Watchtower Society accuses itself of idolatry

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses must expose itself so that Satan cannot be reproached in the end.

How can one make such an assertion about the only true religion from Brooklyn? Isn't it presumptuous to denigrate such honest people in this way? And what is the motivation behind such an attack? Anyone can make a mistake. You don't have to take all that exactly, do you?

Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to understand the words of their mistress, the Watchtower Society, always well-intentioned, so that no unpleasant questions are asked. The finding of the truth lies exclusively in the hands of the Governing Body and is then subject to absolute immunity against any kind of criticism. The true leadership of the Watchtower Society consists in the administration of so-called spiritual nourishment from which Jehovah's Witnesses live. On the basis of the Watchtower Society's direct communication with the God Jehovah, the worldwide work of preaching and personal edification of the large crowd is based.

The inner axis of the spiritual nourishment of the Watchtower organization is the worship due exclusively to the Universe Sovereign, the Jehovah God of the only true religion. Jesus must not be worshiped under any circumstances, because according to the Jehovah-given knowledge of the Watchtower Society, Jesus is not God. When Jesus is worshipped, it is idolatry, according to the Jehovah Witness Governing Body. This idolatry performed in prayer to Jesus results in the immediate expulsion of the Jehovah's Witness. Whoever worships Jesus as a Jehovah's Witness is separated from life with immediate effect and will not survive in Armageddon. He has forfeited his life.

This absoluteness, demonstrated by the Watchtower Society in their appearance against Jesus, must be relativized for those who are to believe that Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians. Therefore, the Jehovah's teaching accepts that Jesus may or should carry the prayers of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus is the great human example of Jehovah's Witnesses on the one hand, and the indispensable carrier of prayers without whom Jehovah's prayers cannot be delivered to God on the other.

The tribute that the Watchtower Society must pay to not be immediately recognized as a fraud by the Bible is that Jesus may work as a subordinate official for Jehovah and his Witnesses as a lottery ticket buyer and prayer delivery service. However, he may not be worshiped because that is idolatry among Jehovah's Witnesses and results in the immediate withdrawal of the fellowship.

Jesus an idol?

The division between God and Jesus actually causes Jehovah's Witnesses to worship Jesus as an idol. This describes the purpose of the Watchtower religion. Jesus, who the Bible claims was God and was with God before he became man, must step back in the Watchtower religion into the ranks of those who become idols when a man worships them. In this way Jesus is made into a figure who finds herself on the same level as the Catholic heavenly goddess Mary, the Catholic saints and the gods of other religions.

From this point of view Jesus Christ is indeed an idol within Watchtower theology. This idolatry of Jesus is even underpinned by the belief of Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus is a God, but not the Almighty. Jehovah's Witnesses are careful not to pray to Jesus, as Christians are careful not to come into contact with Satan. But there is a second level of worship. It is the transport function attributed to Jesus. All prayers addressed to that Jehovah must be led from that Watchtower Jesus to Jehovah "God".

What does the Watchtower Society itself say to those who have their prayers transported by an idol?

THE WATCHTOWER January 15, 2002, page 3

Gods who 'cannot save'

Consider, for example, the use of images and symbols in religion. Those who trust in idols or pray through them see in them saviors who possess superhuman powers and can reward or free someone from danger. But can they really save?

Here the slave from Brooklyn tells the pure truth. Anyone who sees an idol in Jesus and still prays through him, as the Jehovah's Witnesses do, is engaged in false worship. This statement exposing the entire Watchtower religion has to be brought by the slave, because Satan later wants to hold the Watchtower in front of Jehovah's Witnesses' faces. He then wants to be able to call all Jehovah's Witnesses with derisive laughter: "You could have seen with little effort that you were deceived! If you had been sincere and honest even for 1 cent, you would not only have been able to recognize it, you should have!"

The openness of the Watchtower writers in naming the facts, however, has no effect. For their writings proclaim a theology that does not permit these open facts at all. And yet, by interfering with their true intentions, they prevent the possibility that a Jehovah's Witness might say in court: "I couldn't know!"

The one who really accepts the Bible as the Word of God does not need such clear indications at all. He will realize that knowledge can only be given through Jesus, but never through an organization. Anyone who nevertheless thinks he must read the Watchtower booklets will inevitably come across the slave's conscious interferences, which prevent an apology before God for all time. The only condition is minimal sincerity towards the Bible. He who believes the Bible will not only see through the Watchtower and all its effects, but in the long run he will develop a deep aversion to these lies.

Jesus says: Without me you can do nothing. According to the Watchtower Society, Jesus would have made himself an idol with this statement. The law says: You shall have no other gods beside me. According to the doctrine of the Brooklyn food distributors, Jesus must have made himself an idol again as the second, subordinate God. For Jesus knew the law and emphasized that no letter will pass until he returns. By forgiving sins and claiming to be one with the Father, Jesus would have made himself punishable as a subgod of the breaking of the law and would have been rightly executed.

By saying that he and the Father are one, Jesus could only make himself the Almighty God alone, in accordance with the law. The reversive proof that Jesus must not be seen as an idol but as the Almighty is provided by the Watchtower Society itself, saying that all Jehovah's Witnesses pray through an idol.

Whoever trusts in idols or prays through them sees in them saviours ...

Jehovah's Witnesses pray through an idol

By turning Jesus into a sub-god, an idol, and by forbidding prayer to Jesus as idolatry, Jehovah's Witnesses expose themselves as they pray through this idol. At the same time they identify the Watchtower Jesus as "the work of the hands of the earthling". No one can prove more clearly that Satan is behind the Watchtower organization. The Brooklyn Freemasons give themselves the testimony of belonging to the devil. Jehovah God.

If in the world Jesus as God is fought so massively and with such effort, it is precisely this antichristian fight that suggests that there is a God and that this God is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the name given to us in which we must be saved. Jesus made the name of God known and we are allowed to speak to the Father in the name of Jesus. Whoever does not bow to this name will be ridiculed by Satan in the most gruesome way in judgment. Whoever does not bow his knee to Jesus will bear the entire burden of sin. He will not come out of judgment until he has paid all his debts to the last cent.


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