Jehovah's Witnesses Exit

What is the secret of the Watchtower Society that makes it so difficult for Jehovah's Witnesses to leave? What keeps man in the world-renewing party of the equals, what keeps Jehovah's Witnesses in the organization of the equals, what keeps him in this New World construction that punishes every deviant with spiritual death? Why does the world's sharpest institution of thought control not scare people off and why does its brutal control of thought not lead people out?

Every person needs regeneration in his life, a regular time-out, a private sphere that enables him to share a community with joy and inner drive again and again. For Jehovah's Witnesses, this temporary withdrawal from the program of mental unification is reduced to the smallest practicable minimum. There is no other private institution in the world that controls the thinking of the people involved as rigidly and uncompromisingly as the Watchtower Society. Even such alarming facts as the fact of a non-existent membership of most Jehovah's Witnesses in the Watchtower Society cannot cause the exit or even be a reason for the search for a way out.

Exit pointless

Even when people leave the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses under the massive pressure of the unification of thought, the theology of the Watchtower Society is preserved one to one in these people. Exit is not exit! The exit leads only to the fact that people regarded as committee spread the Watchtower thinking as no longer Jehovah members in the world. Jehovah's Witnesses are still so drastically influenced by Watchtower doctrine after their formal exit that they are basically just dropouts who continue to live and act in the Watchtower demons' obsession. They can't really separate, get out, but they carry the infection on and infect people who don't realize who is contaminating them.

Exit as fuel

Most dropouts from the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses are not able to ever accept Jesus as their Lord. They always carry their convictions with them, despite their exit, and massively influence their fellow human beings through the unfortunate teachings of the Watchtower organization, which sees and punishes exit as a mortal sin. Ex-witnesses and Watchtower dropouts are highly infectious and highly enriched with the material that humiliates Jesus and makes him appear as Jehovah's semi-divine henchman as carriers of Watchtower disease. The Watchtower Society sprays its deadly thought poison deep into the veins of the non-Jesus-oriented world horde of the zeitgeist with the consequent lockout of those who want to leave or are forced to leave. Apostates of Jehovah's Witnesses are ambassadors of the deadly poison organized and distilled by Satan in the Watchtower Society.

The Watchtower center par excellence is the division of God into a Jehovah and a Jesus. What Jehovah's Witnesses must absorb from childhood is life with two gods as in the deepest paganism. They have an upper god and a lower god. They will claim their whole life long, despite leaving, that there is not Jesus who is the Father and not the Father who is Jesus. They cannot rethink without the help of the Holy Spirit and, despite their drastic experiences as dropouts, remain in the construction of the two gods.

The Watchtower theory that the Father and the Son are two separate beings is indeed forbidden by the first commandment of the Bible, that is to say, already in the primordial reason, but Jehovah's Witnesses and their drop-outs claim that God cannot be Jesus and Jesus cannot be God. That the words "You shall have no other gods beside me" in themselves and without compromise absolutely exclude this variant of religion, they ignore it within the Watchtower Society, as well as after its abandonment and in the vast majority of cases until death. The sick brokenness of the categorical breaking of the law is no longer noticeable to them and they feel before and after their exit as experts in matters of Bible and faith. They were knowledgeable in this religious community and they are knowledgeable after their departure. They serve Satan in the Watchtower Society and after they have left, they must continue in it and don't even know it.

What is exit?

If something is wrong and I experience it even in its practical effect, even without recognizing the falsity in the core, I turn away with horror and admit that the opposite of the wrong is right. Not so ex Jehovah's Witnesses! Although they leave the religious community, whose brutal influence was no longer bearable for them, they continue to represent the absurd and antibiblical teachings of this double God religion. They take their time-out, which has become impossible within the community, exchange the promise of Jehovah's salvation for a bearable life, but cannot give up the false teachings of the Watchtower Gods. They enter the frowned upon world to survive, but continue to carry death in their pockets and boast of their exit, unaware that they are still living under the spiritual captivity of the Watchtower Society.

A real renunciation, a real conversion, repentance, the resolute choice of the opposite direction – the exit – is not carried out. They call themselves dropouts, but have never known Jesus and will never know him, because they do not realize that only he can free them from the ballast of the antichristian watchtower doctrine. They have made an exit, which in reality is not an exit at all. They have only "privatized" themselves and thus enabled their survival in the human world, but do not see that they function as bacterial catapults for infection with Watchtower doctrines.

The Trump Card of Watchtower Doctrine

True Christians can never cast a spell over the Watchtower Society. Every single person who falls into the clutches of this organization of Antichrist worship has never been a Christian and in 98 percent of cases is successfully prevented from ever becoming a Christian. They reject Jesus long after leaving Jehovah's Witnesses and cannot and do not want to see the Bible tell of Jesus as the Father who became human for us. Witness Jehovah's dropouts don't really turn away from the Jehovah doctrine when they drop out, but they only get rest from the burden of the performance-oriented New World work of the Party of Earthly Paradise.

The view of the world and the image of God that was conveyed to them includes the prohibition to turn to Jesus in direct prayer. But that is exactly the only way a person can experience the truth. Anyone who has crawled on the glue of the Watchtower Society and cannot find Jesus will never really be able to get out of the Watchtower doctrine. The spiritual captivity of the Islam-heavy interpretation of the Bible by Jehovah's Witnesses is found in all drop-outs as long as they have not turned to Jesus. The exit is so effectively prevented by the Watchtower doctrine that the so-called ex-witnesses do not even notice that they are still trapped in this spiritual cellar. And in this captivity, the exit of individual Jehovah's Witnesses even remains a serious danger to other people. For they spread anti-Christianity under a different flag. They are actors with no recognition effect. They arrive at the people like the dear neighbour without an evil background and until one realizes that they are unconsciously active representatives of a counter-religion despite leaving, one has perhaps already gone astray oneself.


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