Watchtower Society anti-semitic

Like the Catholic Church, the Watchtower Society claims to be God's chosen people and to have ousted the Jews from this function. The Catholic Church has always been anti-Semitic and is still anti-Semitic today, if only "under the hand. The Bavarian Pope, after the return of the Pius Brotherhood, only half-heartedly said that the Holocaust deniers should reconsider their view of things. But the Pope has not withdrawn the church-internal legitimation of anti-Semitism.

Just like the Catholic Church, the Watchtower Society practices its anti-Semitism behind closed doors. And again, the Watchtower and Awake illustrations are the stuff that reveals true Watchtower intentions.

Cross-eyed Jew (AWAKE!, August 2009, page 23)
Click on the pictures to enlarge them! Also look at the "faces" in the wall.

Anti-Semitic depiction of a scribe (WATCHTOWER, August 2009, page 31)

The joy of the Watchtower Society in depicting Jews in the ugliest and most disgusting situations and poses is striking and does not actually require commentary. Only people who are anti-Semitic need to be told that this way of defaming Jews and putting them in a certain category is very close to Nazi techniques. The genocide was only possible after the mood among the German people had been heated up to the extreme against the Jews themselves.

This flame of natural anti-Semitism will flare up again. However, judging by the Watchtower images, some people are keen to keep this flame of hatred against the Jews at a certain minimal level. This, along with the other strong parallels between Islam, Catholicism and the Watchtower religion, is to be seen as a special correspondence. In the "ecumenism" of Jewish hatred Catholicism, Islam and Jehovahism stand together like one man.

Jewish law teachers (WATCHTOWER, April 2005, page 26)


As every xenophobia always projects its own mistakes onto "the others," the Watchtower Society shifts the cunning of the godless interpretation of the Bible to the Jews. The ban on contact with Jesus, attached to the "only true religion" of Jehovahism, and the self-understanding as the sole spiritual elite class today celebrate the Watchtower Society in perfection. And it thus lies on the Muslim and Catholic line. Just as the disciples of Jesus were excluded from the synagogue at that time, today the Watchtower Society declares the person who worships Jesus dead. The Watchtower Society meets the criteria of the confirmed Pharisees in all respects. And in its writings it depicts the Jews in a way that is in no way inferior to the National Socialist propaganda refinement.

Fasting Pharisee (WACHTTURM, April 2009, Seite 28)

The article in the Watchtower from April 2009 brings almost Christian thoughts! Page 29:

It is impossible to earn forgiveness through any works – not even through fasting ...

How does the Watchtower Society come to admit this fact so easily? Does it hope that this will soon be forgotten again? – No! Far from it! The forgiveness of sins is not her subject at all. Jesus can forgive as many sins as he wants. But! Anyone who wants to enter the Kingdom of Jehovah must become a Jehovah's Witness and cannot rely on Jesus. The forgiveness of sins can unfortunately no longer be taken away from Jesus after he proved in the synagogue by healing that he has the power to forgive sins. But access to Paradise can still be made dependent on an earthly organization. Fuck Jesus. The Watchtower Society brings you to God!

Religion as a Barrier – Watchtower Society Blames Jews, But Doing Exactly the Same (AWAKE!, August 2008, page 31)

Also here the absolute agreement between the Pharisees and the Watchtower Society takes place again. The false doctrine from Brooklyn moves very closely along the biblical truth and uses anti-Semitism to direct the suspicion away from itself towards the Jews. That she herself embodies exactly this pharisaic godlessness, she deliberately lets fall under the table. Exactly where the American Pharisees today fulfill the tradition of the Jesus deniers, they serve up unavoidable truth, but point their finger at the fasting Pharisee.

But the Watchtower Society, like the religious elite of the time, blocks the way to God by saying that one must be a Jehovah's Witness to enter the kingdom. Every condition added to Jesus is from the devil. The Watchtower Society adds itself as a faithful and understanding slave to Jesus' doctrine of salvation and, in the addition of the conditions of salvation, achieves the same result as the Pope does with Mary, the Goddess of Heaven.

Being a Christian is the absolute bond to Jesus Christ! It does not come through human power, but only through Jesus Himself. Every addition that is added to this bond with Jesus destroys redemption. So if you believe that you will not enter the kingdom of God without Marian worship, you have betrayed Jesus. If you believe that you will not enter the kingdom of God without the Watchtower Society, you have betrayed Jesus. If you believe Jesus, you will put away everything that is not Jesus. Not from you, but from him. For he is the power and the glory and the life.

The body of Christ is not an earthly organization, but the work of Jesus manifested on earth in each one of His disciples. Every religion, every church, every sect that says that one has to belong to it additionally in order to come to God has not only led itself ad absurdum, but has also become disgraceful in all openness. However, people do not yet recognize the shame. But when Jesus returns, he will open all people's eyes in one second and all will recognize the simple connections that a Christian already knows today. Then every earthly organization that makes demands like the Catholic Church or like the Watchtower Society will have to endure the exposure of centuries of lies. In the same second they will have to admit that they were never anything but anti-Semitic.

Subordinated to the leading brothers (Thoroughly testify for God's kingdom, page 19)

Pharisees modern

Thus the modern Pharisees, who, like the scribes depicted above, point their fingers at the letters in the scriptures, sit together more sympathetically, but in the same way, in order to determine the direction. While Jesus promises each one of His disciples that He will be led into the truth, the Jehovah-Pharisaeans sit down together and play poker with the thinking that must apply to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Again there is an unconditional parallel between the then and now Jesus deniers. They forbid people to pray to Jesus and thus deny them the way to the Father, to salvation, to life. The Watchtower Society has no other business than to use the donations of the seduced to dissuade even more people from Jesus. The Watchtower doctrine destroys what Mary, the Mother of God, corrupts through the splint of the heart in Catholics by acting as an unbiblical counter-goddess. The Watchtower Propaganda says: Follow the modern religious elite and hate the Pharisees.

This is the same as the prohibition to pray for rain, but at the same time to be led to pray for the lottery win. It is the same as it was then, except that today it comes into the house printed in colour on paper and is transported by friendly henchmen of the modern Pharisees.

The Dirty Jews (Thoroughly testify for God's kingdom, page 36)

The Jews are already a very dirty pack in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses. Lies-bowed, cunning, deceitful and openly willing to cheat. When will the Watchtower Society be convicted by God of fulfilling itself exactly these criteria that it "traces" to the Jews? When Jesus returns. But even now: He is in every Christian and every Christian realizes that the modern Pharisees sit in Brooklyn and publish literature that has anti-Semitic content. The holy literature war against the Jews is in full swing.

Jesus says: Salvation comes from the Jews.


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