Satan questioned Jehovah's permission

Satan questioned Jehovah's right to decide good and bad for man alone. To clarify this "issue", God allowed man to prove that he can govern himself independently of God and get his problems under control. That is why there is suffering and injustice on earth at the moment. ( - The contents are no longer available there. Apparently, there are Jehovah's Witnesses who spread their propaganda on domains that are not yet working, until the intended domain content later replaces the Jehovah's propaganda. [RH, 14.11.2011])

The Christian view

This controversial question of Satan is an arbitrarily inserted, freely invented explanation, a help structure creating the world view, which was invented without any biblical basis by the Watchtower Society.

The separation of man from God by sin is an established fact in itself, which does not require further justification. For God's perfection must repel the imperfect, His righteousness must repel injustice, His whole being must repel sin and thus also man. There is no need for an extra explanation for this fact.

To lift the separation from God requires much more than human effort. Human effort is absolutely incapable of restoring man's connection with God, so the attempt at reconciliation with God from the human side must fail. This is the reason why an action was started from God's side to create a possibility for man to come to God. (Faith in Jesus)

The general impossibility of approaching God through human activity does not benefit the Watchtower doctrine, for the purpose of the Watchtower religion is to put people under fearful pressure, to stress them, and then to offer them a solution to their problems. If the Watchtower Society were to admit that man cannot repair anything of his own accord (in his own work), it would not be able to maintain its construct of faith. In order to keep their followers on the same page, the idea that only God saves and salvation is exclusively bound to Jesus must be removed from the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses and also from the Bible.

This results in the double track of the Watchtower doctrine:
Jesus saves / Watchtower Society saves

On the one hand Jesus is admitted as the great teacher and chief witness, on the other hand he is denied fully effective salvation. The Watchtower Jesus must be reduced in the Watchtower Society to a kind of helper, whose sacrificial death almost only provides a certain amount, but does not completely eliminate all separation problems between God and man.

This is what the Watchtower Society is for, suggesting to people that through stress, overexertion, and stiff Jehovah fixation one can add that missing salvation factor to Jesus' work that is supposedly missing from God's offer of salvation. Only this circumcision of the effectiveness of Jesus, which makes a replenishment by the Watchtower religion necessary, justifies the imagined right to exist of the Watchtower Society. Without the circumcision of the effect of Jesus the Watchtower Society would be unemployed, senseless and without income.

But thank God (in the sense of the Watchtower Society) there are enough people who cannot really understand and accept the generosity of God. These people (and these are indeed all people until they have found Jesus) are the material that the Watchtower Society uses to make the idea thoroughly and sustainably unimaginable and impossible that God could and wanted to save 100% by grace. Success is a religion based on cramping and self-discipline. With pinched buttocks, Jehovah's Witness stands anxiously in his life and does not know whether he will make it or not.

Once Jehovah's Witness has studied the Bible to such an extent that he can no longer understand Jesus as God and salvation, and has finally understood that man, despite Jesus, still has to save himself by his own efforts, then the Watchtower Society has torn the necessary wound into the souls of these people, which must only be kept open through regular manipulation. The Watchtower doctrine drips its corrosive heresies into this open wound, which repeatedly bring the human heart down to "insight": I must do more and outside the channel of God I perish.

This Jesus elimination is so effective that many sect dropouts, after their separation from the Master of Infiltration, can no longer spiritually set foot in reality. For them, Jesus is completely through as an imperfectly saving by-product of the Bible, and the substitute God Jehovah remains forever what they are most likely to comprehend. On the run from the mental blackmail that this Watchtower Jehovah is practicing, they can never take refuge in Jesus again, for the Watchtower Society has presented him to them a thousand times as an absurdity, because only possibly saving him. The forlornness that Jehovah's ex-witnesses experience as long as they do not turn to Jesus drives them to give in to occult practices and other bad experiences. Blessed is he who under these circumstances can at least reduce himself and his life to the universally welcome consumer role of the world, in order at least to be able to enjoy the carnal pleasures of this world.

The controversial question invented by the Watchtower Society itself, whether man can prove by himself that he can govern himself independently of God and get his problems under control himself, plays the Watchtower Society the power into the hands of the channel of God to provide exactly this proof. The promise is: Only those who belong to us can help Jehovah prove something to Satan through our leadership. Those who can remain loyal to Jehovah in unconditional Watchtower obedience support Jehovah's loving precautions. This places the burden of salvation and redemption in the hands of the individual Jehovah's Witness. Grinning, the Governing Body watches as this burden of salvation and redemption in the hands of Jehovah's Witnesses becomes a soul-eating monster and eats through the entire human being.


Nobody but Hitler and comparable demagogues were able to sell such an inner hollow to the people. And almost all comparable seduction systems are short-lived. Only the Catholic and Muslim false doctrine world has lived longer than the Watchtower Society and has enjoyed similar success. The world turns away from God a second time on the basis of human reason and religiosity by rejecting God's help, which is Jesus.


The technical basis of the Watchtower Society and all art religions related to it is the total or partial replacement of Jesus by theses which bring with them personal achievement, personal effort, self-discipline and thus a kind of self-rescue. Anything that diminishes confidence in Jesus is welcome to these systems and they are building with devilish enthusiasm their replacement salvation that does not come from God.

Only Jesus comes from God.


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