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Hope for the Jehovah's Witnesses to Take Over the World

The development of the world can always best be grasped by our consciousness by means of large movements. Our view of the world is based on large incisions and large collective mass phenomena. The extinction of dinosaurs, migrations of peoples, world empires and revolutions and similar events are the cornerstones of our historical imagination. Man always sees the world and its chronological sequence of events as a kind of chain of events and often associates it with the hope of being able to anticipate or even predict the development of the world in parts in advance.

This approach to hope will be less common among genuine Christians, who know that the sequence of events is beyond our influence and can only be understood from the perspective of God's planning as a whole. While people are always joining forces in an attempt to partially save the world from various harmful influences, genuine Christians are more likely to show a certain serenity, which is tied to the fact that each individual takes upon himself his own responsibility and checks again and again whether he is doing God's will.

Unlike true Christians, the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses is establishing a world takeover program. The Watchtower Society prefers to walk the path that all people follow and places its hope not in God's plan but in the mass movement of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is very clear from the following text:

Worship the only true God, page 5
Worldwide Brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses

Under the title:
"The united worship in our time – What does it mean?" we read:

All over the world many turn enthusiastically to united worship. This brings together millions of people from all nations, tribes and languages. Each year it grows.

The united worship serves Jehovah's Witnesses as a reservoir for the worldwide brotherhood that will one day take over the world system. This is how the Watchtower Society imagines it, and even if a single Witness ever tries to actually find his personal salvation in the worship of this Jehovah, united worship remains only the organizational foundation for establishing a World Brotherhood under the leadership of the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body.

This hope of the Jehovah's Witnesses taking over the world is as deeply rooted in the soul of the individual Witness as is the hope of personal salvation. Even if the sweat of fear runs daily because the Witness and the Witness have no security like true Christians (certainty of faith), the "large crowd" comforts itself with the prospect of the future world takeover. The Watchtower Society tries to make the world takeover the mainspring of the preaching ministry. Even completely burned out preachers get "holy" rage when confronted with the thesis: "Whoever forbids contact with Jesus can only be Satan. Jehovah is Satan!" But the daily preaching ministry is only interested in the desired expansion of the worldwide brotherhood. The contents of faith are almost secondary.

When they meet with well-founded resistance in sermon service, Jehovah's Witnesses fall into a kind of stiffness of the brain that only knows the moment of world takeover and ignores all facts and facts mentioned in the conversation. Here is the real substance of the gospel of the Watchtower Society, which says that once all evil is to be destroyed. The fact that one's own goodness is only conceited and refers to the fulfillment of laws by which no one has yet been saved is thereby suppressed. The gospel of Christ, who came to bring every human being to life, is ignored by Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society only spreads the "good news" of the annihilation of all mankind.

In order not to make the individual subjects of Jehovah think, the worldwide brotherhood and the takeover of the world system are repeatedly crammed into the brains of the Witnesses, for otherwise they might possibly come to the conclusion that they themselves are the first to be destroyed according to the statements of the Bible. For they have rejected the acceptance of Jesus Christ as God and thus denied Him glory. (John 5:23)

In the Bible they are all identified as "Jehovah's Witnesses" and referred to as "a great multitude. They do "holy service to God day and night" (Isaiah 43:10-12; Revelation 7:9-15). Why do they do it? Because they have come to know Jehovah as the only true God. This causes them to reconcile their lives with His just ways.

The alleged holy service of Jehovah's Witnesses clings one to one to the heresy of the Watchtower Society. The mere interpretation that God is called Jehovah and that Jesus is only his henchman justifies this "holy" commitment. However, the name Jehovah is not present in the original scriptures, but was created only in the early Middle Ages by Catholic monks. The letter sequence "Jehovah" was only a kind of steering aid for the reader in the synagogue, who should be reminded by the addition of the vowels from "Adonai" to the consonants JHWH not to read out the name of God, but alternatively to use the speech "Adonai" (My Lords).

So what the original and today's chosen people of God have always known, namely that God is not only one, but also several (Adonai actually means "Gentlemen"), tries to fix the Witness Jehovah's art religion as well as Islam on one God who is represented as the only true God. This view is a welcome help for Watchtower thinkers to take Jesus out as God and deny people – especially Jehovah's Witnesses – access to Jesus. This means that the essentially Muslim image of God is the basic principle for the denial of Jesus as God and for the worldwide establishment of brotherhood for the purpose of soon to be implemented fantasies of taking over the world. Why do they do it? Because they mistakenly came to know Jehovah as the only true God.

The central point of the Watchtower doctrine is the Muslim image of God, and the Watchtower Society is just another attempt to persuade people to stop the divinity of Jesus. Through huge amounts of publications, the Watchtower Society has managed to put this Muslim Jesus barrier into the hearts of about 6 million people and to install the hope of a new world government under the leadership of the Watchtower Society as a replacement for him. The system is almost perfect. The only flaw of the Watchtower system is the conscious rejection of Jesus as Almighty God who gave Himself to us out of love. With this rejection of Jesus the allegedly so unique Watchtower religion has put itself in the boat of all religions and is dependent on artificially inflating its alleged uniqueness again and again by abstruse, inhuman laws and rules.

They have also learned that we live in "the last days" of the present system of things that God will soon destroy and replace with His paradisiacal new world (2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13; 2 Peter 3:10-13). 2 In God's Word we are promised: "Just a little while more, and the evil one will no longer be ... But the meek will possess the earth, and they will truly have their delight in the fullness of peace (Psalm 37:10, 11).

The truly punishable abuse in God's sense is the twisting of the Bible and the use of the Word of God to underpin one's own heresies. In this, the Watchtower Society is a true master. It can justifiably point out that its subordinates have learned this and that and therefore contribute to the success of the worldwide adoption of the system by the Mother of Jehovah's Witnesses. For a false teacher it must be a really pleasant feeling to rest a little on his works and take stock and pursue secondary goals such as recognition as a church.

In this position of superiority, the Antichrist can also take the liberty of having girls with transparent blouses appear in his Paradise, without having to fear that many Jehovah's Witnesses will think about it or even indignantly about it. The infiltration of the faithful and understanding slave is so perfect that he can allow himself ever more open clues to his diabolical origin. Why did he build the Brooklyn Bible citation apparatus? In order to enforce satanic deception worldwide with the help of the Word of God, one could be of service and help in united worship to the goal of taking over the world and then participate in it.

Worshiping the only true God, page 5
Worldwide Brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses

"The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will dwell there forever" (Psalm 37:29). "[God] shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall mourning nor crying nor pain be any more. The former things have passed away" (Revelation 21:4).

By the standards of the Watchtower Doctrine, of course, only the Jehovah's Witnesses are fair. And this although Jesus says the exact opposite. Jesus says that no one comes to the Father except through Him. This does not mean that we have to use Jesus as a prayer (magic) formula, as Jehovah's Witnesses think, but it means that we have to ask Jesus Himself to save us. This requires a personal relationship with him that cannot do without communication and worship. But if this rescue option, which according to the Bible can only lie in Jesus Christ, is redirected to a human organization such as the Watchtower Society or the Catholic Church, man is godforsaken because he has left Jesus or never visited him. Human institutions can never lead to God. This knowledge is so clear and self-evident that every honest person and every child understands it. It must be concluded from this: Anyone who refuses to turn directly to God in questions of salvation and prefers to rely on human organizations basically had no aim at all to be saved, to get in touch with God, but rather flirts much more only with the quantitative implementation of a human influencing factor, which could possibly also pave the way to God, if there should be one.

But the only way to God is only that which God Himself has established for us. There is no extra sausage and no special solution, there is only Jesus for us, who invites us to believe and saves us in connection with Him. This requires the worship of Jesus, who is God and who let himself be nailed to the wood for the complete eradication of our injustice.

John 5:23: ... that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

Why did Jesus do that? God is absolutely just and at the same time absolute love. His love for us drove him to take our injustice on his own shoulders, so that we do not have to perish in his righteousness when we encounter him with our imperfection. Through Jesus both the absolute love and the absolute righteousness of God have come to the goal: He can receive us who believe in Jesus without having to destroy us because of our injustice. For Jesus' sacrifice makes us absolutely righteous in the eyes of God. Jesus is the leveller of the way, the key to unclouded communion between God and man.

But the Jehovah's Witnesses, who depend for life on their preaching ministry to nourish a vague hope of survival, associate their self-constructed preaching ministry justice with their future possession of the earth. They are not interested in getting involved with God, but want a human plan that plays the possession of the world into their hands. Their personal salvation must be relatively unimportant to them, otherwise they would sooner or later search for Jesus and ask Him if the door is open for them too. In order for this not to happen, the Watchtower Society keeps the goal of taking over the world high and concentrates all its attention on this purely earthly hope.

1, 2. (a) What inspiring development is going on in our time? (b) What wonderful prospects do honest people have?

The learning questions at the end of the page once again shed a bare light on the motivation of the Watchtower Society. The "inspiring development" is for them the gospel and the acceptance of this gospel is "possible for honest people". What Jesus did for us cannot be pulled through the mud more brazenly and effectively. In Jesus salvation happens through Himself. In the Watchtower Society salvation happens through honesty and adaptation and incorporation into the sensational world takeover development. Thus the good news that Jesus paved the way to the Father for every single person is obsolete and invalid for Jehovah's Witnesses.


Satan's strategies can be recognized, among other things, by the fact that they bend Jesus so that people cannot believe in Him and are not saved.


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