Jehovah's Witnesses reject blood transfusion

The Watchtower Society has developed a billboard for its Watchtower Rollators that says: LIFE – PURE COINCIDENCE? The aim is to demonstrate to the common people how firmly they believe in the history of creation. Since I stand in the pedestrian precincts with the sign "BLOODING MURDER – PURE COINCIDENCE?", the LIFE PURE COINCIDENCE advertising of the Watchtower Society can no longer be seen. Thus the most hypocritical religion of all time openly admits that the suspicion of bleeding to death is very well-founded. In order to avoid the mental connection to the crime of murder, the LIFE-REINER-ZUFALL-Advertising is immediately stopped. Too obvious is the possible realization of the observer that the Watchtower Society is not a religious killer, but actually the worldwide unique religious MURDER ORGanization.

For many decades, Jehovah's Witnesses have been known to make people bleed to death for religious reasons. As soon as the medical emergency turns out badly, e.g. a complicated birth, the Watchtower religion shines with a new death for which it is responsible. It is not the doctrine that is responsible for the bleeding mother, but all those responsible for the Watchtower and their supporters. The Watchtower Doctrine does not murder, but the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Doctrine is the weapon in the hands of the Jehovah's Witnesses!

What's the point of the bleeding murder charge? Couldn't it also be manslaughter by bleeding to death? Or negligent homicide or religious accident? The Watchtower Society certainly has plenty of good explanations when it stands trial and is responsible for the serial murder by bleeding to death. She could say: "some have exaggerated it" or "we had no idea" or "we just had great zeal to please Jehovah" and so on. To refute some of the Watchtower Society's evasive maneuvers before the trial, and to clarify some facts that may prove the Watchtower Society's joy in serial murder, we let Jehovah's Witnesses speak for themselves. Below is a passage from the book "JEHOVAS ZEUGEN – VERKUENDIGER DES KOENIGREICHES GOTTES" (Jehovah's Witnesses – Annunciators of the Kingdom of God). This passage titled "Why Blood Transfusions Are Rejected" we examine it bit by bit. Perhaps there are clues so conclusive that the Watchtower Society can no longer excuse itself.

It is important to clarify in advance that the argument that Jehovah's Witnesses only allowed themselves to bleed to death does not work. It is not valid. Consider the thought that a close relative of yours will be drawn into this religion by the Watchtower Society's advertising and will be in an emergency that he will only survive if he gets a blood transfusion. Then you can no longer say that Jehovah's Witnesses only let themselves bleed to death. Then you will experience up close the deadly danger posed by the Watchtower Society, and you will experience up close the brutality with which the so-called findings of the Bible researchers are enforced and kill your relatives.


They' re determined not to get blood transferred

Why Blood Transfusions Are Rejected

The respect for life expressed by Jehovah's Witnesses also touches their attitude to Blood Transfusions.

Let us take this sentence of the Watchtower Society quite literally, i.e. seriously! The Watchtower Society's respect for life has its limits where the WTS blood doctrine takes hold. This sentence is formulated in such a way that, on closer inspection, the WTS's attitude towards life has led to its blood doctrine. Only those who have a very limited respect for life can draw up a doctrine that unnaturally kills people. Only those who do not respect life force people to refuse medical help and die miserably according to religious regulations. Often young people have gone this way and thought that they would make a special effort to convince others. Some of these young people were even testified to once in a watchtower to make Jehovah's Witnesses stand in a very special light. This sentence establishes a direct connection between the WTS disregard for life and the WTS blood doctrine. This sentence alone provides the necessary proof for the lustful murder of WTS in series. This society states succinctly and bone dry: "Our respect for life ends at the beginning of our Bible understanding!" The WTS blood doctrine is for these people a natural stop to respect for life.

When confronted with the question of Blood Transfusion, The Watchtower of July 1, 1945, dealt in depth with the Christian standpoint on the sanctity of blood. It was shown that the divine prohibition given to Noah, which is binding on all his descendants, affects both animal and human blood (1 Mo 9:3-6).

It was shown ... it was shown ... The WTS-Jehovah-God is not the God of the Bible, because he makes ... as Jehovah's Witnesses have shown ... all Jehovah's Witnesses to cannibals. The Bible's blood rules all refer exclusively to animal blood. If they referred to human blood, the God of the Bible would have called all Israelites to cannibalism. His command: "Everything that moves and lives shall serve you for food; like the green herb I have given it all to you. But you must not eat the flesh while its life, its blood, is still in it! can never have aimed at human flesh. Eat the human flesh, but pour away the human blood! Is that from the Bible? Never! The view that God would have instructed people to eat human flesh can only come from someone who has no respect for life and no respect for God. The evil trick of the WTS to create a human blood-based blood doctrine cannot be an error that one makes on the side. The interpretation that the blood rules of the Bible also apply to human blood is such an evil invention that no accident or negligent error can serve as an explanation. The brutality of the WTS, with which it has committed thousands of murders with this justification, also counts as proof of this. The thousandfold repetition of this serial murder by misinterpretation of the Bible clearly proves that the WTS has very consciously and thoughtfully arranged all this.

Moreover, in the first century this rule was again emphasized in the commandment for Christians to 'abstain from blood' (Acts 15:28,29).

Here, too, it cannot be a question of human blood, for there has never been cannibalism among the people of Israel. The artfully used application of the Mosaic blood regulations to Christians is in itself again a typical Watchtower lie, but more serious is the fact that with this vehicle the WTS carries the lie of the human blood regulations into modern times. Yet there have never been any human blood regulations in the Bible! God never allowed His people to eat human flesh and commanded them to abstain from human blood! At this point it should be quite clear to the high court what game the Watchtower Society plays and continues to play to this day.

In the same article it was stated that God, according to the Bible, approves the use of blood only for sacrificial purposes, ...

At this point, the Watchtower Society further develops the cannibal status into the cannibal status of the biblical God. A God who sacrifices human blood can only be a cannibal god! Of course, WTS does not give these consequences of its blood doctrine for the best. But it enjoys making the God of the Bible a cannibal god.

... and because the animal sacrifices offered under Mosaic law indicated the sacrifice of Christ, disregarding the Christian rule of 'abstaining from blood' is a sign of extreme disrespect for the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ (3 Mo 17:11,12; Heb 9:11-14,22).

But only if you drink human blood. Did Israelites drink human blood? Do Jehovah's Witnesses Drink Human Blood? Here, too, the brutality and insolence of WTS makes your blood freeze.

In accordance with this understanding, from 1961, anyone who disobeyed this divine regulation, accepted a blood transfusion, and revealed an unrepentant attitude was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah's Witness congregation.

The Watchtower Society has a deadly understanding that it applies with all its might to its seduced! In many cases, this WTS understanding ends deadly and is enforced with the harshest sanction available. Is that manslaughter? Negligent killing? Is this a religious accident? May the judge make his own judgement.

Initially, the Watchtower publications did not discuss the health effects of blood transfusions. But when such information was later available, it was published – not to justify why Jehovah's Witnesses refused Blood Transfusions, but to deepen their appreciation of the divine prohibition on the use of blood (Is. 48: 17).

If a blood transfusion is good against athlete's foot, who doesn't rather keep the athlete's foot? But the refused Blood Transfusion, which could have saved lives in an emergency, is the murder instrument of the WTS. The Watchtower Murder Society only wants to distract from its actions with any side effects. A further indication that these gentlemen, who together with Christ form the "great Christ", know exactly what they are doing. They suggest to their seduced ones that the alleged ban on drinking human blood also has good consequences in normal life.

For this purpose the well documented brochure Blood, Medicine and the Law of God was published in 1961.

A well-documented brochure? What is it! Has this brochure been frozen as evidence in various laboratories around the world? Or has the proof of the existence of this brochure been shot into space on platinum plates? What is a well-documented brochure? Were there any posters in New York showing where the brochure was stored? It's unbelievable which little tricks WTS uses to tickle the naive trust of its readers. That's the naive trust that can lead to early death by bleeding.

In 1977 another brochure was printed on this subject, titled Jehovah's Witnesses and the Blood Question. It emphasized again that the Jehovah's Witnesses' point of view is religious, Bible-based, and not dependent on medical risk factors.

Here the Watchtower Society renews its deadly lies with a document specially printed by it. It reaffirms that the Bible encourages people to eat human beings, but demands that the blood of human beings be disposed of. In the course of this renewal of the lying death demands, it also quickly builds a spiritual wall against medical objections and necessities. This behavior impressively confirms the joy existing in the WTS of letting people jump over the blade for their Watchtower God of Jehovah. Anyone who thought so far that they could not see the wicked nature of the WTS blood doctrine will be taught a worse lesson with this special measure of the WTS. The Watchtower Society itself actively proves its ongoing desire for murder here. It must have had lower motives, otherwise it would not have undertaken this special affirmation of its murder doctrine by bleeding to death.

The latest status was presented in 1990 in the brochure How can blood save your life? Through these publications, Jehovah's Witnesses have worked hard to encourage doctors to work together and to help them understand the Witness's point of view. However, for many years, blood transfusions have been a high priority in medicine.

Blood transfusions are still very important today, when only they can save lives. This use of Blood Transfusions has nothing to do with any cooperation with doctors. With this use of Blood Transfusions, there is no alternative. This fact has deliberately been overlooked by WTS, proving once again how well it is working towards the bleeding death of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Although Jehovah's Witnesses told doctors that they had no religious objections to alternative treatments, it was not easy to refuse Blood Transfusions. Jehovah's Witnesses and their relatives were often under strong pressure to accept the usual medical procedure. In Puerto Rico in November 1976, 45-year-old Ana Paz de Rosario agreed to an operation and the necessary medication, but asked that no blood be used because of her religious beliefs. After midnight, five police officers and three nurses came to her hospital room with a court order in their hands, tied her to the bed and forcibly administered a blood transfusion against her will and that of her husband and children. She suffered a shock and died. This was by no means an isolated case, and it was not only in Puerto Rico that such attacks occurred.

This poor woman didn't die of the blood transfusion. She died from the shock caused by ... who? The Watchtower Society with its human blood lies! Here the WTS boasts on the one hand of the success it has achieved with its misinterpretations, and on the other it constructs a new victim role for the Jehovah's Witnesses. This is, besides the serial murder by bleeding to death, the most beautiful hobby of WTS: turning Jehovah's Witnesses into poor victims of persecution. They do this in order to imitate the suffering of Christians. The Antichrist sends his greetings. The Watchtower leadership, which presents itself as the great Christ, creates artificial suffering for its seduced and thus copies the Christians.

In Denmark, parents were persecuted by the police in 1975 because they did not allow their young son to be forcefully given a blood transfusion and instead looked for alternative treatment. In Italy in 1982, a couple who had lovingly looked for medical help for their terminally ill daughter in four countries were sentenced to 14 years in prison for murder after the girl died during a court-ordered blood transfusion.

What the Watchtower Society is highly unlikely to conceal here is the compelling logical fact that the "loving look around" probably led to the Blood Transfusion, which was then administered too late, no longer having any effect. But to also give the impression that the child died of this Blood Transfusion is Jehovah's Witness – Dream Witnesses. The boastful texts of the Blood Doctrine cult expose themselves in the end. But the Jehovah's Witness or the one who wants to become one cannot see through these texts. Therefore, it is very important that the court, before which the Watchtower Society has to answer, takes enough time to look closely at the sophisticated seduction texts of the WTS. It should not be Jehovah's experts believed in the way Jehovah's Witnesses do, but real text analysts should be consulted. From the human blood lie allegedly found in the Bible to the descriptions of the individual fates resulting from it, a technical analysis must be prepared and examined by the court. The Watchtower Society has already written itself around its head today. Only the judicial appreciation of their lies and murders is still missing.

In cases where children of Jehovah's Witnesses were forcibly administered Blood Transfusions, the press often incited the public. In some cases, judges have even ordered blood transfusions to children without a trial at which the parents could have spoken. In Canada, however, in over 40 such cases, children transfused with blood were returned dead to their parents.

The pattern of the Watchtower argumentation should be known by now from the above analyses. Here, however, is added the deliberate omission to write about the number of rescued children. And with all these incidents, the fact remains that they were all caused by the human blood lies of the Watchtower Society. One could caricature it with a comparison: "You see, if you had listened to me and killed yourself weeks ago, you wouldn't have died today!"

Not all doctors and judges agree with this arbitrary procedure. Some have spoken out in favour of more helpfulness. Not a few doctors have used their skills for bloodless treatments. This has given them a lot of experience in all types of bloodless surgery. Over time, it has been shown that all types of surgical procedures can be successfully performed on both adults and small children without blood transfusion.

Progress through Watchtower lies! But this does not affect the final rescue operation through a Blood Transfusion! There will always be a need for a Blood Transfusion. Bloodless surgery is subject to further development for many reasons. Cost reasons and blood shortages are much more influential than the Watchtower Lie Complex. But as always, WTS takes centre stage and attaches itself to the Order.

In order to avoid unnecessary confrontations in emergencies, Jehovah's Witnesses began consulting their doctors in the early 1960s to specifically discuss their point of view and provide them with appropriate reading material. Later, Jehovah's Witnesses asked for a written statement to be attached to their records stating that they should not be given blood transfusions. In the 1970s, they generally made the habit of carrying a card with them to remind medical personnel that they should not be given blood under any circumstances. After consulting doctors and lawyers, the card was drawn up in such a way that it became a legal document.

It was concluded ... was not this the Watchtower Writing Department on behalf of the "great Christ," the Governing Body? And did Jehovah's Witnesses really initiate this legal enforcement of their deadly risk through Watchtower lies themselves? Even if individuals in this matter gratefully welcomed the initiative of "the great Christ," they will not have set out on their own to visit medical personnel. The simple Jehovah's Witness has an accident and only then comes into contact with medical personnel. The old technique of leading the watchtower, to blame everything on the seduced, must also be accepted here. And the protection of the "great Christ", which results from this twisting, is the motive for it. Here, too, the court before which the Watchtower leadership will stand must seriously confront the overall analysis. The absurdity of the "legal document", which the Watchtower Society compulsorily prescribes to every Jehovah's Witness, is presented on the page Thanks to the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses.

In order to support Jehovah's Witnesses in their decision not to have blood transfusions administered, to clear up misunderstandings among doctors and hospitals, and to encourage cooperation between medical institutions and Jehovah's Witnesses in need of treatment, Hospital Liaison Committees were established at the direction of the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body.

These hospital liaison committees are still the organizational response to Jehovah's Witnesses today, who still have the brains to decide on their own survival when the worst comes to the worst. These hospital liaison committees are sent out to keep such Jehovah's Witnesses in the deadly stranglehold of the Watchtower Human Blood Lie. And a Jehovah's Witness who needs a blood transfusion to survive is not a Jehovah's Witness in need of treatment! It's a matter of life or death. One can see here the method of the MURDER-ORG to present themselves and their lies as quite harmless, very nicely.

There were only a handful in 1979, but their number has risen to more than 800 in over 70 countries. In North America, the Far East, the larger countries of the South Pacific, Europe and Latin America, qualified elders have been trained and serve. In addition to explaining the Jehovah's Witnesses' point of view, these elders draw hospital staff's attention to effective alternatives. In emergency situations, they can assist in arranging talks between referring physicians and surgeons who have treated Jehovah's Witnesses without blood in similar cases. When necessary, these committees seek not only medical personnel, but also judges involved in cases where hospitals seek court orders to administer blood transfusions.

The worldwide work of bleeding to death in series continues. Elders are trained to perfectly organize and execute the bleeding task worldwide. In Austria there is an elder who cannot leave the Jehovah's Witnesses because otherwise he would lose his entire clan. He deeply regrets these bleeding sessions. He says: "Hopefully this senseless dying will soon be over!" This eldest is simply no longer qualified enough in the sense of the Watchtower Society. He has learned and noticed that he has basically become a murderer.

Occasionally, Jehovah's Witnesses have sued doctors and hospitals in court if it was not otherwise possible to achieve respect for their religious views on the sanctity of blood.

Why did Jehovah's Witnesses have to sue doctors and hospitals in court? Because the Watchtower Society's blood lie so simply and easily recognizably violates life that even dogs would spit before this heresy if they could spit. And the worldwide brotherhood of the bleeding murder boasts with it!

As a rule, they were only concerned with obtaining a temporary injunction or a court order. But in recent years they have even sued doctors and hospitals for damages for arbitrary actions. In 1990, the Ontario Court of Appeals (Canada) upheld such a claim for damages because the physician had ignored a card in the patient's wallet that explicitly stated that, as a Jehovah's Witness, he would not consent to a blood transfusion under any circumstances. In the United States, at least ten claims for damages have been filed nationwide since 1985, and defendants have often decided to settle the case out of court and pay the agreed amount so as not to run the risk of having the court impose even higher damages.

Who do you think cashes in on these things? Could it be that a single Jehovah's Witness has kept the money for these "aggrieved parties"? Certainly not. Here, too, the court dealing with the serial murders of the Watchtower Society must keep its eyes open. Again and again the spiritual subjugation of the Watchtower seduced must be appreciated. It is unthinkable that not all the damages were paid into the WTS coffers.

Jehovah's Witnesses are determined to obey the divine prohibition on the use of blood. They don't want to take legal action against doctors, but if necessary, they do so to avoid being forced into treatment that they reject on ethical grounds.

The "divine prohibition concerning the use of blood" is an established human killing strategy of the Watchtower Society. To describe the use of human blood in the medical field as cannibalism is solely to the Watchtower God Jehovah. No one but the Watchtower Brotherhood celebrates the bleeding deaths of many due to a brazen lie. And if necessary, they do. Jehovah's Witnesses. They take legal action against doctors. Hooray! Break the legitimate resistance of medicine! Hurray, the judges still don't see through the serial assassination by bleeding to death!

The public is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers associated with blood transfusions. This is partly due to the fear of AIDS. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, are motivated by a sincere desire to please God.

Pleasing God by one of the worst Watchtower lies? Is that possible? I haven't tried it yet. The human blood ideology, which simply does not exist in the Bible, is for Jehovah's Witnesses the platform on which they cavort as godly ones. More corrupt is not even Islam, in whose paradise all women's breasts are firm and firm and the hymen is personally renewed by Allah after every sexual intercourse. Please ask a bleeding person if he would accept the risk of a side effect or if he would rather die! A Jehovah's Witness will then, while bleeding to death, say: "I would rather please Jehovah!" What side effects does he have then? He has physical death and ... if God exists ... also spiritual death, because he did not listen to Jesus, but to the great Watchtower Christ. And he allowed himself to be hoodwinked in an inimitable way. This disgrace is the start and the end of his life as a godly witness to Jehovah's bleeding.

In 1987 the French medical journal Le Quotidien du Médecin wrote: "Perhaps Jehovah's Witnesses are right when they reject the use of blood products because it is true that a significant number of pathogenic agents can be transmitted through blood transfusions."

The French medical journal Le Quotidien du Médecin did not write: "On his gravestone it says: Too bad! I could still be alive if the French medical journal Le Quotidien du Médecin hadn't also given its mustard to it."

Jehovah's Witnesses do not have higher medical knowledge on which to base their point of view. They simply trust that Jehovah's policies are right and that he 'withholds nothing good from' his loyal servants (Ps 19:7, 11; 84:11). Even if one of them dies as a result of blood loss – which has happened occasionally – Jehovah's Witnesses fully trust that God does not forget His faithful servants, but brings them back to life through a resurrection (Acts 24:15).

The policies of the bleeding God Jehovah are quite capable of killing people worldwide, well organized, and legally difficult to grasp. But the noose tightens. In a short time the Black Peter will lie with the public prosecutor's offices, which should have become active already for a long time. In the long run, the serial murder of the Watchtower religion will no longer hide behind pious texts.

Conclusion of the Watchtower history book article:
Why Blood Transfusions Are Rejected

Even though only a few people in the near future will take note of this breakdown of the Watchtower lies, the time will inevitably come when the Watchtower lying leadership will shake its knees. Then the false interpreters of the Bible will be swept away. But before that, they will be shown around the world as convicted liars for enough time. So that everyone knows what they could have prevented with a little attention and honesty.


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