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What does Johannes Greber have to do with the Watchtower Society?

Johannes Greber is associated with the theology of the Watchtower Society, especially as far as the idiosyncratic changes of the Bible are concerned.

But the parallels between the esoteric Johannes Greber and the Watchtower Society are far greater.


1. *Christ is not the Son of God, but only the First Son of God. A first among equals, a so-called: "Primus inter pares" = an equal among equals. (From: Intercourse with the spirit world, J.Greber)

2. *The Son of God is in his pre-existence the Archangel Michael *Christus has a special position among the armies of spirits (Aus: Verkehr mit der Geisterwelt, J. Greber)

3. *Joh 1.1: "... and the word was a God. (Translation by J. Greber) This inspiration from J. Greber with the indefinite article "a" is taken literally by the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Publication: "Make sure of All Things" quotes: "A translation with explanations built on the oldest manuscripts. Edition 1937 by J. Greber

Explanation of the procedure

On the following pages, extensive text material by and about Johannes Greber will be reproduced and subjected to direct criticism.

The objectives pursued are:

  • Display of the parallels between Greber and the Watchtower Society
  • Discovery of anti-Christian facts that expose Grebers as servants of demons
  • Demonstration of the working method of esoteric false teachers
  • General evaluation of esoteric light and haze circles
  • For non-Christians, the demarcation between genuine and copied Christianity increases understanding
  • Listing of the inner kinship between the faithful and intelligent slave (leading body of Jehovah's Witnesses) and the esoteric thinking of people who call themselves Christian but have nothing to do with Jesus.

The texts to be criticized have this format! They are regularly interrupted by critical sentences, which have the usual typeface of this web page, so that the reader can assign the paragraphs.

The new understanding of the Bible by John Greber has become "evangelical".

Already in the book review about "Johannes Greber – his life and his work" the theologian Dr. Erich Luban gave the spiritualist Greber a general statement: The new understanding of the Bible of Johannes Greber had become "evangelical". Theologian Luban does not add a single fragment to this strong assertion in order to prove his thesis even on an experimental basis or to make it credible. He can rely on the fact that enough people who do not know the Gospel will incorporate Greber's theological human wisdom and in this way will probably not get to know Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Luban's book review

(From: "The Other Reality" 1 / 2000)

In a book review on "Johanns Greber – his life and his work" the theologian Dr. Erich Luban, 71332 Waiblingen, writes among other things:

All religions have their origin in revelations, prophetic prophecies and visions. Through them, powers from the invisible world share something with people in our world that interests the inquiring and seeking person. These powers seek to answer the central question of the meaning of human existence on our planet, the question of where each individual comes from and where they go. It is a modern philosophical principle: Who has no answer to the question of where from and where to go for every human being, knows also the (often agonizing) question of why and why not to mediate a solution (Sartre and Heidegger).

With this statement Dr. Luban already goes deep into those areas which are not permissible according to the Bible and which ultimately contradict God's Word. The God of the Bible commands his people again and again to break away from magical rites and incantations and to avoid any spirit-cult religious activity. Jesus deals with spirits and demons in an extremely clear way and expels them all. Whether white or black magic, whether "good" or "evil": Under the reign of Jesus, spirits and demons have no place in man or near man. Also the disciples of Jesus cast out spirits and demons at all times, without considering their origin and motivation.

For a Christian it is almost characteristic that he cannot make any acquaintance with spirits and demons, because he is absolutely protected from such things by Jesus. In addition, growth in Christ is associated with a very clear ability to judge such phenomena over time. Through the guidance of Jesus, the Christian recognizes that these spirits lie and with which techniques they charm people.

Luban lifts all religions down to the man-eating Voodoo cult on the pedestal of gaining knowledge through ghosts and demons.

Pastor Johannes Greber (1874-1944), a former Catholic priest, gives us impressive answers to the three questions: Where from, where to and for what is the life of every human being, from him through "ministering spirits" given by the Bible.

The Watchtower Society repeatedly formulates in its writings how useful Bible knowledge is and what benefits can be derived from it. Luban proceeds in the same way by depicting spirits that serve human beings as help and by directing the question not at God but at human beings alone. It is not God who is at the center, but man's desire and his ego-related belly button look: "Where from, where to and why".

This ego-related theology is found again and again in man's religious attempts, averted from God, to make himself useful. The Watchtower Society even plays this game so far that it pretends to Jehovah's Witnesses that Jehovah wants to serve mankind, and links this servitude of that Jehovah to conditions it can freely assemble, such as: Monetary donations, lifelong preaching, spiritual submission, and the occasional cult suicide by bleeding to death.

The God of the Bible, on the other hand, wants all people to come to life and leaves no doubt that he is not a vehicle for maximizing utility. Jesus claims his disciples without offering them the prospect of profit. His so-called "use" is himself: life!

To him, by the "gracious gift of prophetic speech", or "prophecy" (1Co 12-14 ), the Bible became "a living word of God".

Prophetic speech and prophecy happens with Christians never by media, spirits or announcements from another world by means of messengers of gods. Prophetic speech and prophecy can only happen with Christians under the effect of the Holy Spirit, which does not consist of a collection of individuals, but is the Spirit of God, which Jesus sent us as a substitute for Himself. This comforter works in Christians and with divine power suppresses everything demonic and that has to do with spirits of a different colour.

The claim that the Bible came to life for Greber through the influence of those spirits and servant demons proves that Greber could not have been a Christian. For every Christian, the Word of God is already alive by itself and divides marrow and bone, rumor and truth, demons and angels, gospel and unbiblical substitute constructions. No Christian crosses the earth for whom the Bible must or can first come to life through spirits. For Jesus became the Word, flesh, God Himself, living in us and driving out every demonic power. The Bible becomes alive to man only through the Holy Spirit. Those who let the flea in their ears, spirits and demons could give life to the Bible, are already knee-deep in the stinking mud of Satan, who wants us to sink into it by rubbing our hands.

This means that he no longer tried to clarify the Bible through the dogma of his denomination, but as a speaking of God in the midst of the life of man today.

What a devilish insolence Dr. Luban shows here! This theologian says that God speaks through spirits and demons! For example, hundreds of these spirits and demons are depicted in the literature of the Watchtower Society. So servable spirits and demons are really the way of God to communicate with man? In the case of Jehovah, yes. But is the Jehovah of the Watchtower Society really God? In any case, the God of the Bible cannot be this Jehovah, because the God of the Bible does not have demons and ministering spirits as a form of God's communication. When angels appear in exceptional cases, they are clearly identified as angels of God. Otherwise, it is always God Himself who speaks to people.

Jesus says: My sheep hear my voice. We can rely on Him to guide us personally and not to rely on voices or appearances from the hereafter to experience the will of God. He is in us and we in him. He even demands this absolutely close constellation as a condition so that we do not wither and have to be removed from the vine. This absolute oneness is removed from the Watchtower Society by translating not "in", but "in connection with". This dissolves the absolute connection with Jesus and the Watchtower Society can "push itself as a mediator-mediator" like the Virgin Mary between Jesus and people. This division between man and Jesus also creates additional space for demons. The Watchtower Society has infinitely many of these on offer.

So he did not stop at the "dead letters" and the dogmatic understanding by his church, but discovered the mystery of the Bible as God's word in personal concern (2 Cor. 3,6; cf. Romans 7,6; Joh. 6,63).

The "dead letter and the dogmatic understanding of the Catholic Church" are certainly reasons, under the guidance of the Word of God, to ask for God and to be guided by Him, which quickly leads to the recognition and rejection of the false teachings and seductions of Catholicism. But all strategies that may lead out of the pool of Catholic heresies are a bad trap as long as they are not tied to the name and leadership of Jesus. The Watchtower Society takes full advantage of this. It leads waking Catholics from the Marian cult rain into the demon eaves. In order to lead people from one lie to the next, the Watchtower Society has many key points and structures in common with the Catholic Church.

What Johannes Greber was allowed to experience anew through personal visions and through the mediation of "ministering spirits" (Hebr. 1, 14), he describes centrally in his book "The intercourse with the spirit world of God, its laws and its purpose". In it it becomes clear why Greber had to separate himself from his church and put the Christian faith anew on the candlestick.

Exactly this attitude of the Spiritist Greber is the attitude of the Watchtower Society: The right approach to critically examine the teachings of the Catholic Church remains a minor matter and the main activity is the theologically and spiritually untenable reinvention of another gospel with the help of spirits and demons. Not a word to Jesus, not a thought to Jesus, not a question of his will. This absolute aversion to Jesus is continuously observed by both the Watchtower Society and John Greber. In Greber's case, Jesus is far beyond religious aspirations; in the Watchtower Society, even the conversation with Jesus is forbidden and subject to a deadly taboo. Both Greber and the Jehovah's Witnesses declassify Jesus at the end and relieve him of his divinity.

The fact that this was essentially triggered by "spiritualistic announcements" makes many readers skeptical. In Christian circles, spiritualism is generally rejected.

And not only that the unfair spirit faith, the turn to demons and their media forbidden by God, is emphasized as the way to God, which makes Jesus unnecessary as way to God, no, also the stupid Christians are classified as "right", who do not want to go along such a way. How unfashionable and how eccentric! These Christians reject all Jesus substitutes! This is actually exactly the same cry of accusation that the Watchtower Society is insinuating.

This comes from a prior understanding shaped by our religious culture: Through spiritualism, "evil spirits" speak and "dead spirits" speak. Johannes Greber warns against these spirits in all his publications.

Again, the 100% correspondence between the spiritist Johannes Greber and the Watchtower Society is striking: It is not the will of God, as we encounter it in the Bible, that plays a role, but something historical that has this or that effect. It is not God who is important and the basis of our faith, but a traditionally corked up erroneous development, which of course somebody has to clean up with. These cleaners of Christian history here are Johannes Greber and the Watchtower Society. The centring of man in the question of faith is here again to be seen as a distinguishing feature of both.

What the prophets of the Bible testify to is a "positive spiritism". By "Spiritism" are always meant announcements from the invisible world; there are those from the invisible world of darkness and the invisible world of light. The Bible reports on this in many contexts. What Johannes Greber was allowed to experience in his life as a Christian is the "realization" of this "positive spiritism". With it Greber totally separated himself from his Catholic tradition and gave the today inquiring and searching person impulses for "rethinking". Rethinking means the literal understanding of the Bible to the word "repentance" often abused by the church. The new understanding of the Bible by John Greber has become "according to the Gospel".

This heel is bursting with lies and still reads down quite fluently. The literature of the Watchtower Society behaves similarly. It is not easy to clean up the lies lined up there, because many things sound very logical, because the basics of the Watchtower thinking have long since been elevated from the lie to the status of truth.

Greber himself is a critical theologian to me. In his statements he is particularly concerned with the denominational abuse of absolution (the promise of forgiveness of sins) and the doctrine of the Trinity. Much of what is said in principle is also confirmed by the hermeneutics (the process of interpretation and explanation of texts) of many theologians. That also in the Protestant "Augsburg Confession" (1530) some Catholic understandings were adopted, as for example in questions of Trinity, transubstantiation, absolution and succession, is known to every critical theologian. – No Christian should uncritically accept dogmatic doctrinal statements. The biblical principle applies to everyone: "Check everything, and keep the good! (1 Thess. 5:21).

And to top it all off, the Bible is used to make one's lies appear true. The Watchtower does the same as Luban does here.

For critically thinking people, Greber's work provides valuable new food for thought.

Greber's work consists in the removal of Jesus and the institution of spirits and demons as signposts to God. Johannes Greber did the cheap job of a necromancer like thousands of shamans and druids before him. The purpose of the exercise is to eliminate true Christianity. The Watchtower Society, as heir to Greber, continues to work diligently on this.


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