Demon tactics of the Watchtower Society

The following fact is known to all Christians and they can testify to it without hesitation: Whoever has contact with Jesus has nothing to fear from demons. Jesus frees himself from dark powers and his disciples remain completely unchallenged by demonic harassment. Christians are often in the front line and fight against negative spiritual forces. But this struggle never manifests itself in such a way that in occult confrontation demoniacal phenomena have to be endured. Nor can it happen to anyone who is under the protection of Jesus that he can be influenced or possessed in a demonic way. Jesus is the Lord and gives us His invincible protection from demons.

This is different for Jehovah's Witnesses

For the Watchtower Society, whose only connection is to that unknown Jehovah, the situation is the other way around. It writes:

Wrestling against evil spirit powers
MANY people make fun of the idea that there are evil spirits. But it's anything but funny. Believe it or not, evil spirits exist and they try to put pressure on everyone. Jehovah's worshippers are not exempt. They are even the main target. (WORKING the only true God, page 70)

With this statement the Watchtower Society is absolutely right, because it consciously renounces contact with Jesus and prefers to rely on a Jehovah whose name does not appear in the original scriptures and who also does not give protection against demons. (The word Jehovah came more by chance from the mixture of JHWH and Adonai, which was meant as a brake for reading aloud, so that the reader in the synagogue did not pronounce the name of God. In the early Middle Ages, Catholic monks used this emergency solution to create the fantasy name of God: Jehovah). Who Jehovah really is with the highest probability, can be read very clearly from the heaped demon representations in the watchtower writings, some of which are attached below.

The fact that this counter god Jehovah is surrounded by demons according to his nature, causes that the worshippers of Jehovah are not only not protected from demons, but also: "They are even the main target" of demons.

Watchtower Society as Mediator of Truth

The statement that Jehovah's worshippers are at the mercy of demons in a very special way is true. It is a clear truth that also coincides with all the demon representations in the WTS scriptures. The slave from Brooklyn speaks the full truth in this case and under the appearance of the God channel gives the impression that all good people (Jehovah's Witnesses) must be attacked by demons. But the fact that Jehovah is not God is concealed by the honorable society and thus lies, even if it once tells the truth.

Watchtower Demon Infiltration

The faithful and understanding slave confronts his large crowd with controlled and well planned demons of all kinds. Even Jehovah's Witness children's books contain many examples of this demonic infiltration. A striking example of the destruction of the psyche of Jehovah's Witnesses is the following picture:

Learn from the great teacher, page 28
Skull in the burning thorn bush

For the Children of the Jehovah's Witnesses: Burning Thorn Bush

Demon representations in Watchtower scriptures are not a mere coincidence, but a targeted Jehovah program. Biblical scenes, in particular, are thus highly exposed to ridicule, Jews are thus brutally defamed (anti-Semitism), and Jehovah's Witnesses in particular are often marked as victims of Watchtower seduction by demon infestation. Jehovah's Witnesses are not only perpetrators, but above all victims, and as such they must endure the mockeries of the Watchtower Society and in the end even "study".

Example: A conspicuous demon in the book
"Give thorough testimony to God's kingdom"

Directly on the cover of the book there is a very conspicuous demon, which cannot be recognized as such by Jehovah's Witnesses completely "of course". And even if a Jehovah's Witness ever encounters such a demon, he will stand still because the deadly stranglehold of the Watchtower Society ensures that he remains silent and continues to participate.

Thoroughly testifies for God's kingdom, book cover
Give thorough testimony to God's kingdom

In the right half of the picture we see the typical evil Jew as the Watchtower Society sees him and as the National Socialists could not have "more beautifully" depicted him.

The Jew, as the Watchtower likes to portray him

The demon looks out from the left side of the evil Jew's face.

Jew with demon

Probably this book is lying somewhere in the flat of Jehovah's Witness somewhere, because it is noticeable that demons only occur very rarely in the book itself, but are heaped very often on the cover of the book and even more so extremely clearly. The same picture appears again in the book. Here this demonic double face is not present, which proves very conclusively that the demonization of Jehovah's Witnesses is no coincidence.

Give thorough testimony to God's kingdom, page 36
Evil Jew without demon

The juxtaposition of these two images makes it absolutely clear that the Watchtower Society deliberately manipulates the images and equips them with demons. Thus all theses that speak of chance or clumsiness fall flat. The audacity of deception is the most natural tool of the watchtower theologians and Jehovah propagandists. Jehovah's Witnesses are first made victims and then re-educated as blind perpetrators. The lie can thus be made "truth", and Jehovah's Witnesses like to ask each other: Are you still in the truth?

Those who have believed so far that the Jehovah's Witnesses are only a particularly strict variant of Christianity must rethink. The Watchtower Society is the decided religious deceiver who has only one thing in mind: To carry out the order to separate as many people as possible from Jesus, to make them avenge him for life and to subjugate them to demons, who in the end lead them to the judgment that Satan so sincerely desires for men. The Watchtower Society is a man extermination organization, a plaintiff, judge, and executioner in one person. It is the most pious church Satan has ever invented.

It is not appropriate for Christians to ignore the Watchtower Society. It does its bad work while we celebrate our worship services, while we pray to God, and while we think about how best to help our neighbor. Christians! Do not turn your attention away from this organization of evil. Look at them, inform yourselves and pray for the Jehovah's Witnesses!


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