchtower Society Leadership System

Anointed Christians – the faithful and understanding slave

Since in the Catholic Church the individual believer is only given the role of a fellow runner, the Watchtower Society picks out those who are no longer justifiably satisfied with this role as catchment basins. The seekers who have noticed that in the Catholic Church in spiritual regard no experiences with Jesus can be made, but only with relics and ritual acts, are caught by a system which for its part aggravates once more the lack of experience of the seeker. Those who do not turn directly to Jesus and surrender their lives to him very easily go from the rain of Catholicism into the eaves of the slave-controlled system of the Watchtower Society.

In the Catholic Church we find a systematic division between priests and lay people. This unbiblical division of Christians is exacerbated in the Watchtower Society by Jehovah lay people claiming that they do not have the Holy Spirit, that they are unanointed Christians, that they are just a group of people untouched by Jesus. Not only does the Bible say clearly and unambiguously that no Christian can be a Christian if he is not anointed by the Holy Spirit, but Jesus even exaggerates this fact for everyday faith. He says: Whoever of you wants to be recognized by God as a leader, humble yourselves and serve! Often enough we find evidence in the Bible that those who are not highly regarded are the very instruments in the hands of God.

In the Watchtower Society, the classification of Christians in the Bible, which is valid for all, is not only trampled underfoot as in the Catholic Church, but it is turned into its direct opposite. The Jehovah concern claims the anointing of the spirit for its own management personnel and approves the "freelancers" in sermon service (as the Watchtower Society also calls the Jehovah's Witnesses) of just taking on the role of the one who likes to listen to music but has nothing to do with music himself, let alone make music. The basic prerequisite for being a Christian, namely the reception of the Holy Spirit, reduces the Watchtower doctrine to 144,000 special Jehovah leaders since Fred Franz, the most imaginative president of the Canal of God. The number of these 144,000 so-called "anointed Christians" has long been exhausted in purely mathematical terms, but there are still about 8,000 living copies of this extinct species worldwide, which quite clearly indicates that Jehovah has miscounted himself.

The Watchtower Society kills at least two birds in one stroke by eradicating the anointing with the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, practical space is created for the claim to leadership of the high Watchtower Group floors; on the other hand, the announcement of the Bible that no one who does not have the Spirit of Christ can be a Christian is taken ad absurdum. Even the Catholic Church, which even banned the reading of the Bible for centuries, did not dare to abolish the Holy Spirit for the vast majority. It has done everything it can to ensure that the basis of Christianity could not be seen by the faithful because of all the sacraments and ritual acts, but it has not made a clear decision against the Holy Spirit. The subtlety of the Catholic cult doctrine, which makes Catholicism so dangerous, is openly audacious as the dogma of the unanointed Christians in Jehovah's Witness circles and constitutes a core doctrine of Jehovahism.

Although the number of those who follow this obviously unbiblical and false doctrine is relatively small, the idea of being a Christian as mere membership in a human association, like the fat evaporating through cooking in the kitchen, is placed in the minds of inattentive average citizens. The foundations of Christianity are replaced by loyalty to an organization. We also find this in a similar way in the Catholic Church. The Governing Body of the Watchtower Society and the Pope with his clergy are two sitting in a boat and merely hanging their catch on another hook. Both place themselves as guides before the Holy Spirit, before the Spirit of Christ, before the Spirit of God. They represent God, replacing His direct guidance with rules, ritual acts, rites and brainwashing. Pope and faithful, understanding slave do the same job, serving the one who hates the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, they would not introduce and praise themselves to people as representatives of God.

True Christianity can never be under human guidance, for it is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is not one man in the universe who would have found God through the guidance of men. The activity and correction of believing people can be helpful, but it is never able to replace or take over the function and activity of the Holy Spirit. Whoever does not accept the direct line to Jesus in faith, but rather relies on the leadership of an organization, is lost. Both the superiors of the Catholic clergy and the slave elite of Jehovah's Witnesses hate to refer people to the Holy Spirit. This is the great apostasy of faith. Human organizations have assumed the role of God the Holy Spirit and lead people into false doctrines such as Marian worship, ritual sacrificial repetitions and the void to which the unanointed "Watchtower Christians" are exposed. In the dazzling garb of religion, Satan once again realizes the separation from God, separating people from direct contact with Jesus and thus from God.

In this turning away of people from the clear statements of the Bible and the turning away of God, in this blocking of the Holy Spirit in every single person who is accessible to these organizations, is Satan's model of success, with which he actually leads the whole world to worship the beast from the revelation of John and the divine image. While on the one hand true Christianity, which is dependent on the Holy Spirit, is not mentioned in the media of the world and is becoming increasingly rare, Satan, in the form of the Watchtower Organization, creates an artificially insulted minority to which he puts the label of persecuted Christians. That this "persecuted" minority is by far not persecuted, but only surrenders itself to the unholy ridiculousness of absurd doctrine, is finely overpainted with supreme piety and elitist religionism. The satanic system of distraction from the Bible is perfect. Nothing Jesus said will be forgotten, turned around and drawn into the exact opposite. The only thing that leads man to God is hidden under rites and cult or even directly presented to man as absurd and unnecessary.

In the Bible we find exactly the opposite of what the human organizations Watchtower Society and Catholic Church practice. The Holy Spirit is a prerequisite for faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the one from whom the Christian must be born. Jesus is the only address of salvation. Only Jesus can give you a meaningful and exciting life. Jesus alone leads you to God without rites, so that you no longer have to spread out the carpet five times a day. Jesus alone is the way to the Father, no pope, no system of "anointed and unanointed Christians", no brainwashing and no suicide bombing. Only Jesus saves. Human considerations and calculations do not save. No mass-psychological phenomenon leads to God, no Marian-worshipping Pope, no evocative prayer, no sensational ritual acts in which people fall down in rows on the stage.

He who passes by the Holy Spirit passes by God.


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