Community of true Christians individual or collective?

Jehovah's Witnesses are always directed to the collective

Everything that Jesus does and does is always directed at the individual, at each individual human being and never affects the system. What Jehovah's Witnesses do is always directed to the collective, to the instance of "Together we are strong". Everything is subordinated to this sense of community. The Antichrist saves the world as a whole by changing the system. Jesus saves the world by saving each individual.

The story of the shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep alone and sets out in search of the one sheep that has lost its way is the stone on which the skull box of the Governing Body shatters. The Jehovah's Witnesses community construct is only a great "we" movement that likes to leave behind those who are not one hundred percent in line. The community of true Christians, on the other hand, consists of the body of Christ, which is not organized by human beings, but stands alone under the guidance of God. Jehovah's Witnesses are saved by joining a religion. Christians are saved by contacting Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses must take an oath on the Watchtower Society, Christians may fall into the arms of the Lord.

What comes from Brooklyn, from this New World source of the globe, relies solely on the system "collective". Every single Watchtower is brimming with the glorification of the collective. The primordial root of Freemasonry – the improvement of humanity – is the foundation of religion, into which one can enter only if one is willing to make an oath on the "Collective Watchtower Society. When the great world collective comes, the earthly paradise of Jehovah, then the Watchtower Society will rule from New York, the new Jerusalem . Then Jesus will appear on television, but never personally. One will be able to see Jesus on many pictures 24 hours a day, but he himself will not be there.

The collective at Jehovah's Witnesses is thousands of times more than the individual. The individual is excluded at will to protect the collective. The organization of the collective is so important that the individual is quickly declared mentally dead. Jesus says: Come here to me all! The Watchtower Society says: "Join the collective of the only true religion. – While God in Jesus made possible for every single person the access to his glory, the faith community of Jehovah's Witnesses sets up a system which, according to the good old Freemason tradition, degrades God to a bearer of a collective. For this reason it must also teach that after death there will be nothing until the great wave of restoration comes. For the individual encounter of man with Jesus after physical death must be explicitly denied, because otherwise the principle of the collective would be broken.

Every watchtower sprays this glorification of the human collective. The faithful and intelligent slave is not concerned with the salvation in Jesus, but exclusively with the bondage of mankind in a collective grail of the spiritually equal.

The teacher explained that her my book with biblical stories was a help. She made it clear that although she did not teach religion in class, she used this book to teach moral values, values of respect, tolerance, community spirit, willingness to work together, obedience and understanding for others. Everyone agreed that such values are essential for young people.

THE WATCHTOWER, 1 JULY 2007, backside

In Jehovah's Witnesses, the individual person appears only as part of the collective. Do not abandon your brothers and sisters! Together we stand that through. This community spirit, this collaboration replaces Jesus Jehovah's Witnesses. They are simply not dependent on him, because they have the faithful and intelligent slave, who is himself a collective again. All partial instances of the Watchtower Society are collectives. Some are committees, some are regional collectives, some are cross-national. All parts of the organization are collectives. And it itself is the collective on which every baptized Jehovah's Witness had to take an oath.

The personal relationship to God is taught and felt in this group being only as a particularly strong collective affiliation. The personal relationship with Jesus is completely forbidden and entails immediate exclusion. The individual has nothing to expect from God, but only from the collective of Jehovah's Witnesses. Those who do not diligently attend the meetings are thus indicating that their relationship with God has suffered. Read every watchtower once very carefully with regard to the collective idea. You will be amazed to learn that the Watchtower Society Religious Collective is all about Masonic collectivity. Amazing are also the techniques with which it distracts from God himself and directs the reader's attention to Jehovah's organ in this world. The glorification of the earthly Jehovah community is the center of all Jehovah teachings.

The annihilation of all dissenters is the culmination of this teaching. The annihilation of all dissenters is the culmination that is supposedly promised in the Bible. But the annihilation of all people who think differently is nothing more than the fulfillment of the collective hopes of Jehovah's Witnesses. They will one day live in our homes and dance on our graves. Those who still believe that Jehovah can be the God of the Bible have already committed themselves to the collective.

Many are sure that the world would be a better place if more people read the Bible and live by it. Collective Religion! RH] The 32-page, attractively designed brochure The Bible: What does it want to tell us? introduces the reader to the sitemap of the Bible. It starts with a description of how God created a paradise for people collective religion! RH] and why it was lost. This is followed by an outline of the history of the people of God collective religion! RH]. The reader learns where the Messiah came from – who reigned in the kingdom of God and who instigated paradise on earth collective religion! RH] will restore.

... The following pages outline the work and the steadfast faith of the disciples of Jesus collective religion! RH] in the 1st century and how they contributed to the inspired text of the Bible. The last topic: "Again a Paradise!" Collective Religion! RH] will inspire you as well Collective Religion! RH] as ...
AWAKE!, November 2010, backside

Jehovah's Witnesses teach only how the Bible changes their lives. They do not teach how Jesus changes their lives. Jehovah's Witnesses are focused solely on the absolutely spiritually aligned collective-like New World and are not able to experience anything of God Himself, for as individuals they have no relation and no relationship to Him, but they are only a cog in the great gears of Watchtower society. As such minimal structures they do not feel any personal responsibility towards God, but only towards the collective "Faithful and reasonable slave", which can punish them at any time with spiritual death. Because the community of the peers is the only really supporting force in this religion of the collective, Jehovah's Witnesses fear exclusion like the devil fears holy water. They are not able to resist the instructions of their Master to try the prayer to Jesus. They are tied to the devil's foot and call out to each other: Together we stand through this!

They do not want to know that God has long prepared salvation for each one of them. For them salvation is only possible in the collective of Jehovah. In the collective dream of the New World Paradise.

Devil of Jehovah's Witnesses not pleased

Quote: The devil of Jehovah's Witnesses is said not to be pleased when someone baptizes himself as a Jehovah's Witness: "There are others, however, who watch such occasions, but are excessively annoyed about them: Satan and the demons. They boil with rage when they see that thousands turn their backs on the broken world ..."

The Watchtower Society is only about the change of man from one system to another. Just as in politics some people change parties, the new Jehovah's Witness has only changed the thinking system and adopted a certain ideology. An individual turn to God does not take place. This system change is a substitute action for those who do not want or cannot have contact with God. Whether it is too hard for them to believe, too hard for them to serve Jesus in free discipleship, whether it is too hard for them to take God at His word without receiving constant applause from people, Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to join an ideological system, a collective of Bible verifiers. The fact that they pass Jesus ice cold in the process can be observed very closely during their Anti-Cenacle supper. When Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate the Lord's Supper, they demonstratively let bread and wine pass by. The collective commands them to do so.

How does the Watchtower Society use the term "collective"?

In the literature of the Watchtower Society we find the word collective more often than we thought. It is strange for a religion to use this politically dominated term so naively and without hesitation to describe itself and its own qualities. But in Jehovah's Witnesses, the misapprehension of their collective as a religion is so advanced that they simply have no view of serving only a collectivist apparatus and not God.

The Bible predicted the emergence of a spirituality collectively referred to as "the lawless man" and "the son of annihilation, ... whom the Lord Jesus will destroy ...
Watchtower 15.06.2008, page 8

This statement applies one hundred percent to the Watchtower Society, but it declares everything that is not Jehovah's Witness to be a collective that must be destroyed. It is not the individual who receives the judgment from God, but the collective who either suffers the fate of destruction or wins the victory of the world conquest. While the Bible only foretells judgement to the individual human being, the God of the Watchtower Society wants to see the entire opposing collective destroyed in a single stroke. This division of mankind is deeply Masonic and in its finer ramifications racist, elitist, bourgeois, political and a pure two-party system, as it is known to the world from US-American politics.

That "people" including the few Jews who accepted Jesus as the Messiah, forms, collectively considered, "the [spiritual] Israel of God" which consists of the 144,000 spirit-bred followers of Christ Jesus ...
Watchtower 01.03.1989, page 26

Not even the collective of the fictitious spiritual Israel contains all Jehovah's Witnesses in itself, but only a certain number that is sucked out of a cheeky misinterpretation of the Bible. If the average witness still thinks he belongs to the collective of the saved, he must realize at the latest here that both Jesus and the Watchtower Society, as Jesus' replacement, cannot bring him salvation according to this doctrine and that this is also clearly pronounced by the faithful slave. Jehovah's Witness is only at the mercy of the collective lot to obtain his salvation through propaganda for the Watchtower Society itself. So if this elitist Watchtower Jesus and the Watchtower Society do not offer salvation for Jehovah's Witnesses, how can they save themselves by propaganda for this non-sailing institution? The deception is perfect and the Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize it.

Excursus: The Watchtower God must constantly justify himself

Are you responding positively to God's just ways?
Has your heart been touched by God's way of righteousness and love, which he has shown by giving his only begotten Son as a ransom for you?
Watchtower 01.03.1989, page 27

The perfidious collective religionists of the Watchtower World Party are unbeatable when it comes to refinement. They write in such a way as if God would also take unjust paths. Does God have to show anyone that he is just? Jehovah's Witnesses write in a way that gives the impression that God must constantly justify himself. One of the central Watchtower theses is also under this pressure of God to justify himself: the controversial question. It is about this Jehovah allowing rebellious Satan to do better. And in order for the Watchtower Jehovah to be justified before men by being better than Satan, Jehovah's Witnesses must help so hard. Without the Jehovah's Witnesses, this Jehovah "God" would probably not be able to hold his own against Satan. This very dirty intention that God is not really better than the devil is in the doctrine of the Watchtower Lodge.

... in the last book of the Bible. There the assembly of the 144,000 underpriests serving under Jehovah's high priest Jesus Christ is compared to his bride on her wedding day. With beautiful words the Christian apostle John describes this collective bride ...
Watchtower 01.03.1973, page 143

Also here the collective of Jehovah's Witnesses is reduced to the 144,000 and testified by the flower that none but these will profit from the "just ways of the Watchtower-Jehovah". The so-called "collective bride" is used for the biblical comparison bride/groom, which is consciously and decidedly shaped by individuality in the Bible. While the body of Christ (the community of all Christians) lives through the fact that each individual is led by Jesus, while the Christian community is represented as a self-contained whole in the Bible, the Watchtower Society makes it a world political community by a) appointing an elite troop limited to 144,000 as leadership committee and b) calling it a collective. Communists of all shades can identify wonderfully with this term. The Watchtower vision of a ruling collective represented by the Watchtower Society's Governing Body is the foundation of the Watchtower religion. The world domination of this governing body is the hope and goal of the Jehovah's Witnesses and excludes any individual salvation. No one has access to God except through the Watchtower Collective Society, even though Jesus says and promises to each individual: "I am the way, the truth and the life. From the free access to God through Jesus Christ, the Watchtower Collective makes a world-political collective hope to which every individual must submit.

Such collective salvation does not exist in the Bible, and the hopelessness of such a construction does not prevent Jehovah God collective officials from using their collective theories as a substitute for individual salvation through Jesus Christ. For the background to these collective rescue dependencies is not really the hope that Jehovah's Witnesses will survive Armageddon, but the current maximized skimming of the labor of the seduced. Even higher than that is the determined will to remove the people from Jesus and thus obstruct them in the way clearly demonstrated in the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses have the peculiarity of never being able to approach Jesus again in their lives. Only a tiny remnant can get involved with Jesus without disfiguring him with the Watchtower glasses. And this can only happen because of the power of Jesus who let these former Jehovah's Witnesses work in their lives. Far too often these manipulated people remain trapped in collectivist theories.

The entire assembly [of the first century] was a ministerial body whose members all offered holy service to Jehovah, the great theocrat. Their members together formed a collective servant of their divine ruler, whose witnesses they were. They testified that he had sent the promised Messiah in the person of Jesus Christ his Son. They were spiritual Israelites ...
Watchtower 01.04.1972, page 204

Charles T. Russell still called Jesus the Great Mason. Hitler was called the Great Leader and Jehovah is the "Great Theocrat". The entire thought world of Jehovah's Witnesses revolves around the collective that serves the great theocrat Jehovah "God" in collective obedience. That every individual turn to Jesus is thus made impossible is the logical consequence and goal of this collectivization of faith. The personal relationship between God and each individual human being, as we find it in the Bible, is replaced by the collective. The former Bible scholars, now Jehovah's Witnesses, have turned the Bible into a world political concept and bent it so that as many people as possible can no longer turn to Jesus personally.

So the many witnesses form a single "servant" called by Jehovah "my servant" whom I have chosen. This collective "servant" meant Jesus Christ ...
Watchtower 01.04.1972, page 205

Jehovah's Witness hides under the ceiling of uniformity in the collective. Just as the Nazi was drowned by the crowd in the shrill cheering of the Fuehrer, and just as the individual dancer in the stadium's grand spectacle is still seen as a single point in the overall picture, so Jehovah's Witness hopes that his membership in the Watchtower collective will conceal his personal sins. It is the ancient hope of the cheating student: "I won't get caught. It is the hope of the Catholic priest that his sexual assaults will go down in the collective. It is the hope of every person to be able to hide in the uniform mass.

The Bible draws exactly the opposite picture of God's justice. God looks into the heart of every person and nothing remains hidden from him. Nor does he give his forgiveness because a person belongs to a certain collective, but he guarantees forgiveness in Jesus Christ. This Jesus is neither a collective nor a leader of a collective. Jesus is the outstretched hand of God who turns individually to each individual person and saves him personally. No collective can replace Jesus. But the Watchtower Society simply abolishes the biblical Jesus and consistently installs the Jehovah's collective in his place.

Let us keep in mind that the governing body must consist of God-given, baptized Christians who have been anointed with God's Spirit and conceived by God as his spiritual children and who are to be united with the glorified Jesus Christ in the heavenly kingdom. It must consist of such persons as, like the twelve apostles of Christ, it belongs to the class of "faithful and discreet slaves" who presides over it as a group of spiritual shepherds and overseers. This "slave" class is composed of spirit-bred and spirit-alnointed followers of Jesus Christ; these followers form the assembly of Jesus Christ on earth and serve together as a collective "slave" of God under Jesus Christ, the head of the Christian assembly.
Watchtower 01.04.1972, page 214

Spiritual children of God should be the members of the collective leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is proof that the Watchtower view makes a pure idea of the practical salvation that comes through Jesus. The program of the Watchtower World Party is a spiritual idea, from which it must necessarily follow that Jesus should not have risen bodily, but only as a spirit. The entire Bible interpretation of the Watchtower Society amounts to making God a good idea. The attitude of man towards God becomes in this collective a spiritual level of education and the faith mentioned in the Bible becomes an activity to be carried out, which serves to further the spiritual idea of the Watchtower.

The central axis of Watchtower politics is the erection of a collective that eradicates all individuality in relation to God. Accordingly, the spiritual children of Jehovah are to be united as a collective with Jesus. That is the way it should be. It is a rumour! The Watchtower Scribes' Collective is very careful not to make exact statements. Everything should definitely come one way or the other. Through Jesus you can get eternal life. The clear promise of Jesus, which can "do without any subjunctive and without words like "could, would, sure, determined" etc., is replaced by rumors, which are all only can-statements.

The collective of Jehovah's world domination is only just beginning to build up, and once world domination is in the hands of Jehovah's spiritual children, people will continue to die. Therefore, the Watchtower Society must relativize all the statements that Jesus makes when it instrumentalizes them for itself. Similarly prudent and secure are food producers when they claim: xxx can activate the defense.

Excursus: Apostasy

The collectivist structure of the Watchtower Society is also the orientation of its understanding of apostasy. A Jehovah's Witness can only become apostate if it critically or doubtfully confronts the standards of the Watchtower collective. To what extent he suffices for God or not, that automatically takes a back seat, because the collective and its program count. Christians (who do not define themselves through membership of the Catholic Church), on the other hand, cannot fall away from an idea or a human collective, but only from Jesus himself, i.e. from a person. As in a collective enterprise, the loyalty of an employee or a department to the management of the enterprise is by nature only functional loyalty. In contrast to Jesus, a Christian must decide for himself the clear apostasy in order to become a renegade. The apostasy of a Christian is not a dysfunctionality, not a lack of loyalty, because the Christian is not in a commitment relationship with Jesus, but he is in the position of a man whom is given the life.

The Roman Catholic one-to-one counterpart to the theocratic dictate of the Watchtower Society is the Roman Catholic doctrine of persecution. Here, too, absolute submission to the ruling doctrine is demanded and its criticism punished with excommunication.

Yes, shortly the time must come when the nations must know that there really has been a "prophet" of Jehovah among them. In fact, more than one and a half million people are now helping this individual collective of "prophets" in its preaching work, and more than as many more are studying the Bible with the "prophets" group and their companions. – Thus, Jehovah has taken every precaution for individuals to recognize him and receive his loving kindness and life.
Watchtower 01.07.1972, page 392

The provision of the Watchtower God Jehovah for individuals is the collective of only the 144,000 who are Jehovah's spiritual children, spiritually created, functionaries of Jehovah's ideology. This ideology is not formed in the collective, but since the emergence of the Watchtower Collective Slave by individual humans. Fred Franz invented the interpretation that Jesus died only for the 144,000 special functionaries. The legally prescribed rejection of blood transforms grew on the crap of a single person and since then the collective regularly kills people by the once strictly prescribed rejection of a blood transfusion. It is unclear to what extent this strict order has now been weakened in order to prevent a brightening light from falling on the leader of the collective, Jehovah.

The preaching work, the carnal practice of faith in Jehovah's Witnesses, is a collective work, so that individual faith in God not only recedes into the background, but becomes factually unnecessary. In this respect, the life of faith of Jehovah's Witnesses is shaped in such a way that they must persevere even when they have become corpses inwardly. Perseverance is the last pillar of these people and perseverance in their diminishing faith in the Jehovah is the skeletal hallmark of these inwardly already dead persons. They pray to a collective leader and contribute their iron loyalty to the whole. Nothing else took place under Adolf Hitler! In the German being the world should recover, just like Jehovah's Witnesses classify the Watchtower being as a world healing. As the National Socialist foot people worshipped the leader, Jehovah's Witnesses worship their collective Jehovah. The principle is political, the principle is secular, the principle is deeply rooted in Freemasonry.

Jehovah has found and commissioned his "Ezekiel" of modern times. It is a collective Ezekiel, a class. It consists of those God-given, baptized preachers of the Kingdom of God who have been anointed with His Spirit for their work.
Ezekiel Book, Mandated to Speak in the Divine Name, page 66

The Ezekiel collective only does its own work, as you can read here, and the Jehovah "God" probably had to search and look around before he could find and commission his worldly supporters. Remarkable is the constantly repeated devotion to God. This slogan runs like a red thread through the Watchtower literature. God devotion, however, is Islam. Both as a program and in the term itself. Islam means devotion to God and Moslem means the devotee or the devotee to God.

Jehovah's Witnesses are propaganda soldiers who mix up religions and are integrated into a collective and who conduct Masonic world politics under the guise of the Bible.


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